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  1. It's all a bit ridiculous and the writing is scary, although the stars are first rate and the locales are pretty good too.
  2. Swingtown could have been great. Instead it's a hit-you-over-the-head production--with product placement and wardrobe so obvious it begs us to scream, "That's so authentic!"--best forgotten.
  3. The best part of this show is the acting, which is generally excellent - particularly that of Hugh Dillon as Ed Lane, the conscience-riddled sharpshooter. Too bad the writing isn't as on-target as Lane's high-powered automatic.
  4. This brings up the writing, which is strictly discount--and so are the plots, which don't tell us enough in the victims he saves.
  5. It's like watching a drag show--you know, when you're supposed to laugh because we're conditioned to laugh on cue. But in reality, it's forced, er, gaiety.
  6. The best part of the show is watching Cho's standup act. Other than that, I really don't care to watch someone pick out clothes and talk to her "Glam Squad."
  7. The band is gold as far as kiddie parties go, but more like copper on the after-dark circuit. The same can be said for the concept vs. the execution here.
  8. Too many serial killers threaten to overwhelm The Mentalist, whose charismatic lead character can stand on his own, if the show's producers would only realize that murders committed singly can be just as interesting as serial murders, and just as difficult to solve, too
  9. On the up side, some of the one-liners are quite funny. On the downside, a lot of the show just doesn't work no matter how hard Mohr works it.
  10. A new syndicated series that is like the illegitimate love child of "Lord of the Rings" and a weekend role player.
  11. All in all, even with an accomplished actor like Hutton, there's nothing special to set Leverage apart from other cookie-cutter dramas of this ilk.
  12. While some of the "finds" the security officers uncover at border crossings tonight at the Los Angeles International Airport, at the Blaine, Wash./Canada border, at the US/Mexican border and while patrolling the desert outside Tucson, are interesting, most are not.
  13. The series isn't bad. It just isn't all that good.
  14. The result, ironically enough, is a show that makes fun of all things PC and ends up being too PC to blister.
  15. It's all dopey--and as believable as a telepathic paramedic, a supermodel detective and a partner who doesn't notice he's riding around with a psychic.
  16. Good watching for fans of those campy, old Sci Fi original monster movies.
  17. For fans, it's a bloody good start. For everyone else, there's always "CSI: New York" -- where you get the blood without the guts.
  18. Lie to Me isn't terrible. From what I've seen so far, it's like "The DaVinci Code," in that it's something full of riveting information unfortunately wrapped around a dopey story and characters who should be in love with each other but aren't.
  19. In its favor, Parks doesn't have a laugh track. On the minus side, it doesn't get many laughs.
  20. The series, which has so much promise (and promised so much), is long on smug self-satisfaction and short on big laughs.
  21. I found myself smiling once or twice, but mostly thinking that all this is way-too-similar to "Family Guy" to carve out its own niche.
  22. A "reality" show so huggy-weepy that it will put even the most enraged domestic abuser to sleep.
  23. The few plot lines that don't revolve around her sex appeal--such as her older daughter becoming everything-aphobic, Eddie becoming crazy, and Dr. O'Hara (Eve Best) moving at warp speed on her self-destruction path--are all so interesting, it makes you long for more.
  24. This could have been a really good show. Instead, "Fly Girls" ends up just an OK flight to fantasy land.
  25. The writing here isn't very snappy, Steve and Emmy are one-dimensional cutouts and Russell, the former "Felicity" star, looks uncomfortable playing it for laughs.
  26. Detroit 1-8-7 is not bad and not great, though, ironically, the characters seem to have come off a Detroit assembly line.
  27. This mommy-answer to "The View" is a somewhat dumbed-down version of that show except here the panel--Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini, Sara Gilbert and Marissa Jaret Winokur--discuss traditional "women's topics," i.e. kids, cooking and such.
  28. If "Survivor" and "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" had a love child, it would be called "Sarah Palin's Alaska.
  29. Funny, but not for the faint of heart.
  30. Season 2 is more of less than we've come to expect.