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  1. A big, loud, proudly brainless popcorn flick that blows up cars, trucks, tanks, boats, helicopters and even a train.
  2. An essential document of bad taste that needs to go right into the time capsule. History must not forget.
  3. A cute, spunky found-footage thriller undone by a lumpy plot and a weak ending, Operation Avalanche revisits the urban legend that the moon landing was faked, with some fresh twists.
  4. The majority of Dickie Roberts winds up looking like a tame episode of the "Brady Bunch" -- spiked with Spade-esque crudity.
  5. Call it "The Doom Generation II." Gregg Araki's Kaboom returns to the trippy ways of his 1995 erotic head trip.
  6. Middleton deals with the various male and female perspectives in an even-handed way, concocting a slice of New York life that's frothy as meringue pie.
  7. Perhaps this year’s timeliest film — as well as, unfortunately, one of the hardest to sit through.
  8. This one is essentially “The Firm” with smartphones.
  9. Brisseau obviously aims to shock - and he does. Now shocking is A-OK with me - but only if it's part of a something bigger. Exterminating Angels is beautifully lensed and acted, but it lacks substance.
  10. Make a movie about depressed people, and what do you get? A depressing movie.
  11. Even if the movie had more shadings, though, Marshall's political point would undo his he-man action-flick format. If you're looking for a rallying cry to make the emotions sizzle, "Quagmire!" isn't it.
  12. There are so many monologues about obnoxious behavior that they begin to lose their luster - something I'd never have thought possible.
  13. There are the makings of a funny movie here, but novice director-writer Anna Reeves isn't up to the job. While her cast is talented, Reeves doesn't concentrate long enough on any plotline or character to build viewer interest.
  14. Sweet, funny, well-acted and nicely shot on locations in the south of France -- but on the dull side overall.
    • New York Post
  15. What's cutting- edge comedy for one generation can become generic filler for the next - that's the lesson to be learned from The In-Laws, a strenuous attempt to recycle a vastly funnier minor classic.
  16. Ultimately fails to make its case that five teenagers were sent to jail for a crime they didn't commit solely because of institutional racism.
  17. While Caplan works well in theory as an antiromantic-comedy heroine, director and co-screenwriter Michael Mohan just doesn't give her enough to do.
  18. The banality of evil has met its match in the banality of Good, a Holocaust parable that barely registers a pulse.
  19. I don’t know how many sex scenes featuring Winstone and Atwell you can handle, but the movie breaches my limit, which is a firm zero.
  20. Go for Zucker was a smash back home, where it was hailed as the first German comedy about Jews since World War II. But it will take more than that to make American audiences laugh.
  21. Tilda Swinton narrates this oddball, meandering essay film.
  22. Perabo gives a fairly impressive and flashy performance, even when the script descends into melodrama.
  23. By the movie’s end, the party guests may be ready to dance the hora — or they may find themselves sitting this one out. “Hava” will have its revenge, however: It’s still stuck in my head.
  24. Antarctic Edge will make good viewing for science classes of all levels, and ideally inspire a new generation to continue this hardy mission.
  25. A slack-paced, surprisingly bland affair, filled with jokes that sound like they should be funny but aren't.
    • New York Post
  26. While the performances are often engaging, this loose collection of largely improvised numbers would probably have worked better as a one-hour TV documentary.
  27. The most depressing date movie since "Random Hearts."
    • New York Post
  28. In mashing together story elements from Terrence Malick’s “Badlands” with the look of Malick’s “Days of Heaven,” Lowery put 90 percent of his energy into the atmosphere and 10 percent into the script.
  29. Yet despite the efforts of an excellent cast headed by three top comedy names -- Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black -- and tons of beautiful scenery (mostly British Columbia and the Canadian Yukon), this movie stubbornly refuses to take flight, or generate more than a few chuckles.
  30. Adapting the author’s cornball formula for a second time around is once-ambitious director Lasse Hallström (“Dear John”), who delivers a cinematic valentine you’ll be reasonably content to watch on a flight in a year or so.

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