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6,764 movie reviews
  1. Thanks to his (Oldman) mastery, and Alfredson's, no film this year left me hungrier for a sequel.
  2. Like a dedicated teacher, this is a film that stays with you.
  3. Thomas Vinterberg (“The Celebration”) directs with restraint that makes the story all the more affecting.
  4. There is no shortage of indie movies about economically challenged women. This one is different, in that the women actually do something besides just talk about it.
  5. Morales’ spin on the old ransom plot is fresher and more gripping than most big-budget Hollywood products.
  6. A fantastically entertaining biography.
  7. This exhilarating brain-twister is a nonstop visual, aural and intellectual delight, steeped in movie conventions and yet fizzing with freshness. It’s what happens when film noir goes out to a rave.
  8. The quirky High Fidelity really deserves being called the first must-see movie of the century.
    • New York Post
  9. After years of diminishing returns, Woody Allen spectacularly returns to form with Vicky Cristina Barcelona, his funniest movie in years and arguably his sexiest.
  10. Hilarious from first frame to last.
  11. Thebest sports movies aren't really about sports. Dreamer has a few thundering horse races, but its finest moments are beautifully still ones, like the one in which a little girl peeks through a fence to give a lame filly a Popsicle.
  12. It's an even rarer pleasure to see a film that combines exciting action with a smart, well-informed script and vivid yet restrained performances.
  13. I still can't believe I Melt With You went there. Over the top, off the hook and just plain bonkers, it makes its mark.
  14. I was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my cheeks.
    • New York Post
  15. It's a positive hat trick by John Cameron Mitchell.
  16. Astonishingly sharp and stunningly beautiful images of galaxies as far as 100 billion light-years away.
  17. Censors in Iran must have been smoking weed when they approved I'm Taraneh, 15, a sympathetic portrait of an unwed mother.
  18. This is a compelling and comprehensive guide to one of the most Kafkaesque crime stories in American history.
  19. A documentary that exerts a car-wreck fascination as it follows the icon through her 75th year (she's now 77) while looking back over her tumult-filled life and career.
  20. Jack Black gives the performance of his career in the title role of Bernie, under the pitch-perfect direction of his "School of Rock'' director, Richard Linklater, who expertly crafts a black comedy with a deceptively sunny surface. It's the best movie I've seen all spring.
  21. Norton, returning to cracking form, doesn't try to make the selfish and smug Monty sympathetic -- but he lights up the screen, especially in two fantasy sequences.
  22. As hip, funny and truthful a sleeper as has ever flown under Tinseltown's radar.
  23. Panh’s technique achieves things a conventional documentary could not, as when he pans across dozens of the clay figures jumbled in a box, in a shot that calls up both the toys of childhood, and graves.
  24. A stunning achievement, every bit the equal of the classic moun taineering book which inspired it.
  25. Showcases a brilliantly realistic performance by Abbie Cornish as Heidi. She's a provocative mix of naivete and ripe, unbridled sexuality.
  26. Andersson has a one-of-a-kind style that not all viewers will appreciate. His humor is not at all like Hollywood’s. His is leisurely and cerebral — two words never heard in La La Land.
  27. One of the most original and stylish films to come along this year.
  28. A gorgeous and witty piece of stop-motion animation.
  29. Timothy Spall, a character actor best known as Wormtail in the “Harry Potter’’ series, delivers an Oscar-caliber tour de force as eccentric British landscape painter J.M.W. Turner in the exquisite Mr. Turner.
  30. A summery confection crammed with fresh young talented faces that's hard not to love.

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