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6,867 movie reviews
  1. An utterly clueless, relentlessly grim and rambling action epic guaranteed to displease devout Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, amuse atheists — and generally bore everyone.
  2. The stars look bored out of their minds when the fourth episode of the franchise stalls between racing sequences.
  3. The overall result is superficial and deadly boring.
  4. A cheesy, often unintentionally funny, direct-to-video-caliber knockoff of "Aliens" that couldn't be more shallow.
  5. The innovation of Refn’s latest is mostly just in the way it manages to merge gory and boring. At least it’s created a new movie adjective for me: goring.
  6. This infomercial for Helnwein's work as designer for an Israeli opera called "The Child Dreams" doesn't tell us a lot about how opera comes together, but it is accidentally revealing about its subject.
  7. The only prize this shamelessly derivative schlock is likely to be in the running for is the year's dullest thriller.
  8. Like one of those five-minute featurettes on star athletes deployed to soak up time on the pregame show -- expanded to a paralytic length.
  9. This low-caliber Gun Shy has singularly ugly cinematography by Tom Richmond that at one point shows off Bullock's facial hair.
    • New York Post
  10. The screenplay is packed with so many hilariously bad lines (it's hard to believe that writer-director Helgeland won an Oscar for co-writing "L.A. Confidential") that the movie would be perfect material for a resurrected version of the TV spoof "Mystery Science Theater."
  11. There may be a lot left to say about Hurricane Katrina, but if so, I'm Carolyn Parker doesn't say it.
  12. Dreadful, misogynist slog of a film.
  13. A witless homage to "Shampoo" and "American Gigolo" that's brain-dead on arrival.
  14. Set in the drab suburbs of Paris, The Stroller Strategy doesn’t even offer pretty backdrops.
  15. If the film is meant to make us feel good about African justice, it does anything but.
  16. Silly and pointless film.
  17. The script is blaring and obvious at all times, and in his second directorial effort, David Schwimmer doesn't have a clue how dull it is for the audience to endure scene after scene of anguish, crying and screaming matches
  18. Will there be a “Hatchet IV’’? I shudder to think about it.
  19. Without any believable characters or situations, Reindeer Games is about as appealing as leftover Christmas fruitcake.
  20. Even at a cramped and frenetic 82 minutes, the movie feels long. That’s what happens when the audience can guess everything that’s going to happen in advance.
  21. A laughably bad B-thriller.
    • New York Post
  22. Proves, if anything, that sappy feel-good movies aren't restricted to Hollywood.
  23. In Vehicle 19, Paul Walker is back behind the wheel again, but this time it’s a rented minivan and the plot is brainless even for a Paul Walker movie. Get ready for “The Slow and the Spurious.”
  24. All hopes for suspense and plot twists are snuffed out about as quickly as the film's black characters.
  25. It's loaded with -- scenery-chewing melodrama, cornball pidgin dialogue and syrupy music.
    • New York Post
  26. A toothless, dated Seventh Avenue satire with shaky script, direction and acting - is the movie equivalent of something you'd find on the deep-markdown rack at Daffy's.
  27. The movie approaches the final scene with a straight face, but it left the audience giggling spasmodically. This script probably should have gone all the way and thrown in a few quips: If your movie is a joke, at least be intentionally funny.
  28. This bomb, which premiered at last year's Sundance Film Festival, belongs in the same remainder bin as Spacey's "Pay It Forward," "K-Pax" and "The Life of David Gale."
  29. Their conversation is so insipid that watching this movie is no more interesting than talking to any random New York couple about what makes them tick.
  30. Boasts one of the most ludicrous plots ever committed to digital video.

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