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  1. It’s a solid start for a series that holds a lot of promise if given the chance to grow.
  2. The fourth season’s new episodes feel as fresh--and misanthropic--as ever.
  3. The unwavering, insistent sincerity of Signed, Sealed, and its tearjerking final acts, are hard to resist, despite often being served up in greeting-card platitudes.
  4. The premiere flags a bit when we get to the actual business at hand; Pace and McNairy hole up in the latter’s garage, furiously soldering wires and reading off columns of numbers. It’s not the stuff of great drama.... Things pick up as Joe takes a calculated risk by outing their project to the competition, putting his bosses in a no-win position that demands they fund the build.
  5. Drug cartels, a room of shrink-wrapped bills (worth $60 million), body bags and buckets of blood are just some of the intriguing elements in this uniquely Mexican-American drama, where the layers of corruption on both sides of the border seem impenetrable.
  6. Capitalizing on the astronaut-in-peril popularity of last year’s “Gravity,” and buoyed by Spielberg’s influence, the 13-episode Extant looks to be an enjoyable if not mind-blowingly-original summer series.
  7. It’s nice that Will Ferrell plays (a skewed) version of himself in the second episode--he was likely corralled by his former “Saturday Night Live” cohort Amy Poehler--but Welcome to Sweden succeeds on its own merits.
  8. [An] intensive and exhaustive new documentary series by Ken Burns bowing Sunday night on PBS.
  9. Gotham does a great job of balancing the worlds of modern, mature comic books and the police procedural.
  10. It’s swiftly paced, disgusting--lots of shots of walkers chomping on screaming faces--and puts down some much needed signposts for the rest of the season. Consider us still hooked.
  11. Newly minted Late Night host Seth Meyers hit a few early potholes during his inaugural show Monday night--but eventually found his sea legs and drove his new 12:35 p.m. show to a solid, if unspectacular, debut.
  12. Taxi Brooklyn isn’t a game-changer, but it’s a well-written, solid summer offering that’s worth checking out.
  13. In tonight's premiere of "Bones," for example, super-sleuth Temperance concludes from the young victim's bones that she was probably a tennis player -- a nifty conclusion, but one that has no bearing on the case. It's a factoid that leads nowhere, which is kind of where "Bones" goes in its premiere episode.
  14. A show with a promising premise that could be a winner.
  15. "E-Ring" is sometimes kind of silly, sometimes tightly drawn, and sometimes it's fun.
  16. And that's the problem. Is it horror or just horrible? Is it scary or just bloody?
  17. The acting is quite good, despite the fact that everyone is the same age, not particularly interesting, or even odd, and are all startlingly good-looking. The writing is good, if you can get past some cheesy dialogue.
  18. Unlike "Baywatch," it's not as bad as it sounds -- or as good -- depending on your opinion of beach dramas built largely around boobs and biceps.
  19. Since I myself am a sucker for a true-crime cheesefest, I was loving this movie until I was rudely reminded by my friend Denise that, "This is neither good sleaze nor serious true crime! It's half a satire, and half a true crime movie!"
  20. Some of the 28-year-olds on "Conviction" appeal to me. Others do not.
  21. "Windfall" is not the greatest show to hit the summer circuit, but not the worst either.
  22. There are things to love about it - two of them to be precise: Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven.
  23. There's never a light moment to let you reflect on the violence that you've just witnessed, which brings "Brotherhood" back to the level of every not-great gangster flick that's ever been.
  24. As in other TV serials of this type, the plot thickens long before it ever starts to thin.
  25. It's not a bad scenario for a serialized drama, but be forewarned: The apocalyptic story unfolding on "Jericho" is, by nature, exceedingly gloomy, reviving memories of the Cold War and also serving as a reminder of the tense times in which we live now.
  26. The show is not as good as Woods makes it, but not as bad as some of the new shows.
  27. Normally, this should be as much fun as pulling out your own fingernails, but the cast for the most part makes it tolerable and fun.
  28. As soapy, sappy, Christmas adaptations go, this one's pretty good - until it totally falls apart at the end with the most preposterous finale imaginable.
  29. Izzard and Driver are so good that you may be able to overlook a lot - like a plot to believe in.
  30. What I like about this series is that it is anti-slick and anti-pretty.

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