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6,583 movie reviews
  1. The writing, acting and direction are so amateurish that the only thing you'll care about is escaping the theater.
  2. Most of this movie is beyond lame. It almost makes "A Cinderella Story" -- the ever-mugging Duff's surprise hit of last summer -- look like a real movie by comparison.
  3. The one highlight is Julia Nickson, who breathes life into the role of Ethan's evil stepmom.
  4. Un-magical, unfunny and un-romantic alleged comedy.
  5. The street action is a grabber, but the story itself isn't.
  6. A perfect storm of wooden acting, hackneyed direction, inane scripting and laughably cartoonish special effects produces a shapeless mess more wearyingly stupid than arch-villian Dr. Doom is evil.
  7. Scathing indictment of the tabloid media! Film at 11! That's how Crónicas sees itself, but all I could see was a scathing indictment of writer-director Sebastian Cordero's ability to put together a credible story.
  8. The bottom line of Last Days seems to be, fame's a bitch. Yes, Gus - now start making movies again that tell stories, please.
  9. The scene where a pilot bails out in Stealth is so over-painted with CGI that it doesn't look as real as the sequence starring Shepard that inspired it in "The Right Stuff," a movie made with model airplanes.
  10. A collection of product plugs masquerading as a movie en route to home video.
  11. A schmaltz-laden soap opera from Saskatchewan.
  12. A cheesy, often unintentionally funny, direct-to-video-caliber knockoff of "Aliens" that couldn't be more shallow.
  13. A zero-joke romantic comedy.
  14. Tedious left-wing documentary.
  15. The only hint of professionalism comes from Cheech Marin as Cannon's boss, who at times seems to be acting in a different movie.
  16. If the sight of naked, sweaty French hunks gets you going, well, then, Three Dancing Slaves is a must-see.
  17. It's hard to make a dull movie with copious nudity and all kinds of sex (straight, bi and gay), although French filmmakers Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau manage to do so in Cote d'Azur.
  18. A tediously self-absorbed variation on "The Big Chill" and "The Return of the Secaucus 7."
  19. Liev Schreiber's film version of "Everything Is Illuminated" achieves the impossible — it's even more annoying than Jonathan Safran Foer's gratingly precocious novel.
  20. Garcon Stupide features the best gay seduction scene ever filmed on a Ferris wheel. Unfortunately, you have to sit through the entire movie to get to it. Whether you want to will depend on your interest in explicit gay sex.
  21. G
    This poorly acted, directed and written (but slick-looking) vanity project was produced by Andrew Lauren (Ralph's son also ineptly plays G's major-domo) and shot at least four years ago.
  22. All hopes for suspense and plot twists are snuffed out about as quickly as the film's black characters.
  23. A painfully sincere indie drama that isn't content to evoke only the misery of 9/11 -- it has to reference TWA Flight 800 for extra grief.
  24. Those endless end credits reveal that McKittrick previously worked at Steak & Ale, Roadhouse Grill and Friday's. He may well need to return to his line of work after a debut as dismal as this one.
  25. Any way you slice it, A Tale of Two Pizzas is so ineptly written and directed that it's pretty soggy entertainment.
  26. I was held in suspense throughout The Fog, aching to learn the answer to its central riddle: Why would any one remake such a crummy movie?
  27. An uninspired gay coming-of-age import from Germany.
  28. Excruciatingly bad.
  29. A trite, incoherent and pretentious bomb.
  30. Meet American Beastly, perhaps the most bitter studio film of the year.

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