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  1. The actors are all very good, particularly Moreno and Valentine Rodriquez who plays his pal, Ernie...It's not there yet - not by a long shot - but it's got potential. Chances are good that the producers will work it out. [27 Mar 2002, p.72]
    • New York Post
  2. While the cast is quite good, and they even manage to rip a laugh or two out of the material, it's not enough to sustain a whole show.
  3. The premise is fun, but if this is CBS' attempt at "Lost," then they are, if not totally lost, certainly in need of a map. And a new writer. Some of the dialogue is laugh-out-loud bad.
  4. The plot is clever and there's a nice twist at the end, but the actors haven't found a rhythm, nor have they developed any chemistry.
    • New York Post
  5. These pros deserve better than bad jokes and swinging doors.
  6. What's missing here are the big laughs, despite Rock's clever narration.
  7. This guy has a great personality. Building a likable sitcom around him ought to be a no-brainer. So why haven't they done it?
  8. The Rev is a lot like the rest of us. He matured and became dull.
  9. This would be hilarious, except that political talk TV has become such a parody of itself that watching them is more than enough comedy for anybody.
  10. The person who steals every scene is Brett Butler as the sister-in-law.
  11. Not that it's not a nice show, but it is precisely the kind of production for which the word "corny" was probably coined.
  12. Since the show stars all these great TV actors... the show sustains some laughs that it wouldn't otherwise be able to wring out of bad material.
  13. It is overlong, contrived and utterly out of place on UPN. It plays like something left over that the network needs to discard before going out of business.
  14. Portions of "Free Ride" show promise, due mainly to the show's star -- Dean -- whose character remains grounded and sane, against all odds.
  15. Interesting take on the biblical story, but if you prefer your Moses as a nicer guy, may I suggest you skip tonight and tomorrow night's new epic and wait for the real Moses, Charlton Heston
  16. It's a good thing reality TV has nothing to do with real life.
  17. The format is so complicated and the contestants so unappealing that the show misses the mark.
  18. The format is what carries the day.
  19. The writing is so bad that, I promise, you will sit there mouth agape.
  20. Both soaps are perfectly awful on almost every level, which makes them nothing, if not, well, hilariously perfect soap scum.
  21. There's a nice idea in there somewhere. Now, if CBS and the show's producers can get together on changing most of it, they might have something.
  22. This show could use some brain surgery itself.
  23. "My Boys" is no improv comedy, but it also relies on unnecessary narration.
  24. This is not to say that vapid and ruthless can't work on TV (think "Nip/Tuck"). But vapid and ruthless has to be redeemed by ridiculous and funny.
  25. The series has great potential, and frankly I can't tell you why it doesn't ever quite reach it - other than it somehow lacks, er, magic.
  26. Wake me when it's over - please.
  27. While "Studio 60" is/was an annoying, insidery and smug series about the inside doings of the annoyingly smug cast of a "Saturday Night Live-ish" show, "Donnellys" is the annoying, insidery and smug series about the doings of the Donnelly brothers, low-level thugs in Hell's Kitchen in New York City.
  28. The acting's good and the actors are good-looking. But, really, wouldn't you expect something more cohesive from the folks who brought you "American Beauty?"
  29. The ensemble company, including the always-wonderful Laura San Giacomo, who plays her friend, never misses a beat. Too bad this series--which tries too hard--misses a stanza or two.
  30. Gunn is fine in limited doses. I like him better as a design guru than the closet king.

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