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  1. The plot, however, comes with twists you can spot as far off as a Himalayan peak. The dialogue is heavily expository, and the actors are not up to the task of breathing life into characters meant to symbolize the Spirit of the Afghan People or the Nature of Evil.
  2. Director Jacob Rosenberg makes heavy use of family photos and talking heads, but the person we want most to hear from, Way himself, is largely missing. Go figure.
  3. After Fall, Winter would play better minus at least half an hour of flab.
  4. Neither convincing nor remotely dramatic.
  5. Tom Arnold plays the fatherly head of a child-prostitution ring and John Malkovich a sympathetic social worker - two clever casting twists that constitute the main interest in the grueling Gardens of the Night.
  6. Pandaemonium plays like a bus-and-truck version of such Ken Russell's '60s classics as "The Music Lovers."
    • New York Post
  7. Ultimately Serving Up Richard feels about as substantial as a Happy Meal (which this poor guy assuredly is not).
  8. Banal at the beginning and preposterous at the close, the British horror film Kill List jumbles together wildly incongruous ingredients to create a dramatic mush.
  9. A movie that appears to have been shot entirely on leftover sets from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."
  10. "This Is Spinal Tap" took the mockumentary up to 11. Brothers of the Head brings it back down to about four.
  11. One of those French films whose makers won't lower themselves to tell a story in a way that is entertaining or compelling.
    • New York Post
  12. You'd hope a political-insider indie reuniting "West Wing" stars Rob Lowe and Richard Schiff, and informed by the experiences of an actual former spin doctor, would be a small delight. You would be wrong.
  13. By the time White gets around to condescending remarks... the film has become a sort of BBC "Hee Haw," meant to reassure Brits and New Yorkers that the South is indeed a land of pistol-toting, Jesus-praising gap-toothed freaks.
  14. Less enjoyable than making a baby but more enjoyable than raising one, the animated feature Storks delivers a bouncing bundle of blah.
  15. What starts as a fairly lighthearted satire ends in a tiresome, ultra-violent shootout -- and the film pretty much throws away the possibilities of Cruz's gender-bending role.
  16. Prywes has produced a technically accomplished nostalgia piece on a shoestring budget, but the plotting is too sitcom-lite to support its aspirations to magic realism.
  17. Both Adam and the stakes are so low, it’s like watching 100 minutes of a slug trying to crawl over a twig.
  18. There's little sense of the Carol Channing beneath the overdone makeup - if there is one.
  19. It's muddled and shallow and obvious. Worse, it fails as entertainment, being so ineptly directed and written it often has the feel of a high school production by kids with more money and ambition than talent.
  20. This blithe inattention to authenticity is perversely endearing, and the whole (overlong) shebang is so jolly and well-intentioned, that it's kind of fun. It's just not very good film-making.
  21. Has the cheesy, deadened feel of a straight-to-cable film.
  22. Combined with the eyestrain produced by the cheap cardboard 3-D glasses, the resulting vertigo is decidedly unpleasant -- although having moon rocks and blobs of cream pie flying out from the screen is kinda cool in a retro way.
  23. A crass, heavy- handed and -- most unforgivably -- largely laugh-free adaptation of The Master's infrequently revived 1924 comic melodrama.
  24. Bart Everly followed Frank around for two years, yet his film seems to consist mostly of regurgitated C-Span and news footage from the period, interspersed with asides from the outspoken liberal.
  25. Elstree 1976 is an amazing experience. I’m shocked that a documentary revisiting the making of “Star Wars” could be this boring.
  26. It would also help if they were given some dialogue that was actually funny, or at least more clever than the lines provided to Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl in the distressingly similar "Killers" from earlier this month.
  27. Soggy, strictly by-the-numbers crime thriller.
  28. Smug, often tedious, and comically crude.
    • New York Post
  29. Throws in enough hurtling bodies, screaming bullets and totaled cars that it at least holds your interest, so it passes the worth-watching-if-you're-stuck-on-an-airplane test.
  30. A plot? Tony Jaa don't need no stinking plot.

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