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  1. When Lowe is around, AHS almost feels like a real story. In between, the show serves as an excuse to show off production designer Mark Worthington’s stunning sets and scantily clad--and unclad--male actors.
  2. Game of Silence is not going to win any Emmys, but the murder-mystery at the show’s center is sufficiently intriguing to make you want to see the grown-up boys vindicated.
  3. Given that, let me also say that virtual sets don't make up for virtual plots. Not that Sanctuary doesn't have its moments, and those moments might prove to be fast and furious after tonight's two-hour premiere when the show goes to a more manageable one-hour format.
  4. Taboo is a BBC import and the first few hours are big on atmosphere and setting, but the story is a little too plodding and murky for its own good.
  5. Sure, Haven is fun. But I get the feeling that I'm suffering from the same attack of "been there/done that" as the lithe and lovely agent.
  6. The show’s reach may exceed its grasp, but the cast succeeds in selling a farfetched premise.
  7. If you’re not already a fan of the story, Constantine has some kinks to iron out before the unenlightened will willingly follow this master of the dark arts.
  8. I'm happy to report that this season, there's More Blood! More Torture! More Killing! and More Intrigue! than last season.
  9. The acting is quite good, despite the fact that everyone is the same age, not particularly interesting, or even odd, and are all startlingly good-looking. The writing is good, if you can get past some cheesy dialogue.
  10. The show is so slow-moving that you may find yourself fighting vainly the old ennui.
  11. Combat Hospital has the look, feel and pacing of an old "M*A*S*H" episode--minus the humor and preachiness--and the soapy elements of fellow ABC hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy" (a smarmy British doctor, nervous newbies and the no-nonsense unit chief--with the heart of gold, of course). But these aren't necessarily drawbacks. This is an episodic TV drama, after all.
  12. The special relies very little, disappointingly, on footage from the BBC’s Holmes series; instead, it mostly uses murky reenactments, with actor Edward Cartwright playing the sleuth. More engaging is the enthusiastic testimony of various forensics specialists on how influential Holmes really was in the development of modern-day techniques.
  13. Life Is But A Dream is a vanity project that could have been a helluva film--if she had given up control and let the story tell itself.
  14. Shepherd is the star, and she does a good job of, er, Shepherding the show and making her character very likeable and accessable. I only wish the women characters were deliberately funny, instead of being accidentally funny from being stupid.
  15. If only the humans in Zoo were as compelling as their four-legged antagonists!
  16. The Red Tent would have benefited from more subtlety--hardly Lifetime’s stock-in-trade. Still, it is a major step up from the network’s usual fare of films.
  17. Some of the 28-year-olds on "Conviction" appeal to me. Others do not.
  18. All in all, brainless fun.
  19. If you've never had an in terested suitor impose the Big Gesture on you, then ABC's revival of the 1990s dramedy Cupid is so not up your alley that you may as well live on Mt. Olympus. And that just happens to be where Cupid (Bobby Cannavale) comes from in this sweet, not-horrible show.
  20. The supporting cast, Kate's British co-worker at the bar, BJ ("Do you know what BJ means in my country?") played by Lucy Punch, and Ben's best friend Tommy (Echo Kellum), are the glue that holds this bro and sister together. Or at least this show together.
  21. Interesting premise, good acting, some very crisp dialogue - but there's still a way to grow.
  22. It's mentally exhausting, at least in tonight's opener, to figure out exactly what the heck is going on here, and in which reality we're placed at any given moment.
  23. It’s all OK, but the problem is that there still isn’t anyone to really care much about.
  24. "Windfall" is not the greatest show to hit the summer circuit, but not the worst either.
  25. Great, great, great drummer, but a dull, dull, dull show.
  26. Having established the exaggerated and predictable weirdness of all white people, Fresh Off the Boat seems to have run through its one topic--and one joke.
  27. As in other TV serials of this type, the plot thickens long before it ever starts to thin.
  28. The Royals wants to shock but can’t, since the world it describes is something we know all too well from tabloid headlines about the real British royals. These characters are bored by their own jaded lives--and so are we.
  29. Designated Survivor does a decent job of mapping the confusion felt by Kirkman, his wife and various White House stock figures, but with “Madam Secretary” playing in the same faux political sandbox, the show feels a little too familiar.
  30. Izzard and Driver are so good that you may be able to overlook a lot - like a plot to believe in.

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