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6,111 movie reviews
  1. There's a reason potboiler paperbacks don't make good movies - there's too much outlandish plot, even for Hollywood.
  2. All we’re left with is the sight of older men hiring a gorgeous young woman to take her clothes off and fulfill their desires. If nothing else, Ozon does leave us wondering whether he intended such an uncomfortable parallel between life and art.
  3. The charmless but harmless A Cat in Paris hits theaters yet doesn't enchant.
  4. So lacking in insight and gravity that it makes Dahmer seem like a pesky, pasty-faced loser who just wasn't popular enough.
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  5. The Last Exorcism trods on previously stomped ground and has almost no good jump-outta-your-seat moments.
  6. Sort of “An American Psycho’s European Vacation,” this indie dramatic thriller mixes sex and violence and still winds up dull.
  7. It is no summer thriller. It’s an anemic actioner that fosters excitement like dead limbs as it lumbers toward a conclusion.
  8. The end result is like Quentin Tarantino reworking a Charles Bukowski story.
  9. A bad Altman impression of the L.A. rock scene.
  10. It's described as a black comedy, but you can forget the comedy part. There wasn't so much as a snicker at the screening I attended, though I may have heard a snore or two.
  11. What's most notable about this aggressively cynical project is how much talent it wastes.
  12. These are three characters in search of a moral pulse.
  13. Early scenes set up the tragedy, but the majority of Oliver Hirschbiegel's movie is set in a TV studio where the two eventually face each other, and the tension, unfortunately, quickly becomes stagey.
  14. The performances are expert, but can't make up for a flat script and direction. Unless you, like Claire, are a glutton for punishment, we suggest you choose nothing over something.
  15. Jamie Bell gives a watchable performance in this self-conscious, coming-of-age drama, though the film's overall effect is best described as David Lynch lite.
  16. Director Michel Leclerc's comedy plays like one of those foreign-movie spoofs Jerry and the gang would go to see on a "Seinfeld" episode. Only here, there's no "young girl's journey from Milan to Minsk" - just from madcap to moronic.
  17. If there's anything more tiresome in film today than hip irony, it is forced irony, and here comes a boatload with Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.
  18. This is what happens when the Norwegians try to make their own "Blair Witch Project": We get three-headed trolls that hate Vitamin D and references to "Deliverance."
  19. When people complain about movies glutting the market, this moronic “Black Swan”-meets-“Phone Booth” thriller is what they mean.
  20. This fawning appreciation wears thin, despite the good-natured clowning of Alabama dentist/would-be actor George Hardy, who's like a poor man's Bruce Campbell (our apologies to Bruce Campbell).
  21. The result: a dangerously cracked creep flick.
  22. While it's visually stunning, the pretentiousness makes it hard to take seriously.
  23. Where on the evolutionary scale of wacky-dudes-learn-to-grow-up movies does Role Models fall? Certainly less evolved than "Meatballs," but head and hairy knuckles above "Daddy Day Care" or "The Benchwarmers."
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    • 20 Critic Score
    With many of McAleer's facts coming from casual Internet searches (backed by boring shots of the computer screen), the accuracy of this crowd-sourced documentary - funded by small donations on Kickstarter - seems as reliable as a Wikipedia entry.
  24. Here we go again. Danish director Lars von Trier has pumped out Nymphomaniac: Vol II just a few weeks after “Vol. I” came out. And the results are the same: zero stars.
  25. Gets old fast.
  26. Father Amaro comes off as another pedophile in a frock. You'd have to hose this guy down if he were driving a school bus.
  27. A weak documentary. There's very little here to demonstrate the personality and leadership qualities that made Massoud both a legend and a martyr. Raw, sloppily edited, unfocused and without any sense of scale, it's personal journalism with its heart in the right place, and that's about it.
  28. Trust - a drama about the dangers of teen sexting and online predators - plays as prurient, ham-handed and amateurish.
  29. A few relevant themes do bubble up from this visually intriguing swamp of self-indulgence, but Arquette's pseudo-philosopher seems to speak for Almereyda when he says, "If there was a point, there wouldn't be a story."

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