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  1. While it sounds old hat, the who, what, when, where, why and how of this police procedural doesn't go the usual-suspects route. This show really keeps you guessing. And the soundtrack, by blues singer Keb'Mo, will keep you entranced.
  2. Since there will be back-to-back shows tonight, the premiere episode, "Rebirth," starts where the last DVD left off. It's not as good as the second episode, so be sure to stay tuned.
  3. Yes, boys and boys, Entourage gets better and more polished each season.
  4. What I particularly like about this show (aside from the good chemistry between the leads) is that the women solve crimes the old-fashioned way.
  5. For those of you for whom too much Ramsay is never enough, MasterChef is a dream come true. But for those for whom too much Ramsay is too much, the dream might seem like a recurring one.
  6. What I like about this show as opposed to the other earlier versions is that it's not simply one male or female picking from a lineup of the desperate like a slave auction. Here, the 19 insanely good-looking, mentally unstable, scantily clad, all-white (by the way) losers compete against one another.
  7. Oh, no--can it really be an other sitcom about a grown son moving back home after failing big time in the big city? Yes. But not, "oh, no."
  8. Lots of fun--and I for one am thrilled to see a show in which most of the characters don't look like they took time off from modeling to act.
  9. The CW under the direction of McG (does anybody have a full name anymore?) has made a fresh, terrific and terrifically silly Nikita.
  10. Yes, there is a lot to love here, but too often the bad guys are standard-issue gangsters--while the women are one dimensional, naked, needy and greedy.
  11. Is this a Guantanamo allegory or is it just more freaking aliens who look human but really have insect heads under their masks? I'd like to sum it all up for you here, but, like "Lost," this is a series that is going to take some time to figure out.
  12. The guy who brought you "Alias," "Fringe," and the not-so-successful but interesting "Dollhouse," so, of course, the expectations are high. No, Undercovers isn't as good as those shows, but it is still a lot of fun.
  13. Now that that ship has left the dock, they're back with a tremendously interesting new concept. This time it's The Apprentice for a bad economy.
  14. I know the whole thing sounds been-there-done-that dopey, but Wahlberg and Selleck are so charismatic that somehow, in their hand(cuffs), it all seems almost new. Yes, it's worth the watch.
  15. I tend to judge a show's worth on whether I'll come back for more; I've already watched next week's episode of "Eastbound and Down," and I'll definitely be watching to see where Kenny's Mexican journey takes him.
  16. Chiklis and Benz fit together like bioluminescent water and oil, but somehow the show is still surprisingly entertaining--in a "Heroes" meets "The Incredibles" sort of way.
  17. On the surface, Burns and Novick strive for impartiality, but there's an undercurrent of cynicism throughout. And that's a good thing.
  18. The show doesn't catch fire until next week's "Echo Park" which is an echo of things past--a la Charles Manson's girls and the murder of one who has gotten out of prison. Be sure to catch it. Guest actresses Nancy Youngblut, Bonnie Root and Dale Dickey are so good, they'll renew your faith in the old franchise.
  19. Verdict: guilty--of being a guilty pleasure.
  20. The zombies are truly scary and disgusting. The survivors are terrific characters, and the gore is enough for any lunatic to love. But no amount of love is going to make a flesh-rotting zombie as sexy as a blood-thirsty vampire.
  21. Yes, it feels like the illegitimate child of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," and "Deal Or No Deal," but I'll bet you a million bucks, viewers will go for it anyway.
  22. Not only did I enjoy the upcoming The Ricky Gervais Show, which is an insane animated version of his equally insane podcasts, but I laughed so loud that I practically had to be restrained in the office.
  23. It was a good start, but the big question remains--does America really want an hourlong, one-on-one every night?
  24. The locales are great, the plots are interesting and the acting for the most part is good--although they should have cast actors who don't look like lingerie models.
  25. I don't know what's mad about this love, but CBS's new rom-com, Mad Love at least has some laughs.
  26. After watching the movie, I may not have actually changed my mind about her innocence--but for the first time, I sure have doubts.
  27. If you're a purist James M. Cain fan, this is the miniseries for you. The intricacies of the story are laid out like a delicious Mildred chicken buffet. But, if you adore the original zippy, wise-cracking crime story with ankle-straps, order up Netflix instead.
  28. Unfortunately, lightweight Bower (more Dude Arthur than King Arthur) and an even lighter-weight Egerton can't carry a series, let alone a kingdom. Nonetheless, it's still lots of lush, plush, silly good fun.
  29. If you loved the successful couponing special they aired in December, you'll be thrilled with the premiere of the bizarrely watchable Extreme Couponing, a series in which people hoard not just coupons but the stuff they needlessly and endlessly buy with them.
  30. Happy Endings, which sounds like the special at a cheap massage parlor, is so funny I heard a noise I haven't heard in a very long time while watching a sitcom: the sound of me yelping so loudly it could frighten dogs.

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