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  1. Would be a perfectly decent B-action movie if it weren't shipwrecked in the last act by laughably ridiculous plotting and a lazily executed climax.
  2. The tone of The Playroom is one of soppy moroseness. This imitation “Ice Storm” is as refreshing as a step into a puddle of slush.
  3. As huge a travesty and a bore as 1956's "Alexander the Great," in which Richard Burton looked equally uncomfortable as a blond.
  4. The willfully eccentric Beyond the Sea seems to be telling us a lot more about its star and director, Kevin Spacey, than its ostensible subject.
  5. Yes, there's some spectacular footage. But there's also an awful lot of filler for a 40-minute movie.
  6. Works just fine as a generic but fast-paced - and rather ugly - cop buddy flick.
    • New York Post
  7. Isn't as relentlessly vulgar or cartoonish as "The Ladies Man" - nor is it a whole lot more realistic.
  8. There was no need to edit it in overly slick ways that often make the story line seem contrived, accompanied by gag-laden narration that frequently made me want to gag.
  9. The acting is, at best, serviceable; the sound track is too often unintelligible; the direction is often over the top; and the script relies heavily on stereotypes.
    • New York Post
  10. Yes
    The more serious Potter gets (there are several earnest soliloquies about dirt), the harder it is not to laugh.
  11. The finest 1947 boxing picture of 2015 is here: Southpaw, a film that’s gruntingly insistent on its clichés.
  12. It feels as shopworn as a dusty VHS tape of "Less Than Zero."
  13. So moron-friendly they should have called it "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Checkers." The skill level in the script is elementary school, my dear Watson.
  14. Nicely photographed and has impressive sets; too bad there's so little going on that it seems long even at 78 minutes.
  15. The film mangles its twist and fails to deliver an interesting coup de grace or a sharp line of dialogue.
  16. Rappaport does a yeoman's job in this tonally confused oddity. The wonder is that Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore's Special is making it off the festival circuit and into theaters at all, however briefly.
  17. A sincere but underwhelming dramatization of one of the biggest news stories of 1956.
  18. It's supposed to be about a Kafkaesque experience. Instead, it IS a Kafkaesque experience. Why are we here? Is everything absurd? Is anyone in charge?
  19. This pursuit farce is harmless (if stale) entertainment, but the sledge-hammer attempt to appeal to the country's fastest-growing movie-going demographic makes for a clunky narrative and one-note characters.
  20. Overall, the rambling Jayne Mansfield’s Car is almost as big a wreck as its namesake.
  21. Attempting to fill Dudley Moore's top hat in Arthur, Russell Brand rapidly descends the rungs of the comedy ladder from "unfunny" to "irritating" to "vulgar" to the bottom one - "Andy Dick."
  22. Disappointingly, Bourne never resurfaces in this less-than-satisfying series reboot. The film is more a talky, convoluted, action-starved two-hour subplot.
  23. The teen movie The Spectacular Now begins like “Say Anything” but soon turns into “Drink Anything.”
  24. Remember the old Ben Affleck, the one who made 28 consecutive bad movies before he turned out to be a pretty good director? He’s back! Behold, the second coming of . . . Badfleck.
  25. It contains no poetry. It simply conjures up a horrible feeling -- and then sits back awaiting congratulation.
  26. For most adults, and kids raised on "South Park," the painfully earnest story won't hold much interest. And the comedy is tame.
  27. There’s a fine horror film inside Tusk, but it’s only 20 minutes long. The rest is just blubber.
  28. The animated, Hanukkah-themed musical is, in fact, 75 minutes worth of belching, barfing and poo-jokes braided into a Grinch-meets-Scrooge-meets-"It's a Wonderful Life" storyline that's as stale as last year's potato latkes.
  29. Their misadventures in the Big Apple, including Giamatti’s involvement with a Russian house sitter (a bizarrely cast Sally Hawkins) are neither funny nor touching, just tedious.
  30. Follows a narrative arc as choppy as a messy windswell, and the result is a dog's dinner of profiles, repetitive narration, safety tips and banal "insights" into the joys and dangers of cresting waves that sometimes reach 70 feet.

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