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6,706 movie reviews
  1. Makes little attempt to be credible or original. And the acting is poor.
  2. Barely watchable, despite the presence of such pros as Michael McKean and Jane Lynch.
  3. When New York, I Love You was previewed in Toronto a year ago, there were two additional segments that have since been cut. So you'll have to wait for the DVD to see just how bad Scarlett Johansson's directing debut is.
  4. Neither a concert film nor a documentary but a ghoulish “event” offered just in time for Halloween, This is It is sadly -- and reprehensively, if you ask me -- the movie equivalent to the National Enquirer’s infamous post-mortem shot of Elvis Presley.
  5. Has a split personality. It starts as a comedy but morphs into an icky family melodrama. It should have stuck with the yuks.
  6. At the end, as I stumbled back onto the street as disoriented and grateful as a released POW, I thought I'd need a calendar to calculate the length of time I'd been away.
  7. Boring.
  8. Splinterheads might suffice some late night on cable, but that's about it.
  9. The similar Kevin Bacon HBO movie "Taking Chance" got there first. Worse news: The earlier movie was sober, meticulous and quietly convincing, not a shouty, shoddy bore like this piece of flummery.
  10. A shrill farce that strains credibility even by the standards of black comedy.
  11. The makers of The Spy Next Door should give 50 percent of their profits to James Cameron for ripping off "True Lies." Let's see, what's 50 percent of nothing?
  12. Fix
    Aheroin-stuffed hipster buys a dog, eats Vietnamese food and sells drugs to pay for rehab in Fix, the latest piece of cine-junk stamped out by the indie fakedocumentary factory.
  13. A wink of self-awareness might have made this a guilty pleasure; instead it's a howler along the lines of this fall's "Law Abiding Citizen."
  14. Giving Mrs. Tiger Woods a run for her money as the most humiliated celebrity of the month, Russell Crowe accepts a third-banana role in the laughable weepie Tenderness.
  15. Produced with the best of intentions by a California church and directed without distinction by first-timer Brian Baugh, To Save a Life would be bland and boring even as a half-hour after-school special.
  16. Charmless and underdeveloped knockoff of "The Santa Clause."
  17. Cisneros is an appealing actor, but he and Falling Awake get buried under a welter of clichés.
  18. Dear John is the sort of movie that gives tearjerkers a bad name.
  19. John Travolta's From Paris With Love assassin/ superagent Charlie Wax is the master of whatever the opposite of wisecracking is. Fooljoshing? Lametalking? Flatlining?
  20. The Italian film industry must be in sad shape when its latest import to the US is a tired bit of trash from 1997, To Die for Tano.
  21. Rolls out stiff clichés to tell a familiar story of racial injustice in the South.
  22. My only question: Why does Kleine -- who's married to Andre Gregory of "My Dinner With Andre" fame -- think that anybody outside her family gives a damn?
  23. Having Damon Wayans in the cast might attract viewers to Harlem Aria, but they're bound to be disappointed by the amateurish drama.
  24. A cringeworthy, unfunny example of a culture-clash romantic comedy.
  25. The dullness of this writing is more than matched by the dull look achieved by director Allen Coulter, who appears to have shot the film through a piece of yard-sale Tupperware.
  26. Repo Men is a rare film where Toronto plays itself. It's also the first I've ever seen where a typewriter is used as a lethal weapon.
  27. Quite a slog, with most of the acting strictly amateurish save the veteran Ed Lauter as a fish and game inspector.
  28. Their conversation is so insipid that watching this movie is no more interesting than talking to any random New York couple about what makes them tick.
  29. Utterly predictable and full of trite dialogue.
  30. Never rises much above yawn-worthy.

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