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Highest review score: 100 The Seven Five
Lowest review score: 0 The Adventures of Pluto Nash
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6,867 movie reviews
  1. Exploitation curiosity.
  2. Looks and feels like a bad imitation of "Trainspotting" without any of that film's wit or charm.
  3. A totally ridiculous and incoherent sci-fi adventure.
  4. Aggressively ugly and intergalactically boring, the dismal sci-fi kiddie cartoon Battle for Terra is too weak to be shown anywhere except maybe on the next flight to Saturn.
  5. Most are exercises in sickening bad taste, with an emphasis on human bodily functions. The biggest stinkers? “T Is for Toilet” and “F Is for Fart.”
  6. The Lorax is awful, like chronic disease.
  7. Cisneros is an appealing actor, but he and Falling Awake get buried under a welter of clichés.
  8. A real head-scratcher that somehow won the grand jury prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival.
  9. This is a terminally whimsical vanity project that would probably have been a chore to sit through even in its original intended format, a 20-minute stage monologue.
  10. This genre flat-lined a long time ago. Why won't it stay dead?
  11. Plays like an unwieldy mishmash of "Big Momma's House," "An Unmarried Woman" and "The Burning Bed," with lots of gospel music thrown in.
  12. The scene where a pilot bails out in Stealth is so over-painted with CGI that it doesn't look as real as the sequence starring Shepard that inspired it in "The Right Stuff," a movie made with model airplanes.
  13. Really it's just a trashy bid to be the "Scarface" of Mesopotamia.
  14. It's just another discordant note in this tone-deaf movie -- a trashy, exploitative, thoroughly unpleasant experience.
  15. At its most entertaining when the parrot does the talking.
  16. Name names, please. Or shut up.
  17. So bland that it fails to make an impression.
  18. The movie's one-star rating is solely for Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who provides eye candy as Morris' film-student granddaughter, Lisa.
  19. Desperately unfunny and unexciting.
  20. Everything about National Security is so lazy and uninspired, it's hard to believe that director Dennis Dugan also made "Happy Gilmore," arguably Adam Sandler's funniest movie.
  21. The movie spins further and further into coincidence and incoherence.
  22. There was a time when the climate-change alarmist movement was like a guy with a megaphone at your ear, but now it’s more like a squirrel at your shoelaces.
  23. A pathetically inane and unimaginative cross between "XXX" and "Vertical Limit," it could only harm the careers of everyone involved in its making - including top British stage actors Rufus Sewell and Rupert Graves.
  24. This ponderous drama from director Kazuaki Kiriya quickly gets weighed down by its own blood-drenched armor.
  25. When Grown Ups star and co-writer Adam Sandler repeatedly slapped Rob Schneider in the face with a dehydrated banana, I was jealous of Schneider, who suffered less than I did getting slapped upside the head by this rotting fruit of a comedy.
  26. A collection of product plugs masquerading as a movie en route to home video.
  27. There are bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as much misbehavior, in this glossy and unconvincing little flick, receiving a vanity booking on the way to video.
  28. Co-star Christina Applegate, who's much more at home in this down and dirty milieu, wipes the floor (in one scene, literally, in a ludicrous cat fight) with the erstwhile Oscar winner.
  29. A low-rent, slow-witted horror flick notable chiefly for its hilariously unsuccessful attempt to pass off Luxembourg City as New York City.
  30. Arguably the most insipid movie released so far this century.

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