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6,579 movie reviews
  1. Israeli soldiers are cast as the killers, while the Palestinians are the hapless bunnies. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is thus reimagined as "Bambi."
  2. Hyperactive.
  3. Painfully unfunny spoof.
  4. THE mesmerizingly awful The Kid & I is a historic first: a comedy about the making of a vanity production that is ITSELF a vanity production.
  5. If we send Sally Struthers money, will she be able to stop this kind of suffering from taking place in Beverly Hills?
  6. The story is so contrived and the dialogue so stilted that no amount of talent could save Exist.
  7. Almereyda's muddled Happy Here and Now should have stayed on the shelf - where it's been gathering dust for several years.
  8. From bad to worse - Even in verse - The Producers moves like a hearse -Mildness and blandness -Mugging like madness - Who knew that "Rent" would win this fight? - Murdering a genre's just not all right!
  9. You could make a very funny comedy about a guy who pretends to be retarded so he can win the Special Olympics, but The Ringer isn't it.
  10. Reiner, who came in to rescue this picture after the original director was fired, once gave us "When Harry Met Sally," but seeing him work now is like watching Willie Mays hobble around in a Mets uniform during that pathetic final year when he hit .211.
  11. Andy Lau and Siu Fai Mak, the men behind the successful Hong Kong police thriller trio "Infernal Affairs," should be arrested for directing Initial D.
  12. A pathetic stoner comedy.
  13. Semicoherent.
  14. Painfully sincere. But it wrings almost no laughs or tears from this seemingly idiot-proof premise.
  15. Underworld Evolution has antecedents in literature ("Dracula"), film ("The Matrix") and song ("Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"). How does it rip off so much, yet learn so little?
  16. Schwartz throws in so many characters and implausible subplots - none worth mentioning - that Perception sinks under its own weight.
  17. Another ridiculous anti-American screed by the minimalist Danish director Lars von Trier, who has never set foot in this country.
  18. Ineptly directed by Simon West, the scare-free When a Stranger Calls is the worst of the seminal horror movies from the late '70s and early '80s that have been getting the remake treatment lately.
  19. Ohayon doesn't judge Thompson or his customers, but you don't need to be a Harvard-educated psychiatrist to realize that the bunch of them are dirty old men who treat women as commodities.
  20. Kirschner's excruciatingly earnest coming-of-age comedy, is about as fresh as year-old matzoh and plays like the unholy spawn of "Brighton Beach Memoirs" and "Fiddler on the Roof."
  21. Syd is a jerk whose anger does not make him interesting. The only reason to keep watching is because you hope someone will drop a piano on his head.
  22. With Roth at the helm of a script attributed to Price, there is minimal suspense, audience involvement or coherent social commentary.
  23. William H. Macy lends a little class as a snail, but Smith nails it in the closing-credit outtakes: "Don't expect Robin Williams-caliber work."
  24. Why was this pointless movie made? Because quality actors like Blanchett and Weaving like to play drug addicts. They can't stop themselves. They need help.
  25. Politics aside, Trudell plays like an infomercial for its subject rather than a serious examination of the man and his beliefs.
  26. Not even Sandra Oh, as Phoebe's boss, and Elodie Bouchez ("The Dreamlife of Angels"), as Ashade's sister-in-law, can keep Sorry, Haters from becoming a sorry mess.
  27. These man-eaters are deadly, mainly in their ability to bore you to death.
  28. Who let this dog out?
  29. Watchable in a train-wreck kind of way, but you'll probably want to take a shower afterwards.
  30. Melodramatic and heavy-handed.

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