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Average Movie review score: 55
Highest review score: 100 Lorna's Silence
Lowest review score: 0 The Wedding Date
Score distribution:
6,533 movie reviews
  1. Daring, mesmerizing and exceedingly hard to forget.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    The entire film is a feast for the eyes that brings to mind the work of Hong Kong ace Wong Kar-Wai.
  2. Pays off with emotional dividends well worth the time investment.
  3. Morton deserves an Oscar nomination, but she is unlikely to get one. The movie is too dark and out of the mainstream to impress the conservative fogies who vote for the prizes.
  4. An indie gem.
  5. The most effective moments in Taymor's gorgeous, surprisingly romantic Frida are those that evoke the visual world from which Kahlo's work was formed or the paintings themselves, often using clever animation and other special effects.
  6. A comedy as black as the asphalt desert of a mall parking lot.
  7. Combines big laughs, a big heart and thoroughly winning characters to become the first big surprise of the fall season.
  8. Be warned: Though it's entirely justified by the story, there's a level of violence and brutality in Training Day -- that some terror-weary audience members may not care to cope with these days.
  9. Lynch's first G-rated feature, turns out to be one of the year's best films...a wonderful surprise.
  10. Tremendously affecting on several levels, In the Bedroom is must-see viewing for anyone who complains Hollywood doesn't make movies for grownups.
  11. I've seen three or four other movies by Miike, and I can tell you that he's one of the most exciting, versatile directors working today.
  12. The gritty photography is a perfect match for the film's harsh realities, the script is taut (not a word or motion is wasted) and the acting is raw and realistic.
  13. Emotionally honest, feel-good saga with a universality that stands out in a season of singularly depressing and cynical Hollywood product.
  14. It's a positive hat trick by John Cameron Mitchell.
  15. The most delightful family movie since "Stuart Little."
  16. Genuinely creepy Southern Gothic thriller that once again proves that in horror movies, sometimes less is actually more.
  17. May be the creepiest and most original horror film since John Carpenter's classic "Halloween."
  18. The quirky High Fidelity really deserves being called the first must-see movie of the century.
  19. Subversively funny, it's a welcome alternative to the big-budget movies flooding into theaters at this time of year.
  20. Schrader's strongest movie since "Affliction," is another meditation on American masculinity powerfully told with great wit and style.
  21. An astonishing re-creation of the Londonderry massacre of January 1972.
  22. Thoughtful and entertaining documentary.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Forget the hype, and the backlash. The Phantom Menace is captivating.
  23. A technological landmark that couldn't look or sound better.
  24. An unforgettable and complex portrait of a nuclear family in meltdown.
  25. Vulgar and lewd and raunchy like you wouldn't believe, and absolutely hilarious from beginning to end.
  26. An exhilarating, sweeping epic that begs to be seen on the largest possible screen.
  27. Williams triumphs by exceeding both in sheer actor's craft - and the depths he plumbs in his character's tortured soul.
  28. Atriumph on almost every level. It is breathtakingly stylish, wonderfully acted and its three interrelated tales of the "war" on drugs are brilliantly structured to form a cohesive, powerful whole.

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