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  1. Apart from the slightly sanitized look of Reagan-era Harlem, this raw ghetto drama rings true, from the smooth dialogue to the unaffected performances of the central actors.
  2. Reflective but only mildly engaging dramedy.
  3. The best sequence comes when the gang meet a saucy French lady mouse who works for the Resistance and at moments of high drama sings "Je Ne Regrette Rien" ("Ah!" your children will say. "At last, an Edith Piaf joke!")
  4. There's something oddly endearing about the Barenaked Ladies. And by the end of the movie, you begin to see just what it is that inspires such intense fan loyalty.
  5. If you give yourself over to it, this romantic tale of a liberating one-night stand proves oddly seductive and generates a warm afterglow.
  6. Most troubling is just how easy it is to sell nuclear secrets with the help of large corporations and the acquiescence of governments.
  7. An energetic, feel-good blend of comedy, romance and benign drama -- with a side dish of social commentary -- that works despite its strict adherence to the culture clash/generation gap formula.
  8. Relying heavily on old network newscasts, Corben introduces a collection of colorful characters who just want to get stoned.
  9. Watching Thirteen is like spending an hour and a half with a poker-faced teen who's obviously unhappy but refuses to talk about what's wrong.
  10. There's not enough here to justify the almost two hours.
    • 85 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    In most respects, The Iron Giant is one of the better animated children's films in recent memory, which makes its strident political correctness all the more frustrating.
  11. At nearly three hours, it’s entirely too long, needlessly padded out with an intrusive interview-framing device.
  12. Harry likes Willie's white girlfriend, played by the Australian actress Rose Byrne with a riveting, sad sexiness. So much screen time is devoted to the men that her part is underwritten, but there are novels in her eyes.
  13. Brief and timely, this documentary directed by Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia is also frustrating.
  14. It's a shame that, on top of everything else, the second movie version of The Quiet American -- Graham Greene's brilliant 1955 novel about the French Indochina war -- should be so visually disappointing.
  15. Good enough to almost overlook a so-so ending.
  16. Director Raymond de Felitta, who directed a little-seen gem called "Two Family House" a few years ago, gives Falk plenty of room to do his thing. There's an underlying emotional truth even in scenes that seem terribly contrived.
  17. De Villa has created a truthful representation of a colorful community.
  18. Pinto's lack of dramatic range (she basically has two expressions) and an awkward third act do not provide a solid foundation for Hardy's tragic ending.
  19. An overwrought, ramshackle weepie that really doesn't deserve Kline's Oscar-caliber work.
  20. I won't reveal the twist -- but the marketing crew is aware that their only chance of selling this non-mind-blowing documentary about the people you might meet on Facebook is by promising a big surprise.
  21. There’s a simplicity and directness in Chaplin of the Mountains that keeps it aloft; its wholehearted sincerity feels much fresher than any number of slicker, more cynical films.
  22. There isn't a dud in the 10 shorts, although some are more dud-ish than others.
  23. Adult World proceeds by fits and starts, but fans of Cusack won’t want to miss his performance as the petulant poet, whose resistance is inevitably worn down by his persistent fan.
  24. Moves at a swift clip with pungent performances.
    • New York Post
  25. It may be too bleak for most.
  26. This otherwise undistinguished thriller about cloning is the most entertaining movie from the aging action star for some time.
    • New York Post
  27. Much of the movie's gentle charm comes from Mehta, the director's younger brother, making his acting debut.
  28. Captures some remarkably vivid present-day performances by the aging performers.
  29. Fascinating though it is, the movie is thin on historical materials.

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