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  1. The gay sex scenes that punctuate Eloy de la Iglesia's limp Spanish comedy, Bulgarian Lovers, are frequent and graphic, and it often seems as if the lackluster story exists solely to showcase them.
  2. Boasts one of the most ludicrous plots ever committed to digital video.
  3. Approach is too heavy-handed to have much effect. Rod Serling probably could have turned the premise into an enjoyable episode of "The Twilight Zone."
  4. Anselmo handles sensitive issues not with kid gloves, but with a metaphorical baseball mitt, fumbling with tone and obviously laboring to force quirks upon characters and situations.
  5. More tedious than affecting.
  6. So bad it's awful.
  7. Watching Wake is akin to listening to anonymous neighbors argue about matters you know nothing about -- nor care about. You only wish they'd shut up.
  8. Riddick-ulous.
  9. Might as well be called "Around the World in 80 Yawns."
  10. What's Vincent to do? Will he come out of the closet? Will he lead the swim team to victory at the big match? Will he find happiness with Noemie? Does anybody care?
  11. Wastes some veteran performers in a slight, silly musical fantasy with two left feet.
  12. None of this is remotely funny or interesting.
  13. Catwoman is pretty well summed up by Hedare: “This is a disaster. It’s a total bloody disaster.”
  14. This furious finger-pointer's doc is so one-sided, it undermines its own integrity.
  15. It’s often hard to figure out who’s winning, much less care about it. One thing is certain: Nobody is going to be demanding a rematch.
  16. The acting is serviceable at best, the direction unfocused - and the special effects and makeup cheesy-looking. This is surely the most dreary-looking film ever shot by the great Vittorio Storaro ("Apocalypse Now").
  17. Presumably, Deville wants to show life returning to normal after WWII, but in the context of this inert movie, "normal" equals "tedious."
  18. Greenwald does nothing with the interviews, basically just posting them, one after the other, with the hope that viewers will do his job for him. The result is one-sided and bone-dry.
  19. Spectacularly awful.
  20. When Will I Be Loved would rate no stars except for Campbell's brave, totally committed performance -- which deserves a far better movie than this.
  21. Brainless and pointless.
  22. One big cliche.
  23. Directed without wit or energy.
  24. Eric Schaeffer's rip-off -- er, homage -- to "Magnolia," is a marginally better movie than his previous self-absorbed atrocities like "My Life's in Turnaround" and "Wirey Spindell."
  25. Ranks high on the squirm meter. But, unlike in most of her earlier work, there's no emotional payoff.
  26. Tedious and obnoxiously manipulative.
  27. A shipwreck. They say a dead fish stinks from the head first - but the animated shipwreck Shark Tale arrives reeking all over.
  28. Sappy and simplistic.
  29. Overlong, blandly soporific.
  30. A real head-scratcher that somehow won the grand jury prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

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