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  1. Vulgar and incomprehensibly unfunny, "Sons & Daughters" is a clear attempt to be a hip hybrid of "Arrested Development," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "The Office." Instead, it's just a mostly superb cast being thrown to the wolves with ugly dialogue.
  2. The CW under the direction of McG (does anybody have a full name anymore?) has made a fresh, terrific and terrifically silly Nikita.
  3. About as charming as a headache and just as dull. [29 Sept 2000, p.113]
    • New York Post
  4. Lots of good action and lots of fun to boot.
  5. The series from Academy Award-winning "Juno" screenwriter Diablo Cody and Steven Spielberg smacks of smugness and self-congratulatory cleverness.
  6. There are a whole lot of “Holy s--t!” moments, but it’s very real and astoundingly raw--without once giving you the idea these are show-off correspondents with a makeup artist and clean clothes.
  7. Mood is key with a fantastical show like this one, but while the new series is far from terrible, it also feels a little soulless. This partly has to do with the cast, largely made up of journeyman actors with little individual presence.
  8. Yes, there's enough here to keep you tuning in. Just don't reach for the stars. They're out to lunch.
  9. Beavis and Butt-Head's snarky remarks are still so stupid--even in a world crowded with them--that they're funny.
  10. Wood's puppy-dog eyes and Gann's crazy dog persona--or is that dogsona?--are a few things that make Wilfred watchable, in an existential-Johnny Depp-meets-"Monty Python" kind of way, that is.
  11. While Swank and Blethyn make everything they’re in more remarkable for their presence, the movie plays more like a based-on-fact Lifetime flick than an HBO work of fiction.
  12. When Rosie's on, she actually is hilarious. Welcome back.
  13. OK, so I admit it, the premiere isn't all that funny, but the second episode is hilarious.
  14. Wake me when it's over - please.
  15. Victoria doesn’t have the panache or sweeping majesty of that show ["The Crown"], but it will keep house-bound New Yorkers entertained all winter long.
  16. Granted, the acting in this two-man play is brilliant, but the film itself is strictly for master thespians on the loose--and people who are desperate to get into restaurants that won't take their reservations.
  17. Somehow, like the alchemists of old, Jungle Gold ends up making gold from lead.
  18. This excellent series has too many of the usual experts and way too many ridiculous sound effects.
  19. The show seems more oriented to female viewers than ever. [24 Sep 2006]
    • New York Post
  20. Drug cartels, a room of shrink-wrapped bills (worth $60 million), body bags and buckets of blood are just some of the intriguing elements in this uniquely Mexican-American drama, where the layers of corruption on both sides of the border seem impenetrable.
  21. Watch for the smart dialogue and the sweep of historical events. But mostly watch for Keaton in a career-best performance. You won't forget it.
  22. The supporting cast, Kate's British co-worker at the bar, BJ ("Do you know what BJ means in my country?") played by Lucy Punch, and Ben's best friend Tommy (Echo Kellum), are the glue that holds this bro and sister together. Or at least this show together.
  23. The show is so slow-moving that you may find yourself fighting vainly the old ennui.
  24. Interesting premise, good acting, some very crisp dialogue - but there's still a way to grow.
  25. Taboo is a BBC import and the first few hours are big on atmosphere and setting, but the story is a little too plodding and murky for its own good.
  26. The scenes are always gritty and often very violent, which makes great TV. However, the dialogue? Whew. I mean, seriously? "She is waiting for you with breath bated!"
  27. Sheen is so entertaining to watch that the series at least earns a 2 1/2-star rating. It also earns one on the basis of its name, which invites the irresistible parallel.
  28. Is this a Guantanamo allegory or is it just more freaking aliens who look human but really have insect heads under their masks? I'd like to sum it all up for you here, but, like "Lost," this is a series that is going to take some time to figure out.
  29. Viewers are likely to be just as polarized by the riot, which undermines the humanity of some of Litchfield’s inmates by showing them embracing violent vengeance. Like it or hate it, though, this season of the award-winning show manages to feel more relevant than ever.
  30. When I was watching the first three episodes of "Heroes" provided by NBC, I couldn't wait for Hiro's scenes, which is not to say you should dismiss the rest of the characters on "Heroes."

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