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  1. If you loved the successful couponing special they aired in December, you'll be thrilled with the premiere of the bizarrely watchable Extreme Couponing, a series in which people hoard not just coupons but the stuff they needlessly and endlessly buy with them.
  2. Happy Endings, which sounds like the special at a cheap massage parlor, is so funny I heard a noise I haven't heard in a very long time while watching a sitcom: the sound of me yelping so loudly it could frighten dogs.
  3. Cinema Verite works in the same off-kilter way that HBO's "Grey Gardens" worked.
  4. The premise--and it's a good one--is a singing contest "American Idol"-style, for young singers to compete for the grand prize of a recurring role in a seven-episode arc of "Glee." And it's not some fake promo for the show with people who really have nothing to do with the show.
  5. There are allegories galore--from celibacy to puberty (all that body "processing"), alienation and, yes, teen angst of the "what the heck is that thing on my back?" variety. Think "Teen Wolf" for girls.
  6. Wood's puppy-dog eyes and Gann's crazy dog persona--or is that dogsona?--are a few things that make Wilfred watchable, in an existential-Johnny Depp-meets-"Monty Python" kind of way, that is.
  7. USA's newest series, Necessary Roughness is a charming and clever dramedy.
  8. Lots of action, lots of shoot-'em-ups and lots of big explosions that don't kill anybody. It's also lots of fun.
  9. Once you get past the reality-TV grabbers, you realize that while there is some of that, more importantly there's a lot of Miller. It is great to watch her work.
  10. In three years, Rowling went from welfare mother to one of the richest women in Great Britain, with 400 million books in print. If you've ever been a single mom and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is the perfect movie for you.
  11. Aside from the gratuitous sexual stuff, Awkward is a really good, funny, fun show.
  12. Piven and Dillon, of course, steal every scene. That you already know. But Caan and Coates manage to give two classic Hollywood stereotypes such real flesh and bones, that you'll wish that Season 8 was the precursor to Season 9.
  13. Dopey? Yes. But the action scenes are terrifically exciting and very well done, and Hawke does his damndest to survive the overacting of Hurt and the underacting of Cox, who is so wooden he should be the one hobbling around on that wooden stump.
  14. Good action, good characters and, besides, it's the only show in the history of TV where the term, "f-cking pr-ck" is code. I mean, you gotta love that, no?
  15. Like a hybrid human, Dark Matters combines science with good, old-fashioned thrills to produce a whole new species. Great fun.
  16. Ringer, it turns out, is so good that it's CBS' bad.
  17. Lots of good, crime-solving fun.
  18. It's the dialogue that takes this series over the top.
  19. Good family fun--providing your family doesn't include little kids who are scared to sleep. Ever.
  20. With a snarky running dialogue from Tessa (Jane Levy), the laughs are as easy and as sophisticated as she is. Or as she thinks she is--and that's the key.
  21. When Rosie's on, she actually is hilarious. Welcome back.
  22. Lots of the characterizations work wonderfully, and the acting is fantastic.
  23. Beavis and Butt-Head's snarky remarks are still so stupid--even in a world crowded with them--that they're funny.
  24. [A] new and intriguing Western.
  25. The pros take them through the paces of makeovers, haircuts and a trial shoot. And you will be surprised who makes it and who doesn't.
  26. TNT is right to bring back the format--well done whodunits.
  27. House of Lies somehow manages to be funny despite it all. That's mostly do to great casting. Cheadle, particularly, is brilliant.
  28. The Firm is a modern, old-fashioned lawyer show--and that's a good thing.
  29. The animated version of Napoleon Dynamite is almost as funny as a cartoon version as it was in the flesh.
  30. The pilot moves along well, is a lot of fun--but Madsen is just too blond and bland to create the kind of excitement that Jennifer Garner or other of Abrams' female kick-ass characters were able to do with both hands tied behind their backs.

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