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  1. The Americans at the moment seems to fall uneasily between the methodical and the campy.
  2. There's a nice idea in there somewhere. Now, if CBS and the show's producers can get together on changing most of it, they might have something.
  3. A new syndicated series that is like the illegitimate love child of "Lord of the Rings" and a weekend role player.
  4. It's all dopey--and as believable as a telepathic paramedic, a supermodel detective and a partner who doesn't notice he's riding around with a psychic.
  5. It plays like a desperate attempt to recreate all the wonder of “Downton Abbey”--but with no characters to care about.
  6. The story--while it may have been fun to read on paper--is slight and even puzzling on screen.
  7. It's a good thing reality TV has nothing to do with real life.
  8. Portions of "Free Ride" show promise, due mainly to the show's star -- Dean -- whose character remains grounded and sane, against all odds.
  9. Gunn is fine in limited doses. I like him better as a design guru than the closet king.
  10. In the first two episodes provided for preview, the formula gets the plot across with minimal confusion, although you wonder at times if all the time-shifting and multiple storytelling is really necessary...Well, maybe. Because if this show gave it to you straight, it would run the risk of becoming just another violent L.A. cop show.
  11. The premise is fun, but if this is CBS' attempt at "Lost," then they are, if not totally lost, certainly in need of a map. And a new writer. Some of the dialogue is laugh-out-loud bad.
  12. The band is gold as far as kiddie parties go, but more like copper on the after-dark circuit. The same can be said for the concept vs. the execution here.
  13. The series isn't bad. It just isn't all that good.
  14. The scariest thing about American Horror Story, the highly anticipated FX series from the guys who brought you "Glee" and "Nip/Tuck," is that almost everything in the entire show has been cribbed (or crypt-ed, in this case) from every other American horror story.
  15. What is this, 1961? Who portrays women as non-productive mooches, hellbent on doing nothing besides living off their hard-working husbands and sleeping with the help? [30 Sep 2004]
    • New York Post
  16. Season 2 is more of less than we've come to expect.
  17. The new "NY" shares with its "CSI" antecedents a predilection for dim laboratories and grim facial expressions. [22 Sep 2004]
    • New York Post
  18. To use some Southie Vernacular, I would just book it ("run as fast as you can") from this wicked ("very") mediocre show which appears destined for the TV barrel ("trashcan").
  19. This one gets catergorized as both yuck and yikes TV. Not for the weak of stomach or pure of heart.
  20. This guy has a great personality. Building a likable sitcom around him ought to be a no-brainer. So why haven't they done it?
  21. The actors are great, but the show isn't.
  22. The acting isn't great, some of the hundreds of subplots aren't bad, but this ain't "Mad Men" and Cibrian and Heard are no Jon Hamm and January Jones despite their desperate attempt to be.
  23. This show could use some brain surgery itself.
  24. Its two stars, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, who make this show bearable. With different casting, this show would be as flat as the pancakes they serve up in the Brooklyn diner where they work.
  25. The Rev is a lot like the rest of us. He matured and became dull.
  26. Too many serial killers threaten to overwhelm The Mentalist, whose charismatic lead character can stand on his own, if the show's producers would only realize that murders committed singly can be just as interesting as serial murders, and just as difficult to solve, too
  27. The acting's good and the actors are good-looking. But, really, wouldn't you expect something more cohesive from the folks who brought you "American Beauty?"
  28. For fans, it's a bloody good start. For everyone else, there's always "CSI: New York" -- where you get the blood without the guts.
  29. This would be hilarious, except that political talk TV has become such a parody of itself that watching them is more than enough comedy for anybody.
  30. It's Paris Hilton's "The Simple Life" but with a real simpleton at the helm.

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