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Highest review score: 100 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
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6,695 movie reviews
  1. The surreal images, offbeat jokes and pointed human-rights allegory make this an altogether different experience from most American animation. It’s dreamy, poetic and not to be missed.
    • 84 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    I was reminded, at times, of the painstakingly detailed beauty of “The Triplets of Belleville,” but Moore has a more ethereal, rounded aesthetic all his own. They don’t make movies like this anymore — except when, lucky us, they do.
  2. Powerful, provocative and often surprisingly funny, this may be the year's outstanding documentary.
  3. This wonderful party of a movie, as totally original as its hero, stamps on a smiley face that will linger for hours.
  4. Not a film for all tastes, but it's a considerable artistic achievement.
  5. This is a beautifully acted chamber piece --especially by the magnificent Blake, who is married to Norris in real life.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Polarized world views from the mouths of babes -- unfortunately does little to mitigate this depressing image, but much to humanize both sides.
  6. Altman and Rapp skirt the fine line between satire and caricature, stopping just short of ridiculing the women who pack Dr. T's office.
    • New York Post
  7. The marvelous Burtonic gothic/nightmare production design -- scenery, weaponry, costumes, etc. constantly pleases the eye without ever distracting you from the plot.
  8. The kind of stand-up-and-cheer movie Hollywood is supposed to have forgotten how to make.
    • New York Post
  9. Uses the compelling true story of the triumph of the Enigma code-breakers as background for an invented but believable story of love, betrayal and heroism.
  10. Packs a dramatic wallop that makes it one of the year's best movies.
  11. Refreshing and surprising, the way independent movies are supposed to be.
    • New York Post
  12. Cannily weaving cross-cultural comedy with we-can-do-it humor in the spirit of "The Full Monty," the film builds to a rousing climax.
    • New York Post
  13. Revels in the sensual pleasure of music while capturing brilliantly the tension that grips any theater company before the curtain goes up.
  14. Rarely since the tale of the Corleones has a movie presented such a compelling, sympathetic portrait of a criminal lowlife.
    • New York Post
  15. An ideal antidote to the big-budget bores that studios put out in late summer, The Tao of Steve is a charming, funny and refreshingly smart Gen-X romantic comedy in the tradition of "When Harry Met Sally" - with the bonus of an engagingly laid-back Southwestern flavor.
  16. A real high in a season filled with unfunny comedies.
  17. More than lives up to its clever positioning as the first movie of the new millennium.
    • New York Post
  18. The ideal date movie for the Passover-Easter season and beyond, guaranteed to keep audiences rolling in the pews.
  19. An expertly crafted, deeply moving film.
    • New York Post
  20. The movie that deserved to win the Oscar for foreign-language film, and one of the best movies ever made about life behind the Iron Curtain.
    • New York Post
  21. Plot and dialogue take a back seat to a series of inventive sight gags that unspool with effortless charm. An ensemble cast of talented amateurs is in top form.
  22. The most devastating spoof of reality TV since Albert Brooks' 1978 "Real Life."
    • New York Post
  23. So joyous it can actually shake viewers out of a bad mood.
    • New York Post
  24. A remarkable accomplishment. It takes one of the century's vast tragedies...and makes it heart-rendingly real and intimate.
    • New York Post
  25. Such astounding computer-generated effects you'll suspend disbelief and root for the hero, a 3-inch talking mouse.
  26. A triumph of low-budget filmmaking.
    • New York Post
  27. A crowd-pleasing ensemble piece, whose story goes exactly where you want it to.
  28. Perfectly captures the cultural and emotional wasteland that is suburban Jersey.

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