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  1. The audition segments are mostly hilarious.
  2. If any lawyer ever did even a third of the things that Elizabeth Canterbury does on Canterbury's Law, the outrageous Denis Leary/Jim Serpico show that premieres tonight, she'd be disbarred in about six and a half seconds. But luckily this is TV, where lawyers-gone-wild are an always fun-to-watch staple.
  3. House of Lies somehow manages to be funny despite it all. That's mostly do to great casting. Cheadle, particularly, is brilliant.
  4. If you like cosplay yourself, you’ll love Cosplay.
  5. If you’re an entrepreneur or just a dreamer, Crowd Rules may be just what you’ve been dreaming of.
  6. There are plenty of good subplots and plenty of eye candy, too, all in blue.
  7. It's actually more interesting than you might have thought. [21 Jan 2005]
    • New York Post
  8. The Bridge is, overall, a good show with some great performances--including Ted Levine as Lt. Wade, who’s a show stopper.
  9. Rusty - as played by newcomer Jacob Zachar - is one of the most likable characters to come along on any TV show in a very long time.
  10. An otherwise promising CBS comedy series.
  11. What this well-written series does not need is a character [Louise Ellison (Jennifer Ferrin), a NYC reporter] whose only job seems to be moving the story along with expository dialogue in the guise of interviews.
  12. TNT is right to bring back the format--well done whodunits.
  13. Perfect, mindless, summer fun.
  14. A flat-out good show.
  15. All told, the graphics and the easy-to-follow, fun storylines are sure to entertain the show's easily distracted target audience.
  16. Crystal is in fine form and Gad is appropriately irritating (and funnier than I expected). The Comedians is more of an acquired taste than a “must-see”--and will appeal to those who enjoy satire and winking, self-referential show-biz tropes.
  17. The flavor of Superior Donuts might be old-fashioned--but a baker’s dozen of the sitcom might do the trick.
  18. While every single actor is perfect and perfectly funny in his role, every time Richardson opens his mouth, I nearly spit my Weight Watchers fat-free snack food all over my desk. The guy is brilliant.
  19. The charming, fun series of books has become a charming, fun TV series (seven episodes in all) on HBO, starring Grammy-winner Jill Scott as the books' No. 1 protagonist/heroine, Precious Ramotswe
  20. Most of Weed Country is quite good, but when it comes to Mike Boutin, the producers made the bad decision to make it all more dramatic than it actually is.
  21. Even if we know how Manson’s story eventually ends, this is one cop show that will chart a tantalizing path to that grim conclusion.
  22. Lucas the PI (Michael Weston) is such a good addition, I really hope he stays....For my money, Lucas' chemistry with House is better than Wilson's--and it's definitely not as weirdly closeted.
  23. Good premise, good start.
  24. You’ll have to watch the series to really get into its flow. I was impressed by its big-bucks special effects which, for the most part, don’t get in the way of the show’s human element.
  25. Think Jack Bauer with excellent grooming. Or in Jack's case, with any grooming [in] Fox's entertaining new all-action-all-the-time series.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Regardless of its flaws, Grease is a reason to look forward to the next round of live musicals on TV. When it finally found its stride during “Born to Hand jive,” which was among the finest staged sequences of any live musical telecast so far, the hate-watching subsided and suddenly we were all back in high school again.
  26. Newly minted Late Night host Seth Meyers hit a few early potholes during his inaugural show Monday night--but eventually found his sea legs and drove his new 12:35 p.m. show to a solid, if unspectacular, debut.
  27. Taxi Brooklyn isn’t a game-changer, but it’s a well-written, solid summer offering that’s worth checking out.
  28. Aside from learning that paddle-whacking still exists, the rest of the show is as dull and dimwitted as the students.
  29. They've ended up pitting a dozen very creative people against one another in a very tired format.

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