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  1. The best new network show of the season...It's bright, it's dark, it's stylized, it's realistic - in short, I haven't been this enthusiastic about a dramatic network show since "CSI" and haven't been as happy with an ABC show since "Alias."
  2. The thing that does give this show its grounding is the acting. Dancy is a perfect, tortured soul; Fishburne is everyman with a brain; and Mads Mikkelsen is perfectly named. What is lacking, though, is any respite from the darkness.
  3. What's good here is the acting, and some of the story lines (the model who thinks she's not perfect enough, for example). But they are overshadowed by over-the-top gory surgeries and preposterous situations...It's like "Miami Vice" - with a huge number of close-ups and a lot of ceiling fan action - but it's a lot bloodier. But hey - next time I want to see a butt reduction or an exploding, fat-spewing lipo-scution tube, I know just where to turn.
  4. The best new show this season. [5 Aug 2005]
    • New York Post
  5. If you're a fan of "Russian Dolls," you may enjoy taking a walk on the not-wild side with these all-American Muslims.
  6. Giamatti has one of his best roles as Rhoades, a kinky avenger who will not compromise his principles even if it means sending a widower with two children to prison. At first, Lewis seems miscast as Axelrod. We really do not believe that he’s the guy who grew up in The Bronx, and his presence begs the question whether any New York-born actors were considered for the role. Still, Lewis is such a good actor, with a sleek, flinty edge that gives him a believable authority.
  7. If you loved the successful couponing special they aired in December, you'll be thrilled with the premiere of the bizarrely watchable Extreme Couponing, a series in which people hoard not just coupons but the stuff they needlessly and endlessly buy with them.
  8. So far, so great.
  9. The premiere flags a bit when we get to the actual business at hand; Pace and McNairy hole up in the latter’s garage, furiously soldering wires and reading off columns of numbers. It’s not the stuff of great drama.... Things pick up as Joe takes a calculated risk by outing their project to the competition, putting his bosses in a no-win position that demands they fund the build.
  10. While it sounds pedantic, downright corny, and done to death, Drop Dead Diva is actually fun, funny and sometimes and in some ways even touching.
  11. The series, which has so much promise (and promised so much), is long on smug self-satisfaction and short on big laughs.
  12. Clear History is so funny it made me want to order up some Palestinian chicken.
  13. It looks like AMC is three-for-three with their newest original drama, Rubicon, a throwback espionage thriller that takes place in the present--if the present were more like the 1970s than the 2000s.
  14. It’s all in good fun, lets us in on the joke and--save for one dumb plot device--is well done and believable in its contextual universe.
  15. Think Jack Bauer with excellent grooming. Or in Jack's case, with any grooming [in] Fox's entertaining new all-action-all-the-time series.
  16. Taking on Tyson is only a six-part series, but, in that limited time, this heartwarming, gorgeously filmed show reveals a terrifying man who has not just grown up, but grown into someone you now might want to know.
  17. Kaling has lined up enough very funny actors to get this Project the kind of respect that Dr. Mindy never seems to get.
  18. Public Morals gets better as the activities of the Irish Mob become more ominous and the show represents an overall advance for TNT.
  19. Southland has a "Cops"-like feel with jittery, hand-held cameras pointing every which way. Dramamine, anyone?--but it works with the show's you-are-there format. A promising start.
  20. If you're a purist James M. Cain fan, this is the miniseries for you. The intricacies of the story are laid out like a delicious Mildred chicken buffet. But, if you adore the original zippy, wise-cracking crime story with ankle-straps, order up Netflix instead.
  21. I really, really, like the newest incarnation on the little screen. [6 Oct 2000, p.117]
    • New York Post
  22. No pair of actors on any other show, new or old, on any network is as pleasurable to behold as these two. [1 Oct 2004]
    • New York Post
  23. Izzard and Driver are so good that you may be able to overlook a lot - like a plot to believe in.
  24. Sounds boring, but it's anything but.
  25. Like the Carringtons on “Dynasty” and the Ewings on “Dallas,” the Lyons play dirty and fight dirty. How far they go to control their musical Empire should be fun to watch. As long as Cookie’s the underdog, this show will have plenty of bite.
  26. The plot is clever and there's a nice twist at the end, but the actors haven't found a rhythm, nor have they developed any chemistry.
    • New York Post
  27. After watching the movie, I may not have actually changed my mind about her innocence--but for the first time, I sure have doubts.
  28. The show is slick and funny and a lotta fun.
  29. Those too young to remember will be enthralled with the show’s energy and talent--and with Luhrmann’s drive to resurrect a lost world and make it beautiful again.
  30. While everything on the original "CSI" works - the concept, the actors, the script, the direction, the characters - nothing (did I mention nothing?) works on "CSI: Miami." [23 Sep 2002]
    • New York Post

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