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  1. Recalling the lesson about bringing a knife to a gun fight, a British documentary filmmaker brings a spoon to a hatchet job in the film Sarah Palin: You Betcha!
    • 24 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The Return is about bullets, bombs and boobs - the biggest boob being Van Damme, natch, but there are also mammaries aplenty.
  2. Brutally banal chitchat about life and love ensues.
  3. An exercise in cynicism every bit as ugly as the shabby digital photography and muddy sound.
  4. Hyperactive.
  5. It's a film that reeks of stupidity and cynicism, one that makes you feel soiled just to have sat through it.
  6. It's nicely photographed but slow-moving, dull and utterly predictable.
  7. Like the lobby of a Donald Trump building, it looks ever so expensive and amazingly cheap at the same time.
  8. Purposely amateurish.
  9. The movie (Untitled) is a tinny satire destined to go "(Unwatched)" because it is "(Uninteresting)."
  10. A cringeworthy, unfunny example of a culture-clash romantic comedy.
  11. If this cheesy, cheap-looking update of "A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court" had been co-produced by the Ku Klux Klan itself, it could hardly be more repellently stereotypical.
  12. Features some good acting, but most of it doesn't ring true.
  13. The whole movie is so ineptly written and directed that its 90 minutes seem to take twice as long.
  14. Painfully unfunny spoof.
  15. A baffling mixed platter of gritty realism and magic realism with a hard-to-swallow premise.
  16. The most distressing bad choice in CBGB, a movie entirely composed from them, is that those brilliant songs are repurposed studio recordings.
  17. The actors are personable, but they're burdened with a script full of stereotypical characters and offensive jokes. By the time Christmas Day arrives, this movie will thankfully be long forgotten.
  18. Congratulations are in order to Table 19: This comedy about the random losers stuck together at a wedding reception actually, uncannily, creates an experience as dull, awkward and excruciating as the thing it mocks.
  19. Endlessly lame.
  20. Liev Schreiber's film version of "Everything Is Illuminated" achieves the impossible — it's even more annoying than Jonathan Safran Foer's gratingly precocious novel.
  21. Those endless end credits reveal that McKittrick previously worked at Steak & Ale, Roadhouse Grill and Friday's. He may well need to return to his line of work after a debut as dismal as this one.
  22. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hopes to be the start of a new franchise for tweens and Twihards, but the twuth is this twash is anything but a twiumph.
  23. The good news about I Don't Know How She Does It is that it's so bad that it's another ovary-punch to the formula chick flick. Bring on more films like "Bridesmaids."
  24. A low-watt, low-wit comedy.
  25. An English-language film from Italy, Tale of Tales toys with the ogres, princesses and crones of classic fairy tales to almost no dramatic effect, albeit with lots of sex and gore. Imagine the Brothers Grimm’s cousins Tyler and Jake writing for a late-night slot on Cinemax and you’ll get the idea.
  26. Deadly dull.
  27. These man-eaters are deadly, mainly in their ability to bore you to death.
  28. Corny action scenes and borderline-hilarious direction by Isaac Florentine mark the film as an obvious straight-to-video item that somehow took a wrong turn into a movie theater.
  29. You'd be better off renting Demi Moore's "Striptease."

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