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6,706 movie reviews
  1. Little Fockers may not be the worst, most vulgar, most pathetic and least funny picture of the year. But it's a strong contender for second place behind the picture Brett Favre allegedly sent over his cellphone.
  2. You know you're in trouble when you're suffering a comedy shutout and the pinch-hitters you send in are Kidman and Dave Matthews.
  3. More than lives up to its name with ultra-campy performances, high-glucose direction, laughable dialogue, cheesy effects and a back-lot simulation of a Manhattan street that wouldn't pass muster on an after-school special.
  4. Isn't quite insipid, although if it were a little better, it could be.
  5. At the end, as Shadyac proclaims, "I stopped flying privately" (well, hurrah for you, Mahatma), renounces his Pasadena mansion and moves into a trailer park, the results of his epiphany grow funnier than any of his movies.
  6. Peros probably intends Footprints to be an homage to Hollywood's Golden Age. But the script's so incoherent and the acting so amateurish that it makes the worst old-time Hollywood B-flick seem like "Citizen Kane."
  7. Parents should take their children to Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil, if only because kids are never too young to learn the important and liberating skill of walking out of a movie and demanding a refund.
  8. Rookie director Sean Kirkpatrick keeps stomping on the drama pedal while blowing the cliché horn, yielding scene after tired scene of predictable developments as the principals keep shoving guns into mouths and screaming obscenities.
  9. A chaotic mess.
  10. The mystery is why the filmmakers thought third-graders or anyone else would be willing to pay for this master class in tedium.
  11. Zookeeper barely avoids a zero-star rating because of James.
  12. Coincidence and contrivance are the name of the game throughout.
  13. A dumbass "Kick-Ass," the superhero comedy Griff the Invisible sits on the screen like a steaming lump of Kryptonite.
  14. Luc Besson keeps ralphing up scripts about beautiful lady killers, but that doesn't mean you have to keep seeing them. Case in point: Colombiana...[a] dull cable-TV-quality item.
  15. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and Jason Sudeikis are three reasons to stay well clear of A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, but they're not the only ones.
  16. A thoroughly amateurish effort at capturing clued-in and smartass teens.
  17. Actual abduction may be preferable to the movie of the same name, but only if your kidnappers don't torture you by forcing you to watch it.
  18. Cage and director Joel Schumacher, who has fallen so far from the A-list that he provokes a demand for new letters of the alphabet after Z, have each found their cinematic soulmates.
  19. Ho-ho-huh? Arthur Christmas is an animated kiddie comedy that delivers all the wonder you'd expect in a movie about a guy delivering one package. Maybe they should have called it "UPS Man: The Movie."
  20. Depravity and addiction can be dramatic and fascinating, or they can be as they are in this week's indie filthathon Cook County.
  21. The title It's About You is something Kurt Markus claims Mellencamp told him when he commissioned the film. With the elder Markus' self-important, egotistical narration rarely shutting up, it was a fairly prophetic remark.
  22. Contraband aims to be dumb fun but gets only the first half right.
  23. The only possible relief from director Xavier Gens' abusively bleak survivalist scenario is how implausible it is.
  24. Romantic comedies are often as contrived and irritating as Loosies, but few feature a lead character so lacking in appeal.
  25. Director-writer Shimon Dotan takes this iffy story and makes it nearly unwatchable by jumping back and forth in time, using screens within screens and bouncing between color and black-and-white.
  26. Completely lacking in imagination and purpose, this vanity project might suffice as a home movie, but it's hardly worth the expense and bother of seeing it in a theater.
  27. Besson co-wrote and produced this cheesy mash-up of elements from James Bond and "Battlestar Galactica."
  28. A would-be piece of pulp fiction about a parolee trying to go straight, The Samaritan proves that even Samuel L. Jackson can be boring.
  29. His late father directed "Rambo: First Blood,'' but Panos Cosmatos' debut feature couldn't be more different - this would-be cult classic is the movie equivalent of gazing at a lava lamp for nearly two hours.
  30. The nicest thing I can think of to say about the doc Neil Young Journeys is that at least it isn't in 3-D.

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