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  1. Even when the production is heavy-handed, the cast, led by Timothy Hutton and Felicity Huffman, contributes enough good performances to make the story worth watching.
  2. The premiere is actually very good. Of course, it would be a whole lot better if there were a new investigation into a new crime.
  3. Suspend all disbelief, pretend the really, really offensive laugh track doesn't exist, disregard the giant slabs of ham offered up by Jensen and Parham, and enjoy the chemistry between Elfman and Foster.
  4. When Rosie's on, she actually is hilarious. Welcome back.
  5. Yes, "1 vs 100" is fun, but in reality, it's just a new take on an old, old game.
  6. Sienna Miller [is] halfway believable but missing what Hitchcock called "the volcano inside." Jones, however, is spectacular.
  7. Push Girls is more "Sex and the City" than "Real Housewives"--and more real than they've been--at least up until now.
  8. Though the miniseries represents a compressed and not entirely accurate history, it is moving enough to remind us of the sacrifices made by Adams and a great many other people to form a republic against almost impossible odds.
  9. When I was watching the first three episodes of "Heroes" provided by NBC, I couldn't wait for Hiro's scenes, which is not to say you should dismiss the rest of the characters on "Heroes."
  10. Yes, there's a heavy hand in the schmaltz department, what with the dead mother and the wounded beasts and all (Hey! It's Africa after all!) but it's not so heavy that it's annoyingly cloying. At least it worked for me.
  11. In three years, Rowling went from welfare mother to one of the richest women in Great Britain, with 400 million books in print. If you've ever been a single mom and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is the perfect movie for you.
  12. Some half-hour segments work spectacularly well and some don't. Like real life, I guess. But even the ones that don't work so well are very interesting.
  13. While Carell is sometimes guilty of overselling his character's eccentricities, his exuberance is offset by a laidback cast - including John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson (of "Six Feet Under") - whose deadpan reactions to their boss make for some of this show's best moments. [24 Mar 2005, p.130]
    • New York Post
  14. The unwavering, insistent sincerity of Signed, Sealed, and its tearjerking final acts, are hard to resist, despite often being served up in greeting-card platitudes.
  15. [A] new and intriguing Western.
  16. Tinsley turns out to be the least interesting of her horrible crew. She pales in horribleness next to her friends, J.P. Calderon, an accused purse lifter who throws a glass at a woman and his sworn enemy, rich girl Jules Kirby.
  17. To my amazement, I liked "Nikki." [8 Oct 2000, p.107]
    • New York Post
  18. Terrific fun, and much classier than the old show, but still with plenty of cheese.
  19. Not like anything else on TV.
  20. Great fun, good personalities and some fine food. All in all, the start to another good season(ing).
  21. Lots of fun. The acting and comic timing, when called for, are tremendous - and Miller's got the heft to carry it off.
  22. Don't believe the hype. "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" is not the best new show of the fall season. It's a pretty darned good one, but not the best one.
  23. The series which starts out badly (idiotic masturbation jokes), builds quickly. And the co-stars are flat out terrific together.
  24. Kaling has lined up enough very funny actors to get this Project the kind of respect that Dr. Mindy never seems to get.
  25. The pilot moves along well, is a lot of fun--but Madsen is just too blond and bland to create the kind of excitement that Jennifer Garner or other of Abrams' female kick-ass characters were able to do with both hands tied behind their backs.
  26. The show is a hoot-and-a-half...I just thought Nip/Tuck was so over-the-top that it was crazy. It is crazy, but it's also funny and can even be deep about the shallow world of cosmetic surgery.
  27. The ridiculously expensive wardrobes, the fabulous hair and makeup, plus a high school with not a single fatty is well, yes, the stuff of teen fantasy. And that is exactly what Pretty Little Liars is: a glamorous, spooky, adolescent fantasy.
  28. Fewer models with more time to talk about themselves and much less about the "fabulous people in the industry" that treated them like goddesses would have made this documentary as good as it is glamorous.
  29. The writing is sharp and believable, the chemistry between the two best friends obviously an advantage and the star cameos well-deployed.
  30. Lots of the characterizations work wonderfully, and the acting is fantastic.

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