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6,837 movie reviews
  1. Not especially scary or funny, this lame comedy-thriller wastes a decent cast in a plodding tale.
    • New York Post
  2. If you stay awake, you'll certainly feel more than a little ground down after watching perhaps 15 minutes of skateboard footage padded out with nearly 90 minutes of strenuously unfunny toilet humor - all cheaply filmed on a budget that looks as if it would scarcely cover the catering bill for "Gigli."
  3. Excruciatingly lame and laughless romantic comedy.
  4. Zhang Yimou, one of China's best-known filmmakers, deserves a great big lump of coal in his holiday stocking thanks to his ludicrous soap opera The Flowers of War.
  5. Pointless and mind-numbing.
  6. There is, of course, a maximum of blood and gore. Sometimes the director's ideas work; often they don't.
  7. A supernatural horror-comedy that's frighteningly lacking in wit, John Dies at the End thinks it's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for dudes. But in its randomness, its vulgarity and its level of humor, it's more like the collected writings on the walls of a roadside men's room.
  8. One
    A rare dud in the Shooting Gallery series.
  9. The only part of this movie anyone's ever going to remember is the pair of scenes in which Ghost Rider pees flame.
  10. I think I’d rather have the waterboarding than the movie’s bromides about how we’re all victims and hate must end.
  11. Gets sillier and sillier as it goes along.
  12. Isn't very good. Not only has Ritter made his documentary a one-sided one, but he commits the journalistic sin of using himself as the film's main talking head. In other words, he's interviewing himself.
  13. This crude, deeply dishonest documentary does no such thing. David Russell's fictional "Three Kings" does a much better job.
  14. This furious finger-pointer's doc is so one-sided, it undermines its own integrity.
  15. Even at a supposed celebration, the well-bred and well-off aren't really happy at all. So the title is ironic. Thanks for that profound insight.
  16. John Travolta's From Paris With Love assassin/ superagent Charlie Wax is the master of whatever the opposite of wisecracking is. Fooljoshing? Lametalking? Flatlining?
  17. The Italian film industry must be in sad shape when its latest import to the US is a tired bit of trash from 1997, To Die for Tano.
  18. The problem with Gigli is that it is an inept attempt to do Elmore Leonard by Martin Brest, a filmmaker whose coarse sensibility makes him catastrophically unqualified to the task.
  19. What's Spanglish for "oy"?
  20. The thing is a virtual remake of the fusty oldie "Sweet Home Alabama," which came out back when movie scripts were written on stone tablets.
  21. With its poky pacing, thin characters, obvious message and predictable plot, the movie amounts to a cinematic sermon that, like many of those given in houses of worship, has a good-hearted message that will be difficult to deliver to a snoozing audience.
  22. Should have gone straight to video. It'll be there soon enough.
    • New York Post
  23. This boring, torpid movie notices its own flaws and unwisely underlines them.
  24. A slow-moving, ridiculous police thriller that would have been shipped straight to the remainder bin at Blockbuster if it starred anyone else.
  25. Huppert is wonderful, as usual, and she's to be congratulated for taking this daring role. But, alas, even she can't save Ma Mere.
  26. Yet the moral at the end is that we should all be more tolerant of different cultures. Is that really true, though, if the culture you're trying to tolerate is trying to open your skull with a circular saw?
  27. Anybody involved in the underground scene might get a kick out of Maestro -- but others will likely be bored stiff.
  28. Maybe being able to look back in time is comforting for Block and company, but what makes him think complete strangers give a damn about his not-especially-interesting family? I certainly don't.
  29. Among gay Jewish French postman movies, Let My People Go! may be a Hall of Fame entry, but alas, by any other standard this would-be sex comedy is a dismal failure.
  30. With any luck, this’ll be the death knell of the idiot-savant rom-com.

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