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  1. The season's first episode is pretty damned riveting.
  2. The series, written by Price and produced by Robert DeNiro, has NYC cred, and it, like its characters, grows with each episode.
  3. [Sean Hayes is] the consummate pro, with impeccable comedic timing, fluid verbal and physical dexterity--a nod to Ball’s slapstick shtick--and a tendency to let others around him share in the laughs. That’s all on display in Sean Saves the World.
  4. Dogs in the City is perfect summer fluff for city dog owners.
  5. It’s a pretty grim lot, but ever thus in the nasty, brutish world of George R.R. Martin. Regardless, it’s so good to see all of their bruised, brooding faces again.
  6. Gravity has an intriguing premise and its pacing--the action cuts back-and-forth between the present and five years in the past--heightens the drama and foreboding.
  7. We already know things are going to go wrong; it’s just a tantalizing question of when and how.... In a TV season where some seriously lazy casting is hindering the new shows, [Hannah Ware is] a breath of fresh air: she’s subtle, assured and has an ethereal allure.
  8. The Life & Times of Tim, their new, offbeat, animated series, is one that works like crazy--and no, it doesn't hurt to be crazy to love this show.
  9. There are so many things in this movie that are just so damned juicy that it is sure is more fun to watch than the exploits of today's orchestrated star pairings.
  10. Once "Brothers & Sisters" gets started, it works, and it works well.
  11. It’s a cookie-cutter comedy that’s inoffensive, intermittently chuckle-worthy and totally predictable.
  12. Gotham does a great job of balancing the worlds of modern, mature comic books and the police procedural.
  13. The ingredients are there; they just need more seasoning.
  14. Women -- especially young mothers juggling responsibilities at home and the office — will find much with which to identify in the story of Annabeth.
  15. If you loved Spielberg's "Terra Nova," you'll love Revolution.
  16. I don’t know if Back in the Game will have a long shelf life, or if it will turn Caan into a prime-time star (like son Scott on “Hawaii Five-O”), but I do think it’s worth a half-hour of your time.
  17. OK, so I admit it, the premiere isn't all that funny, but the second episode is hilarious.
  18. Weirdly enough, every one of tonight's wannabe photos looks better than any photo of any of those pretty-but-average giantesses who "cycled" through Tyra Land before.... The most interesting women are the most trouble, of course.
  19. I've seen three episodes, can't wait to see the fourth even though I am still as confused as hell (or maybe that's heaven) by everything but the incredible production values and acting. [11 Sep 2003]
    • New York Post
  20. The show is slick and funny and a lotta fun.
  21. When the jokes work, they’re hilarious.
  22. Maybe it's not as great as "Lost," but then again, it could be awfully close.
  23. It’s interesting, weird, enjoyable and not like anything you’ve ever seen on TV before.
  24. While everyone is terrific, Tierney brought it to another level. Graham's Sarah is more frenetic than the low-key Tierney's version, but kudos to Graham for stepping in and making Sarah her own. Solid stuff all around.
  25. [Spader’s] magnetic, chewing on the scenery so much that you can’t look away from him.
  26. It's heartwarming, it's sweet, and it's just the ticket if you, too, happen to be a 10-year-old girl or the parents of one.
  27. Wood's puppy-dog eyes and Gann's crazy dog persona--or is that dogsona?--are a few things that make Wilfred watchable, in an existential-Johnny Depp-meets-"Monty Python" kind of way, that is.
  28. Either you'll laugh out loud, knowing that Davis helped create this, or call for Gervais' head--probably in a garbage pail.
  29. Yes, it feels like the illegitimate child of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," and "Deal Or No Deal," but I'll bet you a million bucks, viewers will go for it anyway.
  30. If you are a serious-minded man (or woman) who loves mob lore, you’ll be all over this like a really bad smell.

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