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6,428 movie reviews
  1. This blathery, misogynist indie from first-time director David Grovic — which seems to be aiming for “Pulp Fiction” territory with its blend of crime, banter and the mysterious contents of a bag — falls far short, rife as it is with noir and gender clichés.
  2. All the tedium of an endless trans-Atlantic flight gets packed into the 105 minutes of Non-Stop.
  3. Yelchin is an immensely likable actor who does what he can, but his charm isn’t enough to save this awkwardly worded — and paced — wannabe thriller.
  4. There is virtually nothing in Mac Carter’s horror flick that deviates from the standard haunted house plot (or, in this case, plod).
  5. It largely consists of Franco musing about depictions of homosexual activity on film. As well as gay cast members speculating whether Franco will take off his clothes and perform in explicit footage. He doesn’t.
  6. A young Jack Nicholson might have pulled this off, but Jason Bateman is not Jack Nicholson. Pity the actor who thinks he’s edgier than he actually is.
  7. It doesn’t add up to much of anything exciting, even with an appearance by Isabella Rossellini (of Lynch’s “Blue Velvet’’) as the mother of one of the doubles.
  8. This pointless study of a witless character is a sad waste of Law’s talents. The more zestily he delivers Dom’s profane tirades, the more you wish Shepard gave us a reason to care about this lout.
  9. Tedious and pretentious.
  10. I think I’d rather have the waterboarding than the movie’s bromides about how we’re all victims and hate must end.
  11. Draft Day is lumbering and predictable, and its hero general manager is so dumb it should have been called “Dummyball.”
  12. A movie so pathetically lame that hopefully even Spears most ardent young fans will give this stinker a big thumbs down.
  13. How do you inject life into a film whose central character is dull, slow, stupid and grim?If you're Arnaud Desplechin, you don't.
  14. Every possible film student visual cliché (plus quite a few from the world of music video) gets a thorough workout.
  15. Epic waste of celluloid.
  16. A strong, early candidate for the worst movie of the year.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 12 Critic Score
    If bluegrass were as static and dull as this concert film indicates, Nashville would have hustled all the hillbillies back to the Smokies long ago.
  17. Contains much more prosaic ingredients. Like props and sound effects that could have been borrowed from an off-off-Broadway play, a host of painfully strained performances and a plot that's almost unbearably stupid.
  18. It's so painful to sit through you eventually stop feeling sorry for the floundering cast.
  19. Don't even think of visiting this French fiasco.
  20. A confusing mishmash.
  21. Amazingly amateurish, the film lands wide of satirical targets that should be impossible to miss.
  22. Calling it pretentious doesn't do justice to the toxic faux-bohemianism and unearned self-regard that bubble and ooze out of every aspect of Chelsea Walls.
  23. Shapeless, tedious, hopelessly bad sequel.
  24. A creepy, depressing and leering "comedy" that's a virtual collection of "What were they thinking?" moments.
  25. One bad movie -- in the original sense of the word.
  26. A skin-crawlingly unfunny riff on Woody Allen's "Bananas."
  27. Laughs are few and far between, and the film feels brutally long.
  28. More prettily photographed pretentious rubbish from the ridiculous Peter Greenaway.
  29. This would be a stultifyingly incestuous affair even if all the jokes about fertilization weren't so tiresomely lame and predictable.

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