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  1. Rolls out stiff clichés to tell a familiar story of racial injustice in the South.
  2. There's little reason to see the claustrophobic Chronicling a Crisis unless you have a fascination with the Kolleks. Watching the vanity project is like being forced to sit through a friend's boring home movies.
  3. Sex can be fun and exciting and wonderful. It also can be deadly boring, as in Psychopathia Sexu alis.
  4. There's still no good reason to suffer through a half-baked little movie that proves indies can be every bit as boringly formulaic and artistically bankrupt as their big-budget brethren.
  5. Arguably as effective as Ambien at inducing sleep, but possible side effects include uncontrollable laughter.
  6. All the film provides is this bulletin: Lefties are angry about the things Lefties are angry about, chiefly corporate profits.
  7. Watching the film, I did manage to retain my empathy for the narrator, though: I was as desperate as he was to escape the situation I was in.
  8. Exceedingly lame.
  9. I'm beginning to think writer Nicholas Sparks isn't one person at all, but a roomful of ladies doing Harlequin-romance Mad Libs. Occasionally they'll hit a winning combination, as in the Sparks novel "The Notebook." More often, you get eye-rollers like "The Lucky One."
  10. The movie's prideful silliness makes it semi-watchable in the manner of Saturday afternoon cable flicks like "Delta Force."
  11. So feeble it fails even as train-wreck exploitation. I’d be unkind, but not entirely inaccurate, to label Coppola’s sophomoric, er, sophomore effort as a director an offer you can refuse.
  12. The finished product looks like it was thrown together during a lunch break -- by a drunk person. The level of ineptitude on display in this urban version of "Three Men and a Baby" is simply gobsmacking.
  13. Presumably, Deville wants to show life returning to normal after WWII, but in the context of this inert movie, "normal" equals "tedious."
  14. The three friends do things that venture beyond entertainingly dumb and into exasperatingly unbelievable.
  15. Sounds like a great idea for a gay porno, but the soapy Save Me actually takes itself seriously.
  16. Splinterheads might suffice some late night on cable, but that's about it.
  17. Shove people into categories, then into a film like Think Like a Man, and it's a recipe for tedium.
  18. Occasionally there is a striking image or a moment of wounded sweetness, but mainly the film provides ample proof that it's possible to be bizarre and boring at the same time.
  19. A shrill farce that strains credibility even by the standards of black comedy.
  20. As far as I’m concerned, death couldn’t arrive quickly enough for these eight stereotypically self-absorbed Los Angelenos gathered for Sunday brunch at which the hosts (Blaise Miller, Erinn Hayes) plan to announce the demise of their marriage.
  21. The latest catastrophe from the Weinstein Co.
  22. While there are some scattered laughs, the flimsy and nonsensical script - combined with the sledgehammer direction by Brian Robbins, make the similarly themed "Big Momma's House" look like Noel Coward.
  23. Unfortunately, Scorpion King has none of the qualities -- epic sweep, relative originality and heartfelt bloodthirstiness -- that made "Conan" so trashily entertaining.
  24. Overlong, blandly soporific.
  25. An excellent case for euthanizing the entire talking-animals genre.
  26. As much as we like Alec as an actor, it's hard to imagine that any amount of editing and reshooting under his supervision could salvage his complete ineptitude as a director.
  27. The dreary, direct-to-video quality of the script, acting and cinematography in this latest entry seemed to inspire more yawns than screams, and not a few titters.
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  28. If boy bands weren't already passé, Harry and Max would finish the job.
  29. The film plays like one long commercial. The music's cool, but you're better off buying the CD.
  30. There's potential here, but the script is entirely too, shall we say, Hollywood. There's even a dog-poop joke.

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