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6,197 movie reviews
  1. A love story told from the point of impact, at the heart, and no conventional resolution could be more profound.
  2. A combination homage, living obituary and darkly moody piece of cinematic poetry.
  3. Director Jafar Panahi has long been an eloquent and passionate representative for Iranian women. But judging by this deeply poignant comedy, they may not need a mouthpiece much longer.
  4. What follows is an extreme case of reverse courtship, which begins at conception and works backward toward getting to know each other, and then moves forward to one of the funniest birthing scenes ever filmed.
  5. There's no refuge in this uncomfortably realistic movie, and that is its strength.
  6. Where Kim's best-known movie, "The Isle," was a stomach-churner, this beautifully composed canvas is the sort of film one falls into, resurfacing at the end with great reluctance.
  7. A raucous, riveting account of the greatest party you were never invited to.
  8. Watch Mulligan's face as she goes from weary to awakened, and see it all come together.
  9. Even those who adored Alec Guinness as the small-screen George Smiley will appreciate Gary Oldman's perfectly attuned turn as a Cold War spy drawn back from forced retirement.
  10. It is not easy to watch, yet beyond the traps that society and the urban culture have set up for Drey and the other kids, and the traps that Dan is falling into on his own, this is ultimately a hopeful story of common humanity.
  11. There’s visual poetry here and haunted performances from Mezzogiorno and Timi -- who plays two roles, and is especially gripping as Dalser’s grown son.
  12. Newark Mayor Sharpe James is the kind of politician that Tony Soprano would be happy to own.
  13. Wiseman's film is revealing. But it is also a silent rebuke to a society that tries to hide this pervasive problem behind a smug vision of itself.
  14. Amazing... There are only a finite number of filmmakers with the devotion, patience and ability to tease out these stories.
  15. Payne achieves an impressive control over the look and tone, so that, melancholy as the movie is, it comes off as both comedy and comment on the human condition.
  16. Dropping in amusing anecdotes and tender memories, a deeply reflective Young revisits - and often reinterprets - both his recent and classic work.
  17. The production is fantastically funny, high-energy camp, punctuated by Trask's infectious score and by Mitchell, dressing in a succession of wigs twice the size of his body.
  18. The title might as well refer to the viewer who tags along on Louis' often-silent journey from solitude to some tentative form of family. Some will consider the experience insurmountably frustrating; others will find it exhilarating.
  19. Nichols approaches his subject with thoughtful empathy, and while his themes are enormous - he's addressing no less than the state of our nation - he wisely underplays even the most important moments.
  20. The Past is not as nuanced as its predecessor — and not as impactful, either. But this is still far more complex than most family dramas.
  21. Personally, I'd rather have my brain invaded by flesh-eating beetles than listen to 10 seconds of the Sex Pistols -- Truth is, I've rarely had a worse time watching a good movie.
  22. It's an antidote to complacency. The question is, whom is it trying to wake up?
  23. It is an amazing story, filled with quiet moments of profundity and more surprises than you could imagine.
  24. Bong's primary point is dead-on: Battling bureaucracy, from dishonest government leaders to indifferent civil servants, is the biggest horror of all.
  25. When boy meets girl in Steven Soderbergh's jaunty, sexy Out of Sight, it happens with a bang.
    • New York Daily News
  26. Even after experiencing the film, what they've gone through - and how they deal with it - deliberately remains a mystery.
  27. Like so much in this astounding, consistently beautiful and challenging movie, the answer depends on what you bring to it. Think of it as the Ultimate Anti-Summer-Blockbuster.
  28. The beginning is awkwardly earnest, but the play matures considerably while retaining its youthful energy and enthusiasm
  29. In this visually and emotionally severe landscape, Reichardt has created the sort of film that will inspire grad students to write passionate thesis papers - and casual moviegoers to feel as lost as her would-be settlers.
  30. One of the most extraordinary films you’ll see this year.

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