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  1. Taken from a British series (although there is enough cribbing off American shows to make it seem all too familiar), this less-than-compelling knock-off follows Hood, who like House makes house calls--or in this case, crime calls.
  2. The series--a replacement of sorts for "Life On Mars" as the strange, spiritually-infused cop show--definitely has its moments, and they aren't as few and far between as I'd imagined.
  3. In many ways, iZombie echoes its noir predecessor, “Veronica Mars,” right down to the tiny (hoodied) protagonist who frequently provides wry narration. But the show loses some steam when Liv begins taking on the characteristics, and memories, of various victims of foul play on whom she’s dined.
  4. Huge egos, big tempers, blood feuds and bling.
  5. All three actresses deserve better dialogue than they are given. But the clothes? They speak volumes.
  6. It’s just that we’ve seen most of this before, and despite its creative pedigree and a solid cast--fronted by the always reliable Ving Rhames and Alfred Molina--there’s not enough to set Monday Mornings apart from “ER,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” et al.
  7. Nothing surprised me enough, while watching 90210, to blurt out, "Oh my God!" but hey, I'm not as easily surprised as a 15-year-old from Kansas.
  8. It doesn’t feel like a comedy - because it’s not funny. [3 June 2005, p.3]
    • New York Post
  9. Unlike "Baywatch," it's not as bad as it sounds -- or as good -- depending on your opinion of beach dramas built largely around boobs and biceps.
  10. It's not a bad scenario for a serialized drama, but be forewarned: The apocalyptic story unfolding on "Jericho" is, by nature, exceedingly gloomy, reviving memories of the Cold War and also serving as a reminder of the tense times in which we live now.
  11. I don't know why Tracey Ullman's State of the Union isn't funny. Maybe it's just that the whole thing comes across as too jaded, or maybe impersonating and skewering people also requires that the comic walk the fine line between funny and cruel. And honestly, cruel stops well short of knee-slapper.
  12. Hotel Hell is as much fun as the others [shows], even if the formula has been used so many times, you're ready for a new dish.
  13. Normally, this should be as much fun as pulling out your own fingernails, but the cast for the most part makes it tolerable and fun.
  14. The remake of the classic cop series is pretty good--although there are so many explosions, you'd think the volcanoes were all acting up.
  15. 10 Things is silly, mindless fun and the actors are all terrific in that silly, mindless fun way that Disney teens tend to be.
  16. Too bad the premise doesn't feel real.
  17. The show runs smoothly, but the plotline just isn’t compelling enough for me to go rushing back.
  18. It's written like a dopey daytime soap, it basically makes no sense, but it sure is silly good fun.
  19. Terrific special effects (except for the giant supermodel in the sky), good action, good acting, and, if they let them, the Visitors could probably put on a helluva good runway show, too!
  20. The makeover has helped morph the series from unwatchable and unfunny into a witty sitcom about people who are desperate not to turn into TV sitcom parents.
  21. If the writers can stop laying it on so thick, maybe Walsh will find her way into the role and Bad Judge will have a better shot at entertaining and shocking us.
  22. Clearly they've studied both movies and can mimic the moves, but they just don't hear the music.
  23. It’s more fun hanging out with some of the other girls.... More of them please--and less of the Hannah and Adam show.
  24. Conan O'Brien's new show, Conan, finally debuted on TBS last night after months of hype--looking pretty much like his two former shows, "Late Night" and "The Tonight Show."
  25. When C.C. and Whitney predictably fight over the same man, your eyes may roll. And that’s a good reflex. While you may not mind revisiting “Beaches,” you may not feel the same emotions washing over you--because you already know the story.
  26. After a while it starts to feel a bit like “The Wonder Years,” with Baker in the role played by Fred Savage and Bateman as that show’s unseen narrator Daniel Stern, commenting sagely on how Mel and Joyce’s divorce has brought the family closer together in so many different ways. Still, Growing Up Fisher has potential, and Simmons tackles his role with good-natured authority, without descending into glibness.
  27. Ed Harris, picking up where Yul Brynner left off in the film, cuts a menacing figure as the Man in Black, a killing machine determined to find a maze that may lead him out of the park. In between these golden nuggets are meandering scenes that take a long time to acclimate park visitors (Jimmi Simpson, Ben Barnes) to the repertoire of narratives on display.
  28. Fans of this genre of horror storytelling will probably hang in there, unless things get too ridiculous.
  29. It ain’t brain surgery and nobody’s going to win any Emmys, but that’s not why fans watch Hallmark.
  30. If you want exploitation, The Houstons: On Our Own sinks to a new level when the whole family-including elderly matriarch Cissy Houston-visits Whitney's grave site for the first time.

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