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6,730 movie reviews
  1. Abysmal performances, limp direction (Will Gould) and a heavy-handed script drive a stake through a semi-interesting idea about the persecution of gay werewolves in a remote English village.
  2. The film is only 91 minutes long, but it seemed to stretch out for days.
  3. It's a film noir spoof, replete with hard-boiled narration, lounge-music soundtrack and dramatic black-and-white photography.
  4. A smarmy, smirky but ultimately boring film.
  5. An amateurish, pointless exercise in filmmaking.
  6. Might have made a tolerable five-minute "mockumentary," but it's apparently meant seriously.
  7. You have to sit through 90 minutes that feel like three hours.
    • New York Post
  8. Even the lovemaking scenes between two of Hollywood's most attractive stars -- often shot from above, like Cinemax soft porn -- are so unerotic, they make your skin crawl.
    • New York Post
  9. Indulges in some of the crudest Jewish stereotypes seen in a recent movie, right down to the crack about every Jewish girl having a nose job.
  10. A moribund attempt to exhume the Jack Ryan techno-thriller franchise with a severely miscast Ben Affleck, is truly the 20-megaton bomb among this summer's blockbusters.
  11. It's not surprising to learn that the story -- which the press notes assert is loosely based on fact -- has been kicking around Hollywood for 15 years. It's that bad.
  12. There's no limit to Coyote Ugly's crass shamelessness.
    • New York Post
  13. Sucker bait for the sort of credulous cinast who'll buy anything ugly and boring that looks like it's avant-garde...rancid stew of cheap shocks, sleaze and phony artiness.
  14. A lame teen comedy.
    • New York Post
  15. Looks and feels like a bad imitation of "Trainspotting" without any of that film's wit or charm.
  16. It's a film that reeks of stupidity and cynicism, one that makes you feel soiled just to have sat through it.
  17. It's just another discordant note in this tone-deaf movie -- a trashy, exploitative, thoroughly unpleasant experience.
  18. To describe Love, Honor and Obey as a cross between "Duets" and "Snatch" doesn't begin to suggest how desperately unfunny this musical gangster comedy is.
  19. The script is so overstuffed with painfully obvious clues (the constant patina of sweat on the cocky doctor's face, for one) that we don't need the ominous rumbles on the soundtrack to tell us where we're headed.
  20. This crude, deeply dishonest documentary does no such thing. David Russell's fictional "Three Kings" does a much better job.
  21. The promising tension between Gypsy and the arrogant Lucian never amounts to much, and the climax is comically melodramatic.
  22. Lurches so wildly and meaninglessly between genres and time frames that all it creates is motion sickness.
  23. The film is lousy with cartoonishly off-putting characters.
  24. A surprisingly nasty fable about a particularly silly, very English brand of animal-rights extremism.
  25. Relentlessly stupid.
  26. The leaden pacing, somnambulant performances and incessant symbolism in nearly every shot will soon have you thinking that The Three Marias is three too many.
  27. Overlong and not well-acted.
    • 7 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The real disappointment is Danny DeVito as a creepy coroner.
  28. Should have gone straight to video. It'll be there soon enough.
    • New York Post
  29. Arguably the most insipid movie released so far this century.

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