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  1. The pros take them through the paces of makeovers, haircuts and a trial shoot. And you will be surprised who makes it and who doesn't.
  2. The show is definitely strange - and sometimes very funny. But it's so odd that it makes the "Seinfeld" format look conventionally linear.
  3. These rather didactic scenes [of meetings] contrast with more relatable ones that detail the lives of Yonkers’ disenfranchised minority citizens, whom you know will clash with their white counterparts. Isaac receives excellent support from a large cast.
  4. Problem is that Episode 1 is so out there and over-wrought that you might not make the trip back for Episode 2. That would be a mistake. Week two is when it gets riveting.
  5. What really makes this eight-episode series stand out is its setting, because a family divided is more impactful than strangers going at each other.
  6. Simple and fun, if not exactly memorable.
  7. Poverty and pigeons, bread and circuses--and so much decadent good fun, it's positively sinful.
  8. It’s a solid start for a series that holds a lot of promise if given the chance to grow.
  9. Wolf is not about to break any new ground here. He's just creating the kind of TV that people watch.
  10. I would have preferred the whole crime family thing, but there could be some good laughs as the family attempts to work at legit jobs. It probably won't be as funny as breaking-and-entering, but I'll give it two more weeks to decide whether good will be good--or bad.
  11. It is quite simply one of the most fascinating TV shows I have ever watched - warts and all.
  12. The Levys nicely develop their fish-out-of-water concept by showing how the family tries to fit in out of necessity.
  13. Tonight, through the miracle of modern medicine, the show comes roaring back with a plot that includes the, er, trauma of Seattle Grace Hospital being downgraded from the number two facility in the state to the number 12.
  14. The acting here is terrific, particularly among veterans Okonedo (Oscar-nominated for “Hotel Rwanda”), Haysbert (“The Unit” and those Allstate commercials) and Lester (“Girlfriends”), who all deliver meaty, nuanced performances.
  15. All in all, a great good time with not one single character to like. Now, that's entertainment!
  16. Yes, there is a lot to love here, but too often the bad guys are standard-issue gangsters--while the women are one dimensional, naked, needy and greedy.
  17. Riveting as ever, Battlestar Galactica proves again that sci fi doesn't have to be clap trap.
  18. The first two episodes are creepily suspenseful--they’re great examples of how effective a slow pace and a moody atmosphere can be.
  19. While it sounds pedantic, downright corny, and done to death, Drop Dead Diva is actually fun, funny and sometimes and in some ways even touching.
  20. The show is by turns sweet and funny.
  21. Although a little sluggishly paced, this miniseries, based on the eponymously titled book by J. Randy Taraborrelli, makes a decent attempt to show why Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, was never comfortable in her own skin.... Garner gives a surprisingly confident, spunky performance as the Monroe.
  22. It's the dialogue that takes this series over the top.
  23. I tend to judge a show's worth on whether I'll come back for more; I've already watched next week's episode of "Eastbound and Down," and I'll definitely be watching to see where Kenny's Mexican journey takes him.
  24. Even though we know this is one love story that doesn’t end well, The Beginning of Everything delivers an entertaining seduction into a fabulous, bygone world.
  25. This Is Us has an appealing cast, solid writing and pathos aplenty.
  26. Oh, no--can it really be an other sitcom about a grown son moving back home after failing big time in the big city? Yes. But not, "oh, no."
  27. While they’re hardly the “Jersey Shore” in suspenders, the people of Breaking Amish: Brave New World might be brave--but coming to the “new world” doesn’t mean they’ve become new people.
  28. Impractical Jokers [could] possibly the funniest, most ridiculous show I've seen in years.
  29. Happy Endings, which sounds like the special at a cheap massage parlor, is so funny I heard a noise I haven't heard in a very long time while watching a sitcom: the sound of me yelping so loudly it could frighten dogs.
  30. I like the locale a lot. Heading up the forensics team is Gil Grissom (William Petersen), who is appealing mostly because, like James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, he doesn't look like he belongs on TV. [6 Oct 2000, p.117]
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