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  1. The demands of formula eventually stifle anything that even looks like inspiration or honesty.
  2. The only darkness here — besides the dingy-looking images dimmed by 3-D glasses — is the murky plot, which is as silly as it is arbitrary.
  3. There are a few chuckles here and there, and there are odd wisps of cleverness in the script by Steve Adams, but for the most part, Envy is a film that doesn't know where it's going.
  4. Has little to offer beyond titillation and pretty landscapes.
  5. Adams and the school's students and teachers deserve an A-plus, although the film rates a much lower grade. It unfolds lifelessly, as Binzer parades a contingent of talking heads before the camera in what could pass for an infomercial.
  6. By far, the highlight of Minions is hearing The Beatles’ “Got To Get You Into My Life” over the closing credits — the first time I think I’ve ever heard it used in a movie. Otherwise, the prequel to “Despicable Me” is like trying to form a rock band out of three Ringos.
  7. This Sundance dud is a turgid gay soap opera with a limp twist, showcasing Robin Williams at his maudlin worst.
  8. Its script isn't worth the papyrus it's inscribed on.
  9. Self/less is a celluloid smoothie blended from dozens of familiar elements, but it’s neither tasty nor nutritious.
  10. The dramatic history of the Soviet space program deserves a far more competent documentary than this amateurish Dutch production.
  11. Any one episode of "The Sopranos" would send this ill-conceived folly to sleep with the fishes.
  12. A forgettable — and occasionally borderline offensive — animated tale of turkeys trying to take back Thanksgiving.
  13. With its starkly contrasted visuals (fierce blacks, Clorox whites, a dash of unholy crimson), The Spirit may resemble a comic book more than any live-action film yet made, but it makes "Max Payne" look like a gleaming jewel of storytelling by comparison.
  14. Consistently stale but not altogether unpleasant.
  15. The sometimes painfully sincere and slow-moving For Greater Glory clearly aspires to be inspirational, but history won't cooperate. The Cristeros triumphed not because of their faith, but because the United States exerted diplomatic pressure to protect its oil interests in Mexico.
  16. It's easy to spot a failed tearjerker, though: All the characters are sobbing all over each other while the people in the audience check their watches.
  17. This is the time of the year movie studios traditionally dump their mistakes into theaters -- and boy, did Disney make a whopper with The Count of Monte Cristo.
  18. A movie more interested in shocking than in entertaining.
    • New York Post
  19. Ryan spends much of the grubby-looking boxing drama Against the Ropes with her face screwed up in distaste, as if a dirty sock is being waved under her nose. Perhaps it's because the movie she's in stinks.
  20. A shame that this indie's willingness to trade in stereotype leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
    • New York Post
  21. Sort of "The Da Vinci Code for Dummies."
  22. So tedious it's almost worth watching to see just how bad acting, inadequate direction and most important, a criminally crass and unimaginative screenplay can make so little out of a proven idea.
  23. One of those "Lifetime"-esque horror stories of evil husbands in the suburbs.
  24. Schmaltzy and contrived.
  25. Good-natured but mostly unfunny.
  26. Bidding to be the “Terms of Endearment” of zombie movies, Maggie sucks all the life out of an idea that just won’t die.
  27. It's no funnier than your average grade-school biology lesson and less pedagogically useful than your typical Farrelly brothers comedy.
  28. Some solid performances and pretty scenery don't do much to conceal that there's a whole heap of nothing at the core of this slight coming-of-age/coming-out tale.
  29. Large chunks of the film seem like a record played at the wrong speed: The tempo of the dialogue as delivered doesn't match the lines as written, and the filmmakers are too lazy or too inept to make their convoluted premise jibe with any recognizable idea of human nature.
  30. The film is light on those kitschy musical numbers that make Bollywood movies fun to watch.

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