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  1. What I particularly like about this show (aside from the good chemistry between the leads) is that the women solve crimes the old-fashioned way.
  2. I wish I hated this cheeseball show as much as I used to. But damn, if it ain't a hoot and a half.
  3. Less brutal than "Sons of Anarchy" or "The Shield," it's nonetheless a true male fantasy show complete with broads, bad guys, blow-ups, bullets and buckets of blood.
  4. Rhys Meyers already has his fans, but he’s likely to win over skeptics as this new Dracula makes a seduction out of death.
  5. Cinema Verite works in the same off-kilter way that HBO's "Grey Gardens" worked.
  6. Surviving Jack is very enjoyable, with Meloni delivering in a comedic role and ably supported by some clever writing and a solid cast.
  7. Yes, it still seems, er, fresh, and the addition of Lagasse is a good one. Acheson, on the other hand, is as lively as Padma Lakshmi....But that doesn't mean it's not exciting. In fact, there are lots of interesting challenges this season.
  8. If you were worried about your favorite show's favorite character's replacement, rest assured that Fishburne's Langston is different enough to walk easily in Grissom's paper lab shoes.
  9. Lotsa good, clean/dirty fun for the clean--and dirty-minded--among us.
  10. The cover songs are great and McPhee does a fine job with them, but the original tunes are very much of the overdone show-tune variety.
  11. Like the Carringtons on “Dynasty” and the Ewings on “Dallas,” the Lyons play dirty and fight dirty. How far they go to control their musical Empire should be fun to watch. As long as Cookie’s the underdog, this show will have plenty of bite.
  12. Like "Sex and the City" with its clothes on.
  13. It's not quite as randy--it's become less of a soap and more of a historical drama. This is not to say it's not great.
  14. It's crude, shocking and politically incorrect on a cosmic level. And that's just part of what makes Legit so damned funny.
  15. Lowe and Gadiot make convincing lovers, Socha provides the comic relief and Rigby is suitably sinister as the Red Queen.... Good family fun.
  16. The show's still a hoot to watch. Besides which, the actors are almost as cute as real NYC firefighters. Almost. [12 June 2007, p.97]
    • New York Post
  17. Like a hybrid human, Dark Matters combines science with good, old-fashioned thrills to produce a whole new species. Great fun.
  18. Project Runway is a lot like "The Flintstones"--with both shows, you're guaranteed a gay old time.
  19. Verdict: guilty--of being a guilty pleasure.
  20. Think the (hint! hint!) demon love child of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and “Rosemary’s Baby,” meets “National Treasure.” The series seems inspired by all of them, mostly successfully.
  21. The premiere flags a bit when we get to the actual business at hand; Pace and McNairy hole up in the latter’s garage, furiously soldering wires and reading off columns of numbers. It’s not the stuff of great drama.... Things pick up as Joe takes a calculated risk by outing their project to the competition, putting his bosses in a no-win position that demands they fund the build.
  22. Drug cartels, a room of shrink-wrapped bills (worth $60 million), body bags and buckets of blood are just some of the intriguing elements in this uniquely Mexican-American drama, where the layers of corruption on both sides of the border seem impenetrable.
  23. I liked it, but I'm still not sure why.
  24. What’s right with this movie are the performances.
  25. There's a laugh-track that's loud enough for the dead to hear. And a lot of the jokes are straight out of the sitcom how-to handbook. But that doesn't mean that you won't laugh every twice in a while.
  26. Not only did I enjoy the upcoming The Ricky Gervais Show, which is an insane animated version of his equally insane podcasts, but I laughed so loud that I practically had to be restrained in the office.
  27. The premiere is slow to start, but does get better if you hang in there--or in the case of the T-Rex, hang on there.
  28. There's enough intrigue, suspense and interesting characters here to make Ripper Street a worthwhile viewing endeavor.
  29. These Miss Advisors have heart, which is a rare commodity on reality TV.
  30. It’s not the world’s most artful film, but it successfully brings the spirit of the play to the screen, enabling a much wider audience to enjoy the substantial charms of seeing Tyson in such a thoughtful part.

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