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6,837 movie reviews
  1. Nothing would help make this dud understandable.
  2. The dancing’s fine here, but there’s little else to distinguish Make Your Move, an entirely generic drama.
  3. A bland, dull and only occasionally funny waste of time that will very soon be gathering dust in the remainder bins.
  4. Meet American Beastly, perhaps the most bitter studio film of the year.
  5. The movie, directed by Mick Jackson, leaves no cliché unturned, from the predictable plot to the characters straight out of central casting.
  6. The film's violent finale comes out of nowhere and will leave bewildered viewers wondering if they might have dozed off for a reel or two.
  7. Painful, misshapen and a little gross. It's an enlarged prostate of a movie.
  8. Mostly The Matador romanticizes a brutal tradition that has no place in the 21st century.
  9. Anselmo handles sensitive issues not with kid gloves, but with a metaphorical baseball mitt, fumbling with tone and obviously laboring to force quirks upon characters and situations.
  10. The sort of misfire that Hollywood has long buried in January.
  11. The writing, acting and direction are so amateurish that the only thing you'll care about is escaping the theater.
  12. Rarely is a sports movie so inept that it can't even make its central figure likable.
  13. Larry the Cable Guy channels both Moe and Curly in the Three Stooges-go-to-war comedy Delta Farce.
  14. An almost chuckle-free mess, so amateurish and lame that the cast often has that embarrassed look you see on dogs given ridiculous haircuts.
    • New York Post
  15. Wastes some veteran performers in a slight, silly musical fantasy with two left feet.
  16. When Will I Be Loved would rate no stars except for Campbell's brave, totally committed performance -- which deserves a far better movie than this.
  17. Veteran screenwriter John Pogue, in his second directorial outing, tries repeatedly and mostly unsuccessfully to jolt his audience by amping up the abundant sound effects to ear-shattering levels.
  18. Most of the interviews are as brief as they are obvious, and it doesn't help that none of those interviewees, including clergymen who served as technical advisers, are identified.
  19. Tries to be "The Karate Kid" of gymnastics. It looks more like "The Karate Kid" as imagined by Details magazine.
  20. The real mystery is this: Even if you find this guerrilla art project utterly fascinating, why would anyone bother to release an incomplete film about it?
  21. A searing, penetrating look inside schizophrenia is exactly what Enter the Dangerous Mind isn’t.
  22. Excruciatingly unfunny.
  23. I have no idea how to blow up a two-page fairy tale into 100 minutes of blockbuster, but frankly I was hoping for more backstory about the titular cape in Red Riding Hood. Thread count? Machine washability?
  24. There are many new Japanese movies that deserve a stateside release. Why this hapless mess beat them out is a question that deserves an answer.
  25. There's no excuse for a thriller as lame, leaden and unthrilling as Godsend, which manages to take a potentially interesting subject - human cloning - and use it to put audiences to sleep.
  26. This is a horror movie that’s really a supposed comedy; she’s (Lohan) a supposed comedy actress who’s actually scary.
  27. If the poor really interested such filmmakers, these movies would have something to offer other than lugubriousness masquerading as seriousness, and clichés presented as hard truths.
  28. Interminably long, dull and incomprehensible, John Carter evokes pretty much every sci-fi classic from the past 50 years without having any real personality of its own.
  29. Self-righteous, economically illiterate and sometimes flatly dishonest.
    • New York Post
  30. A deep disappointment to fans of sci-fi and the once great John Carpenter.

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