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5,763 movie reviews
  1. When you name your movie Dom Hemingway and then require the titular antihero to repeatedly declare, “I am Dom Hemingway!” the filmmakers must be very confident that there is something special about their character. Too bad there isn’t.
  2. Safe arrives filled with bombast and sneers but barely any thrills.
  3. 3
    Rois has moments of desperate urgency and depth, but Twyker's love of parallels is finally done in by artsy shots of the threesome au naturel against stark white backdrops.
  4. Cusack is excellent as Joan, the only woman in the film who values a girl's brains over her body, so it's a shame Fywell treats her with amused scorn.
  5. Has warmed-over chills and a muddled, zombie-like execution.
  6. But look up the word "slight" in the dictionary and you could find a still from this film.
  7. If you're looking for cinema, skip this. But as a religion-based self-help workshop for victims of ­childhood abuse, it'sa deadly accurate button-pusher.
  8. The question is, can a Slovakian lawsuit against the filmmaker be far behind?
  9. Unfortunately, the visuals are not compelling enough on their own to hold our interest, and a highly mannered Derek Jacobi is all wrong as the narrative voice of Nijinsky.
  10. Jovovich, Besson's 24-year-old ex-wife, hasn't a clue how to project shadings, interior emotions, character or personality. Everything's in a full screech.
  11. The movie is dismally organized, his (Keys) interviews are shallow and uninformative, and the project has a whole lacks a strong point of view.
  12. It took one novelist, one screenwriter and two directors - Scott McGehee and David Siegel - to cobble together this earnest nonsense, and if it weren't for 12-year-old novice Flora Cross, who plays its central character, all would be lost.
  13. This documentary doesn't probe too deeply, and it presupposes that there is a general interest in Jeremy commensurate with his Q rating among the porn-renting public.
  14. Well-intentioned but as earnest as a college freshman discovering campus politics.
  15. The Tracey Fragments is a grating stunt that plays like a film-school project, cutting a bland story into a million tiny irritating pieces.
  16. A flashy homage to a dozen better movies, this self-conscious Hong Kong action flick is so packed with visual thrills, you may not notice that there's absolutely nothing beneath its impressively slick surface.
  17. The title of The Misfortunates ­really applies to any audiences unlucky enough to sit through it.
  18. Ishii instills this unpleasantness with some Hitchcockian black humor.
  19. Just because Dimension considered Greg McLean's nasty exploitation flick worthy of their time and money doesn't mean it deserves yours.
  20. Who knew that Juliette Binoche and Jean Reno could be unlikable? And yet, there they are, grating on each other's nerves (and ours) as strandees at Charles De Gaulle airport.
  21. Two hours of the worst sort of sentimental sap.
  22. Has raw action and urgent performances, but loses power due to an amateur approach.
  23. This self-conscious movie by Katja von Garnier is shot like a music video, stocked with quick cuts, lip-synching and fantasy performances.
  24. Trudy is really the only character with the "Barrytown" zest, and Montgomery throws herself into the role with unselfconscious abandon. She makes the screen crackle with energy.
  25. Caught with a shaky hand-held camera, this aimless diary glides indifferently along Weber's stellar collection of photos.
  26. Lighter on horror than it is on inadvertent humor.
  27. Haven’t Cleveland fans suffered enough? Not only have they never won a Super Bowl, but now the Browns serve as the center of Ivan Reitman’s painfully creaky sports drama.
  28. What if you made a pornographic movie with a real story line and better acting but didn't show any sex? You'd get The Fluffer, a movie that sounds and feels like the real thing but isn't.
  29. Desperate for a slice of Spanish soap opera? You might try this misguided romantic melodrama.
  30. This is extremely dark and politically loaded material.

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