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6,864 movie reviews
  1. We began this dismal movie season with one lethally bad World War II romance -- "Pearl Harbor" -- and now we're wrapping up with another howling dog.
  2. It's almost worth the price of admission to see Allen paying homage to "Singin' in the Rain" in the final sequence. Almost.
  3. Remember the old Ben Affleck, the one who made 28 consecutive bad movies before he turned out to be a pretty good director? He’s back! Behold, the second coming of . . . Badfleck.
  4. Gets sillier and sillier as it goes along.
  5. Despite a script that occasionally calls for some embarrassingly awkward lines, Kollek's cast generally acquits itself well.
  6. The majority of Dickie Roberts winds up looking like a tame episode of the "Brady Bunch" -- spiked with Spade-esque crudity.
  7. An interesting addition to a genre that tends too often to disregard artistic technique.
  8. The danger of dreaming up a predictable adventure for a group of nobodies you hold in contempt is that the audience will see your indifference and raise you.
  9. Tucker's message is sometimes on target, even if his film isn't.
  10. Would that somebody had fired Gurwitch before she could have finished Fired!
  11. Wastes some veteran performers in a slight, silly musical fantasy with two left feet.
  12. Turistas has mastered the international language: stupidity.
  13. A shrill farce that strains credibility even by the standards of black comedy.
  14. Better than most Martin Lawrence movies - much as strep throat is better than malaria.
  15. A glitzy and shallow satire about shallow people.
    • New York Post
  16. This stuff is strictly run of DeMille.
  17. From time to time, it works.
  18. For all of its homicidal aliens and toothy beasts, I Am Number Four did contain one element that genuinely unsettled me: the line "produced by Michael Bay." Nooooooo!
  19. Laughs are few and far between in the innuendo-laden script attributed to Dana Fox, who's also responsible for the reprehensible "The Wedding Date."
  20. The movie hopes to be regarded as childlike too, but there's a difference between kid-friendly and just regular old dumb.
  21. It's a testament to Goodwin's skill as an actress that we almost buy this.
  22. A 12th-grade "Sixth Sense" with a third-rate plot.
  23. Among the year's ultraviolent pulp movies, "Sin City" was prettier and "The Devil's Rejects" more focused.
  24. The street action is a grabber, but the story itself isn't.
  25. Make no mistake, Father of Invention is the hilarious Spacey's show all the way.
  26. If you've come to appreciate Hal Hartley's idiosyncratic style through films like "Flirt" and "The Unbelievable Truth," his take on the monster movie genre will intrigue you. But, ultimately, disappoint you.
  27. A talky, pretentious soap opera about Spanish intellectuals.
  28. Under Jordan Susman's inept direction, these twentysomething airheads, angry about the proliferation of Starbucks outlets and other societal ills, all resemble nubile models.
  29. It's really just about a bunch of pathetic losers whiling away the hours with their hands jammed down their pants.
  30. The two youngsters are not polished performers, but that's actually part of the subtle charm.

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