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606 tv reviews
  1. Lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of good, heartwarming plots.
  2. Every character is dead on - no exaggerations, no caricatures.
  3. Sure, I'm in, but I'm not quite a hostage to the show - not yet, anyway.
  4. "Battlestar" is many cuts above the usual outer-space shoot-'em-up.
  5. OK, so I admit it, the premiere isn't all that funny, but the second episode is hilarious.
  6. Yes, "1 vs 100" is fun, but in reality, it's just a new take on an old, old game.
  7. Diggs is a very good actor. Attempting to pull off a complicated scenario like this would be tough for a vet, let alone someone who made his bones in musical theater.
  8. Bizarrely complicated and intriguing.
  9. While every single actor is perfect and perfectly funny in his role, every time Richardson opens his mouth, I nearly spit my Weight Watchers fat-free snack food all over my desk. The guy is brilliant.
  10. What the series gains this season by giving us more history and more compelling storylines, it loses by repeating some of its, er, epic mistakes. Again, no battle scenes - some of the most important in all of history - are shown.
  11. The show is definitely strange - and sometimes very funny. But it's so odd that it makes the "Seinfeld" format look conventionally linear.
  12. While this all sounds fresh, don't think for a minute you're going to be seeing anything that hasn't been re-packaged before.
  13. "Underbelly" has got some good, (no - I won't say "belly") laughs, but you've got to wonder what happens if the show's a success.
  14. The show is slick and funny and a lotta fun.
  15. Rusty - as played by newcomer Jacob Zachar - is one of the most likable characters to come along on any TV show in a very long time.
  16. Problem is that Episode 1 is so out there and over-wrought that you might not make the trip back for Episode 2. That would be a mistake. Week two is when it gets riveting.
  17. The stunts (or whatever they're called) Brown performs, especially on tough, cynical New Yorkers, are hilarious and astounding.
  18. The story isn't quite as fresh, nor the message as warming, but there are wall-to-wall zippy pop numbers to keep your little girls squealing happily.
  19. Of course, it's a ridiculous, far-fetched sce nario, but it works be cause the producers of Reaper never take their subject too seriously.
  20. An otherwise promising CBS comedy series.
  21. Everybody's having too much fun--and that will include the viewers.
  22. Yes, there's a heavy hand in the schmaltz department, what with the dead mother and the wounded beasts and all (Hey! It's Africa after all!) but it's not so heavy that it's annoyingly cloying. At least it worked for me.
  23. I wish I hated this cheeseball show as much as I used to. But damn, if it ain't a hoot and a half.
  24. Project Runway is a lot like "The Flintstones"--with both shows, you're guaranteed a gay old time.
  25. Simple and fun, if not exactly memorable.
  26. One reason it all works is the quality behind the concept.
  27. Some half-hour segments work spectacularly well and some don't. Like real life, I guess. But even the ones that don't work so well are very interesting.
  28. Lots of fun. The acting and comic timing, when called for, are tremendous - and Miller's got the heft to carry it off.
  29. Eight episodes or not, don't count this show dead before it's born.
  30. If any lawyer ever did even a third of the things that Elizabeth Canterbury does on Canterbury's Law, the outrageous Denis Leary/Jim Serpico show that premieres tonight, she'd be disbarred in about six and a half seconds. But luckily this is TV, where lawyers-gone-wild are an always fun-to-watch staple.

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