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7,048 movie reviews
  1. Even at a cramped and frenetic 82 minutes, the movie feels long. That’s what happens when the audience can guess everything that’s going to happen in advance.
  2. A laughably bad B-thriller.
    • New York Post
  3. Proves, if anything, that sappy feel-good movies aren't restricted to Hollywood.
  4. In Vehicle 19, Paul Walker is back behind the wheel again, but this time it’s a rented minivan and the plot is brainless even for a Paul Walker movie. Get ready for “The Slow and the Spurious.”
  5. All hopes for suspense and plot twists are snuffed out about as quickly as the film's black characters.
  6. It's loaded with -- scenery-chewing melodrama, cornball pidgin dialogue and syrupy music.
    • New York Post
  7. A toothless, dated Seventh Avenue satire with shaky script, direction and acting - is the movie equivalent of something you'd find on the deep-markdown rack at Daffy's.
  8. Viola Davis lets her Charles Bronson flag fly in Lila and Eve, a ludicrous revenge thriller that should have been called, “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.”
  9. The movie approaches the final scene with a straight face, but it left the audience giggling spasmodically. This script probably should have gone all the way and thrown in a few quips: If your movie is a joke, at least be intentionally funny.
  10. This bomb, which premiered at last year's Sundance Film Festival, belongs in the same remainder bin as Spacey's "Pay It Forward," "K-Pax" and "The Life of David Gale."
  11. Their conversation is so insipid that watching this movie is no more interesting than talking to any random New York couple about what makes them tick.
  12. Boasts one of the most ludicrous plots ever committed to digital video.
  13. A pointless drama that trafficks in cliché.
  14. As it stands, there’s little to explain the existence of this confoundingly unfunny film. It’s as if a talented cast (Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Poehler) assembled to make a comedy and at the last minute was told to play everything straight.
  15. When the legend of Elvis is reimagined as a mushy Christian heartwarmer in The Identical, it’s as if “Boogie Nights” is playing in the background while we hear about the life story of Edna, Dirk Diggler’s nice librarian cousin from Idaho.
  16. You'd be better off renting "Eddie and the Cruisers" (1983) than slogging through this latest, far more dire recycling of the same rock clichés.
  17. Stakes aren't the only problem with this sloppy thriller, which combines careening images with turgid storytelling.
  18. If Swedish villains are this dumb, put me on the next plane to Stockholm. Just don't make me watch these idiotic movies on the flight.
  19. Saw
    Promoted as "the year's scariest movie," it's anything but.
  20. Ryan, the bodacious Seven of Nine on "Star Trek Voyager," is the only excuse to suffer through writer-director Harry Ralston's feeble comedy.
  21. Annoying.
  22. Sexist, racist humor abounds, with Jews and gays especially taking a beating. I don't always object to non-PC humor -- but I like it to be funny, and here it isn't.
  23. Except for Brolin as an unlikely born-again Jew, nobody fares well under Mulroney's ham-fisted direction.
  24. There’s nothing wrong with being a brainless B-movie, but this one is funless and lackluster, a grinding mess of pulp clichés with dull characters, perfunctory violence and dim plotting.
  25. Schwartz throws in so many characters and implausible subplots - none worth mentioning - that Perception sinks under its own weight.
  26. I was searching for a metaphor to capture the experience of watching The Night Before when a character fell backward into a dumpster full of garbage bags. Thanks, guys!
  27. Let the French stick to love stories and leave stupid comedies to Tinseltown.
  28. Most of this movie is beyond lame. It almost makes "A Cinderella Story" -- the ever-mugging Duff's surprise hit of last summer -- look like a real movie by comparison.
  29. The documentary tells us little we don't already know and is overwhelmingly one-sided. It would make a nice TV infomercial, but certainly doesn't deserve a big-screen release.
  30. About as artistically profound as those framed 3-D photos of the Twin Towers emblazoned with "Never Forget'' that are still for sale in Times Square a decade after 9/11.

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