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6,970 movie reviews
  1. I hereby award the World War II drama The Great Raid a Cement Star for faithful and distinguished service to the cause of mediocrity.
  2. As for a villain, you could do worse than Bryan Cranston as the evil political overlord who is trying to stamp out the resistance -- When he goes mano a mano with Farrell, it's not spine-tingling. It's embarrassing, like watching a dude beat up his dad.
  3. Despite a crafty premise and a clever kink in the tale that almost saves it, Connolly isn't dexterous enough to achieve the Hitchockian level of suspense the movie needs.
  4. Hopefully Jennifer Lawrence will actually be given something worthwhile to do next time around. That would actually be worth paying to see.
  5. A 12th-grade "Sixth Sense" with a third-rate plot.
  6. This messy, disappointing, self-important and utterly humorless version of the Marvel comic book character may be the toughest flick with a green protagonist to sit through since "The Grinch."
  7. The only possible interest the movie will inspire in anyone comes when Paltrow flashes a breast toward the end, far too late to pump any excitement into an aggressively boring film that gurgles with self-indulgence.
  8. A depressingly predictable journey of self-discovery.
  9. Every good joke in the movie is to be found in those trailers.
    • New York Post
  10. There are a few sweet moments as the story reaches its unsurprising conclusion. But, all in all, Flakes isn't going to bowl you over.
  11. Feels like it was written and directed by an audience focus group in Omaha?
  12. Vivid visuals can't save an insipid plot.
  13. No, this film by director/co-writer Gillian Robespierre just isn’t funny, and the mismatched leads aren’t even interesting together.
  14. Filmmaker Josh Stolberg claims to have been inspired by real-life events, but mostly he ineptly rips off other movies and wastes a cast that includes Rosanna Arquette, Adam Arkin and Elizabeth Perkins.
  15. The plot is predictable, as complications line up like jets awaiting takeoff. Even the camera work is predictable: The attractive-girl's-scary-boyfriend-suddenly-pops-up shot; the morning-after, face-in-the-pillow shot.
  16. There are some funny moments, plus occasional nudity and sex, but the joke quickly wears off. What might have worked as a half-hour TV show doesn't suit itself to a feature-length film.
  17. In this pretentious art-house downer version of "The Bad Seed," the only surprise is that the folks didn't ship the little monster off to the looney bin before he reached puberty.
  18. There probably aren't enough futuristic Goth rock musicals, but Repo! The Genetic Opera is weak on a couple of things a musical needs: music and lyrics.
  19. A slow, self-consciously low-key, very dull film that strains for eeriness with long silences and affectless performances.
  20. That someone as smart as Duchovny would get bogged down in such predictable treacle is a mystery worthy of investigation by Scully and Mulder.
  21. Made to win awards, and I'm here to present it with one: the Cliché of the Year honors, otherwise known as the Hackney.
  22. Transporter 3 is made for airplane viewing, and not just any airplane: an Eastern European one, on the flight from Hrubbishnik to Slutnya.
  23. "Rush Hour" was acceptable. It was to "Rush Hour 2" what McDonald's is to White Castle. "Rush Hour 2" is to Rush Hour 3 what White Castle is to cat food.
  24. This intense psycho-sexual drama doesn't easily lend itself to the camera.
  25. It's deeply frustrating to discover that this 2012 movie has precisely the same concerns as the ["The Women"] - appearance and men - with raunchy frankness about sex added and every trace of real wit siphoned out.
  26. Heavy-handed, predictable and almost completely unbelievable.
    • New York Post
  27. A particularly gross exploitation of the Holocaust for financial gain.
  28. The film as a whole goes from intriguing to irritating.
  29. We watched a story of a Labrador. Who eats the couch and disobeys. I said to Lady, "It's a labra-bore."
  30. Less fun than any circus movie I've ever seen - and I've seen lots. Maybe they should send in the clowns.

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