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  1. Lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of good, heartwarming plots.
  2. And better, this season the vamps and the shape-shifting alcoholics find themselves with too many werewolves on their hands. And the werewolves are pretty terrifying and very vicious. Very. How can you not love that?
  3. "Malcolm" is kind of a "Wonder Years" for the millennium. Or maybe it's just a weird sitcom about a semi-functional family. Either way, it's funny. [6 Jan 2000]
    • New York Post
  4. Beavis and Butt-Head's snarky remarks are still so stupid--even in a world crowded with them--that they're funny.
  5. Diggs is a very good actor. Attempting to pull off a complicated scenario like this would be tough for a vet, let alone someone who made his bones in musical theater.
  6. Good family fun--providing your family doesn't include little kids who are scared to sleep. Ever.
  7. Unfortunately, lightweight Bower (more Dude Arthur than King Arthur) and an even lighter-weight Egerton can't carry a series, let alone a kingdom. Nonetheless, it's still lots of lush, plush, silly good fun.
  8. Newsroom is both entertaining and irritating. The info is important and good, but the quipping banter with which it's delivered, isn't. News junkies will be hooked.
  9. A sophomoric comedy about high school (and really aren't all high school comedies, er, sophomoric?) that supplies as many laughs as a whoopie cushion in a lecture hall.
  10. The show, like the old "90210" and "The O.C.," looks to be--from its premiere, at any rate--a top-flight series about a group of high school students, most of whom I liked immediately.
  11. Suspend all disbelief and relax. It ain't "Inspector Lewis," but it is stylish, good fun with dialogue as slick as those old Rat Pack suits Caffrey loves so well.
  12. Everybody's having too much fun--and that will include the viewers.
  13. Good, dirty fun.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    You will find yourself cheering Ray onward and upward! And yes, I am ashamed of myself.
  14. Southland has a "Cops"-like feel with jittery, hand-held cameras pointing every which way. Dramamine, anyone?--but it works with the show's you-are-there format. A promising start.
  15. The writing is still good.
  16. Once you get past the stupid stuff, such as the sex-goddess submarine tech designer and the equally gorgeous sub's Chief Navigator, Grace (Daisy Betts) there's something pretty damned good here.
  17. What I particularly like about this show (aside from the good chemistry between the leads) is that the women solve crimes the old-fashioned way.
  18. I wish I hated this cheeseball show as much as I used to. But damn, if it ain't a hoot and a half.
  19. Less brutal than "Sons of Anarchy" or "The Shield," it's nonetheless a true male fantasy show complete with broads, bad guys, blow-ups, bullets and buckets of blood.
  20. Rhys Meyers already has his fans, but he’s likely to win over skeptics as this new Dracula makes a seduction out of death.
  21. Cinema Verite works in the same off-kilter way that HBO's "Grey Gardens" worked.
  22. Surviving Jack is very enjoyable, with Meloni delivering in a comedic role and ably supported by some clever writing and a solid cast.
  23. Yes, it still seems, er, fresh, and the addition of Lagasse is a good one. Acheson, on the other hand, is as lively as Padma Lakshmi....But that doesn't mean it's not exciting. In fact, there are lots of interesting challenges this season.
  24. If you were worried about your favorite show's favorite character's replacement, rest assured that Fishburne's Langston is different enough to walk easily in Grissom's paper lab shoes.
  25. Lotsa good, clean/dirty fun for the clean--and dirty-minded--among us.
  26. The cover songs are great and McPhee does a fine job with them, but the original tunes are very much of the overdone show-tune variety.
  27. Like the Carringtons on “Dynasty” and the Ewings on “Dallas,” the Lyons play dirty and fight dirty. How far they go to control their musical Empire should be fun to watch. As long as Cookie’s the underdog, this show will have plenty of bite.
  28. Like "Sex and the City" with its clothes on.
  29. It's not quite as randy--it's become less of a soap and more of a historical drama. This is not to say it's not great.

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