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6,837 movie reviews
  1. “Scratch the surface and there’s only more surface,’’ a character all too accurately observes in this clunky, ugly and dull mash-up of a mystery.
  2. The movie isn't insulting to homosexuals but to comedy.
  3. So nasty, hysterical and long-winded -- and unintentionally makes capital punishment foes look so twisted -- you wish someone had administered a lethal injection to this dreck in its planning stages.
  4. Shouldn’t Moore run his yellow crime-scene tape around the White House instead of Wall Street? Anyway, President Obama said this month that in cases where the government has fully sold its TARP bank holdings, it has gotten back its money plus 17 percent. Damn those capitalist barons, breaking into our treasury and filling it with their filthy money.
  5. Resembles a period version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - played dead straight.
  6. Suspenselessly directed by Robby Henson, Thr3e commits the eighth deadly sin - boredom.
  7. A trite, incoherent and pretentious bomb.
  8. Crashing chandelier, crashing bore.
  9. It wouldn't matter so much that this arrogant Richard Pryor wannabe's routine is offensive, puerile and unimaginatively foul-mouthed if it was at least funny.
  10. Any way you slice it, A Tale of Two Pizzas is so ineptly written and directed that it's pretty soggy entertainment.
  11. An exercise in drudgery... The whole thing is so patently uninteresting it's hard to see it as anything but a Douglas family vanity project.
  12. Say hello to my leetle dagger! Shakespeare meets "Scarface" in an Aussie adaptation of "Macbeth" gone gangsta.
  13. This movie wasn't just made for 11-year-old girls; it seems to have been made by 11-year-old girls.
  14. Little more than a rehash of old news.
  15. Comes about five films after writer-director-star Ed Burns should have found another career.
  16. A slow-moving, dirt-dull narrative crammed with clunky expository dialogue and obscure Biblical references.
  17. Has a split personality. It starts as a comedy but morphs into an icky family melodrama. It should have stuck with the yuks.
  18. They’ve been around so long that they’re now the Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their ’80s vibe — cowabunga, dude! — is so strong that I kept expecting a cameo by Huey Lewis or Max Headroom.
  19. I’d like to take back all those times I said Nicolas Cage was one of the most annoying actors on film. It turns out he’s equally terrible when he’s only on the soundtrack. And yet Cage is the least of the problems with The Croods.
  20. This whole movie is pretty much a mental colon blow.
  21. A total disaster.
  22. Dear John is the sort of movie that gives tearjerkers a bad name.
  23. A crass, mechanical attempt at a thriller that should have gone straight to video.
  24. Isn't particularly funny, romantic or well-acted. It drags on endlessly.
  25. Hard-core Hollywood haters will best appreciate Maps to the Stars, a campy poison-pen letter to Tinseltown that makes “Sunset Boulevard’’ look like a tourism infomercial by comparison.
  26. The promising tension between Gypsy and the arrogant Lucian never amounts to much, and the climax is comically melodramatic.
  27. This oddly scrambled new version eventually falls apart so badly you feel embarrassed for the people who made it.
  28. Shlocky, sloppy and crass adolescent comedy.
  29. A 42-minute TV soap has more story than this limp and familiar tale of domestic woe.
  30. Rock appears to have edited I Think I Love My Wife with a roulette wheel.

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