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6,737 movie reviews
  1. Goes from being tediously terrible to downright gigglesome.
    • New York Post
  2. The characters are tired stereotypes, the sentimentality nauseating and the situation comedy way below the standards of the very worst WB or UPN shows.
    • New York Post
  3. It's depressing to see how far Herzog has fallen.
  4. More "the mild one" than "The Wild One."
  5. A stinker.
  6. It's so incoherent that at first you wonder if the reels are being shown out of order.
  7. Desperately unfunny and unexciting.
  8. A slow-moving, dirt-dull narrative crammed with clunky expository dialogue and obscure Biblical references.
  9. A low-rent, slow-witted horror flick notable chiefly for its hilariously unsuccessful attempt to pass off Luxembourg City as New York City.
  10. This mess was directed with no skill whatsoever by Jesse Dylan, whose father, Bob, once urged us all to get stoned.
  11. Amply demonstrates how even a movie with wall-to-wall action can be a crashing bore.
  12. Everything about National Security is so lazy and uninspired, it's hard to believe that director Dennis Dugan also made "Happy Gilmore," arguably Adam Sandler's funniest movie.
  13. A toothless, dated Seventh Avenue satire with shaky script, direction and acting - is the movie equivalent of something you'd find on the deep-markdown rack at Daffy's.
  14. Loud and unfunny, this cheesy-looking farce is mostly an excuse for a series of plugs.
  15. An almost chuckle-free mess, so amateurish and lame that the cast often has that embarrassed look you see on dogs given ridiculous haircuts.
    • New York Post
  16. Hollywood's Thanksgiving turkey arrives today - 27 days early - in the gobbling guise of the heavily hyped, brain-dead comedy, I Spy.
  17. Isn't really a movie: It's a grab bag of mobster clichés lifted without finesse from "A Bronx Tale," "GoodFellas" and at least a score of lesser Mafia flicks.
  18. A truly repulsive piece of trash that says far more about the absence of values from contemporary filmmaking than the waywardness of teens.
    • New York Post
  19. Toothless, unbelievable and not particularly funny, New Suit is no threat to "The Player," "Swimming With Sharks" or "The Big Picture," to name but three more interesting pictures in this inside-baseball genre.
  20. The result is inept, tedious kitsch that even at its best feels like John Waters minus the joie de vivre.
  21. Unfortunately, Scorpion King has none of the qualities -- epic sweep, relative originality and heartfelt bloodthirstiness -- that made "Conan" so trashily entertaining.
  22. Anyone interested in this remarkably prolific author would be better off visiting a library or bookshop.
    • New York Post
  23. If this cheesy, cheap-looking update of "A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court" had been co-produced by the Ku Klux Klan itself, it could hardly be more repellently stereotypical.
  24. There's obviously some philosophical comment on the alienating effects of ho-hum toil buried somewhere in this weird mess, which features an irritating, theremin-heavy score. But can you be bothered stifling a yawn and searching for meaning? I would prefer not to.
  25. An Amsterdam mess.
  26. You'd be better off renting Demi Moore's "Striptease."
  27. Stinks even by the standards of late summer movie garbage.
  28. The dreary, direct-to-video quality of the script, acting and cinematography in this latest entry seemed to inspire more yawns than screams, and not a few titters.
    • New York Post
  29. Embarrassingly bad - the kind of slapdash exercise that gives even Hollywood formula a bad name, while doing little justice to the sport.
    • New York Post
  30. Not especially scary or funny, this lame comedy-thriller wastes a decent cast in a plodding tale.
    • New York Post

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