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6,706 movie reviews
  1. The stars look bored out of their minds when the fourth episode of the franchise stalls between racing sequences.
  2. Yet the moral at the end is that we should all be more tolerant of different cultures. Is that really true, though, if the culture you're trying to tolerate is trying to open your skull with a circular saw?
    • 23 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    A stultifying vanity piece.
  3. Dreamworks Animation's clunky and wildly unimaginative Monsters vs. Aliens really doesn't have a clue what to do with the [3-D] technique.
  4. The thing is a virtual remake of the fusty oldie "Sweet Home Alabama," which came out back when movie scripts were written on stone tablets.
  5. Plodding drama.
  6. Last week I thought watching women take their clothes off was sexy. This week I saw A Wink and a Smile.
  7. Aggressively ugly and intergalactically boring, the dismal sci-fi kiddie cartoon Battle for Terra is too weak to be shown anywhere except maybe on the next flight to Saturn.
  8. An exceedingly silly historical fantasy.
  9. Marlene Rhein has directed 40 music videos, including ones for Tupac Shakur and Amy Winehouse. Judging by this, her feature debut, she should stick with the music.
  10. Seems to go on for several days and nights, though in fact it lasts just 105 minutes. I checked my watch. A lot.
  11. The movie is as lumpy and misshapen as a giant booger.
  12. Time for another of Steven Soderbergh's "experimental," i.e., half-assed, films.
  13. Just to give you a taste of the movie's sophisticated idea of wit, it also makes fun of gay men.
  14. The cowardly producers have banished the grit and darkness of Parker’s original.
  15. At 86 minutes, the film spends exactly 86 more minutes with its subjects than can possibly be tolerated. Coincidence?
    • 42 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    A twist ending does nothing to make the previous 85 minutes interesting.
  16. Cutesy? My pain was acutesy as the entire plot yawned before me.
  17. Few kinds of art are more boring than the insistently transgressive, and few movies are more boring than Humpday.
  18. After a slightly promising start, this great-looking but ultimately deeply confusing and unscary sci-fi/horror opus turns into a quite boring rehash of M. Night Shyamalan's post-"Signs" films.
  19. If we can agree on anything in this great divided land of ours, it's this: Mischa Barton can't act.
  20. Brutally banal chitchat about life and love ensues.
  21. A witless homage to "Shampoo" and "American Gigolo" that's brain-dead on arrival.
  22. Demonstrating that an hour and a half of stunts doesn't make a movie, this feature is X-treme only in its multidimensional dullness.
  23. Shouldn’t Moore run his yellow crime-scene tape around the White House instead of Wall Street? Anyway, President Obama said this month that in cases where the government has fully sold its TARP bank holdings, it has gotten back its money plus 17 percent. Damn those capitalist barons, breaking into our treasury and filling it with their filthy money.
  24. Old Dogs does to the screen what old dogs do to the carpet. It's unfortunate that only the latter can be taken out and shot.
  25. At last, the missing link be tween "Phantom of the Opera" and "Saw." Welcome to the gonzo revenge saga Law Abiding Citizen.
  26. Like its subject, a lawsuit that is expected to go on for another 10 years, Crude has no ending. This is the perfect ending for this Goliath versus Goliath documentary about powerful personal-injury lawyers taking on a powerful corporation.
  27. Like one of those five-minute featurettes on star athletes deployed to soak up time on the pregame show -- expanded to a paralytic length.
  28. The movie (Untitled) is a tinny satire destined to go "(Unwatched)" because it is "(Uninteresting)."

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