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  1. There isn’t a lot of drama.
  2. Margulies is sufficiently skilled that she finds the parts of Elizabeth Canterbury we can like, and her internal struggle is what makes this more than just the latest lawyer show.
  3. One of the new season's potentially best sitcoms is born.
  4. HBO bills Hung as a comedy, but it uses comedy the way it uses sex--to set up darker, more interesting and complex points. It's amazing how many of those are out there.
  5. To draw out the story by looping it through subplots and minidramas runs the risk of turning it into a fairy-tale soap opera--when what we really want to know is whether the tragic Snow White or the lonely Emma can in the end live happily ever after.
  6. For some reason the series’ use of recent real-life stories seems more problematic this time around, starting with a subplot on the birth of Occupy Wall Street.... [But] The Newsroom still has a lot to recommend it. McAvoy and McHale remain strong characters.
  7. As with “Pretty Little Liars,” the viewer knows no more than the characters. And as with “PLL,” it should be fun finding out.
  8. Some viewers won't buy the premise of the Social Security numbers. Its beauty, though, is that you don't have to.
  9. Sister Wives isn't likely to spark mass polygamy in America, but it's the rare reality show that reveals things viewers didn't expect. It even has jokes.
  10. Its humor, which dominates, isn't funny enough, and its occasional stabs at dramatic scenes aren't serious enough.
  11. Suspense-building requires walking a line, though. If you spend too long getting to the point, the bubble you’ve inflated starts to lose air. That’s close to happening a couple of times, which is too bad, because when we get to the reveals, we’d like to still really care.
  12. It works as legitimate drama, it works as soap trash.
  13. Sunday’s opening of season five proves again that Falco makes this show, primarily by connecting all the passageways between comedy and tragedy.
  14. PBS goes deeper than Smithsonian [The Day the Bomb Dropped], partly because it’s a two-hour show, but also because it raises the thorny isue of whether that first bomb needed to be dropped at all.
  15. Rewardingly stylish.
  16. The two-hour pilot is a wonderful show - the best start for a "Star Trek" series in its long and amazing history - and Bakula's instantly likable characterization is no small part of it. [24 Sep 2001]
    • New York Daily News
  17. It doesn't have a style. It has lots of them: hip-hop MTV one minute, "NYPD Blue"-style hand-held confrontation the next, with a lot of stutter-step editing, loud soundtrack music and thuggish posturing the next. Because its premise bears such promise and because it boasts at least a trio of strong performers, "Platinum" is a particularly stinging disappointment. [14 Apr 2003]
    • New York Daily News
  18. Through a fast-moving combination of live action and CGI, Sons of Liberty shows how the point of no return became America’s starting point.
  19. "Carnivale" is so deliberate in its pacing - some would say plodding - it makes "The Wire" look like a breakneck action movie. [12 Sep 2003]
    • New York Daily News
  20. Faris does her best with a role that still feels unfinished, and too much of the rest of the cast consists of caricatures.
  21. On the correct assumption that almost no one watching TV today remembers the original "Defenders" series, CBS has created a new one with more swash, more buckle and results that are modestly entertaining.
  22. Whether the film gets all the nuances right is hard for civilians to say. But round for round, the fight is surprisingly lively.
  23. The whole show just feels cartoonish and, well, silly.
  24. All these characters seem modestly interesting, but none, at least on first acquaintance, feel compelling. Nor are we drawn into their quest.
  25. It's gripping stuff, seamlessly blending the larger tension of the world with the smaller dramas back at 165 Eaton.
  26. A promising mystery thriller with a pair of strong, intriguing characters at the center.
  27. Ballers won’t win the Super Bowl, but it’ll keep you watching.
  28. While the execution isn't perfect and the first episode feels a little cluttered, it has at least two ideas that create interesting drama and could even stimulate a little thought.
  29. By looking less repugnant than the others, it comes off looking almost attractive. [30 Jun 2003]
    • New York Daily News
  30. If you're looking for subtle, Prime Suspect will not become your appointment television. On the other hand, if you're looking for an intense police drama that suggests women face brutal obstacles in the police world, Maria Bello's Jane Timoney keeps the pedal to that metal.

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