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6,793 movie reviews
  1. A long, tedious and often unintentionally hilarious adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi follow-up.
  2. Huppert is wonderful, as usual, and she's to be congratulated for taking this daring role. But, alas, even she can't save Ma Mere.
  3. Mansome is basically a reality-TV episode, with similar production values and precisely the same depth of perception.
  4. So swaddled in good intentions that it's like taking a very short journey cushioned on all sides by air bags. That are stuffed with cotton candy.
  5. There is fun to be had at Van Helsing, but it requires considerable suspension of disbelief at the apparently deliberately ridiculous plot necessary to bring the three monsters together.
  6. Writer-director J.S. Cardone's low-budget mishmash offers precious little in the way of thrills and chills, much less coherent storytelling.
    • New York Post
  7. A predictable tearjerker whose main redeeming feature is that you don't actually see any of the angels in the title.
  8. A deep disappointment to fans of sci-fi and the once great John Carpenter.
  9. Some may find it titillating; more will find it offensive and deeply disturbing.
  10. There's not much story but there are plenty of colorful, almost David Lynchian drug freakouts, as well as lots of sick violence.
  11. I'd call it a depressing soft-core porn flick, but that overstates its titillation factor. Mainly it's just icky.
  12. Multiple Sarcasms happens to be the title of the play within the movie, and it turns out to be by far the most interesting thing in the film. Not that many people will want to suffer through the first 90 minutes of this vanity production to get there.
  13. Fortunately, Winters' legendary inventiveness as a comedian has not diminished with the years.
  14. Funny and promising as the first act is, the entire second act is pretty awful, as the script chucks in one tiresome, unlikely gag after another.
  15. Mindless, vapid fare... Watching the movie, you'll feel really dirty.
  16. [Hernandez] is obviously a man more concerned with art than commerce, but good intentions don't always make for good filmmaking.
  17. There are a few sweet moments as the story reaches its unsurprising conclusion. But, all in all, Flakes isn't going to bowl you over.
  18. Director-writer Shimon Dotan takes this iffy story and makes it nearly unwatchable by jumping back and forth in time, using screens within screens and bouncing between color and black-and-white.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    While this is ultimately a tragic film, Meeske captures the joy in the paradise these Deadheads lost. Jerry would have liked this movie.
  19. Aside from one tasteful nude scene, this well-meaning if bland romantic drama plays and looks a lot like a "special" episode of "Dawson's Creek."
  20. Dreamcatcher is a lark probably best enjoyed by 12-year-olds -- or anyone still able to get in touch with their inner 12-year-old.
  21. There is nothing startlingly new in Resident Evil: Apocalpyse, but it is delivered with some panache and humor.
  22. So bland that it fails to make an impression.
  23. If there's a fresh idea in When Harry Tries To Marry, I couldn't find it.
  24. This infomercial for Helnwein's work as designer for an Israeli opera called "The Child Dreams" doesn't tell us a lot about how opera comes together, but it is accidentally revealing about its subject.
  25. Despite the dramatic dystopia, performances here are uniformly low-affect, which isn’t helpful given the exposition-heavy dialogue and unremarkable set (though Nick’s extraterrestrial visions have a pleasantly kitschy look). Also puzzling is the fact that the pivotal song is not actually performed by Morissette.
  26. This is nothing but nasty, misogynist torture porn.
  27. Though Freddy is basically the same guy as in the 1984 original, his back story is different. For a few minutes the movie threatens to become interesting -- then retreats.
  28. The kind of movie that is beyond criticism.
    • New York Post
  29. The script, attributed to Mark Schwahn, Marc Hyman and Jon Zack, is as confused as it is confusing, and the aimless direction by Brian Robbins doesn't help. It was apparently edited with a roulette wheel.

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