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6,706 movie reviews
  1. Just to give you a taste of the movie's sophisticated idea of wit, it also makes fun of gay men.
  2. A movie that features Wahlberg suggesting everyone try to outrun the wind can barely be watched once.
  3. It’s well-executed but familiar territory, with a dearth of jarring moments. Those of us who aren’t friends and family of the crew could use a little wake-up shove here and there.
  4. The film is only 91 minutes long, but it seemed to stretch out for days.
  5. The movies of prolific and popular Japanese director Takashi Miike evoke many emotions -- nausea, excitement, awe, amazement, shock. One emotion they don't often evoke is boredom. Sad to say,Dead or Alive: Final is boring.
  6. Works just fine as a generic but fast-paced - and rather ugly - cop buddy flick.
    • New York Post
  7. This mostly laugh-and scare-free turkey offers an utterly bored -- and boring -- Eddie Murphy taking a back seat to special effects, elaborate sets and a wispy story slapped together by David Berenbaum (the overrated "Elf").
  8. The two leads spend a lot of their time doing static interviews, in a format familiar from TV shows like “The Office.” This glorified narration gets old, fast.
  9. Prasad has a hard time keeping her bulging narrative straight; the twitchy editing, jarring close-ups and bobbing camera only muddle the audience.
  10. Thin yet excruciating, the film is a quintessential vanity production. The script feels like a first draft that aspired merely to mediocrity and fell well short.
  11. At last, the missing link be tween "Phantom of the Opera" and "Saw." Welcome to the gonzo revenge saga Law Abiding Citizen.
  12. Resolves the romantic dilemma in the most artificial and unsatisfying way. A blaring swing score and some obvious dubbing do little to ease the pain.
  13. Is the Crystal Lake PD really doing such a good job? You'd have to go back to Phnom Penh in 1975 to find a place with a higher per-capita rate of unprosecuted homicides.
  14. The movie seems to think it's building up massive suspense by not telling us our hero's back story, but given that the wife and kid aren't around and he keeps telling people who ask that he's not divorced, it's obvious they're dead. The only mystery, then, is what exactly happened to them. The answer is: nothing interesting.
  15. Has a split personality. It starts as a comedy but morphs into an icky family melodrama. It should have stuck with the yuks.
  16. Its script isn't worth the papyrus it's inscribed on.
  17. If Carrie Bradshaw ever trades her Manolos for sneakers and starts blogging about raising children, I pray she wouldn't be as tiresome as the heroine of Katherine Dieckmann's insufferable comedy Motherhood.
  18. A dispiriting rehash of dysfunctional family clichés that seems to last longer than Thanksgiving Day dinner.
  19. Little more than 91 minutes of cheesy special effects in search of a remotely coherent story.
  20. Coincidence and contrivance are the name of the game throughout.
  21. Basically a deadly dull rehash of "Resident Evil," which in turn was a third-generation clone of "Aliens."
  22. In the ’80s, I hated Ronald Reagan, Bob Dylan and the Smurfs. It’s comforting to know I got one thing right.
  23. Suspenselessly directed by Robby Henson, Thr3e commits the eighth deadly sin - boredom.
  24. The Fourth Kind has a clever gimmick and nothing more.
  25. James Van Der Beek plays the same suspect over a 50-year period, sporting some of the worst old-age makeup in memory in the present-day sequences.
  26. Nothing in this movie would actually happen, so what’s irritating is that it presents itself as a savvy, “Am I right, ladies?” dating commentary.
  27. Why make a documentary about these marginal historical figures? Wouldn't one about their famous dad, author of "Death in Venice," etc., be more valuable?
  28. Dangerously low on laughs and sex, not to mention believability.
  29. The dialogue is so vague, and the plot so minimal, it all feels like a rather pointless exercise.
  30. The point isn't really to make you laugh. The film is supposed to make people feel good about their families, and it does a fine job of it.

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