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6,676 movie reviews
  1. Dangerously low on laughs and sex, not to mention believability.
  2. The dialogue is so vague, and the plot so minimal, it all feels like a rather pointless exercise.
  3. The point isn't really to make you laugh. The film is supposed to make people feel good about their families, and it does a fine job of it.
  4. Despite the pace, though -- pedal, have you met my friend metal? -- Ninja Assassin still has some of its best stuff left at the end, when the master returns to demonstrate his extra-special, super-most-deadliest technique.
  5. Calling it pretentious doesn't do justice to the toxic faux-bohemianism and unearned self-regard that bubble and ooze out of every aspect of Chelsea Walls.
  6. Chases its tail for so long, it morphs from a whodunit into a who-cares.
  7. Isn't great, but it's an enjoyable if overly discreet and romanticized look at a long-vanished show-business world.
  8. The hero is the Texas prosecutor who won a questionable indictment of DeLay, Ronnie Earle. But he sounds more extreme the more he talks.
  9. ATM
    Maybe DVDs of "Buried" and ATM will be sold in the same package someday. You could call it a trapped-in-a-box set.
  10. Kim Basinger gives one of her strongest performances in Even Money, a kind of "Crash" fueled by gambling instead of racism.
  11. The dialogue isn't ridiculous, and sometimes it's witty: A cynical cop (Donnie Wahlberg) doesn't buy Jamie's theory that the doll had something to do with the murder: "The mystery toy department is down the hall. This is the homicide department."
  12. If you experience any laughter while in the presence of this movie, it's a credit to your imagination. But if you can tickle yourself, why spend the $10.75?
  13. I was kind of rough on "Apocalypto," which in retrospect seems like a minor classic compared to 10,000 BC.
  14. You'd hope a political-insider indie reuniting "West Wing" stars Rob Lowe and Richard Schiff, and informed by the experiences of an actual former spin doctor, would be a small delight. You would be wrong.
  15. Less funny or romantic than your average colonoscopy, this cringe-inducing bore provides dubious employment for four Oscar winners, two nominees and a raft of TV performers.
  16. Makes the most of its wintry settings and never insults the audience's intelligence -- no mean feat for a family film. It's a real crowd-pleaser.
  17. May be the steamiest lesbian romp in recent memory.
    • New York Post
  18. A smarmy, smirky but ultimately boring film.
  19. Director Kevin Bray, whose clichéd style betrays his music-video roots, devotes far too much time to the mechanics of the illogical plot.
  20. Isn't very good. Not only has Ritter made his documentary a one-sided one, but he commits the journalistic sin of using himself as the film's main talking head. In other words, he's interviewing himself.
  21. The story is so slight, a low-wattage hair dryer could blow it away.
  22. LaBruce devotees will be tickled pink; others will be perplexed and/or disgusted.
  23. Just because your comedy is dumb doesn’t mean it’s funny.
  24. Adapting the author’s cornball formula for a second time around is once-ambitious director Lasse Hallström (“Dear John”), who delivers a cinematic valentine you’ll be reasonably content to watch on a flight in a year or so.
  25. It actually works as a sometimes funny, occasionally scandalous, but mostly involving narrative.
  26. Technically, the film isn’t terribly exciting: talking heads interspersed with shots of young people making their symbolic “leap of faith” from the walls. But the directors have chosen eloquent interviewees, and the passionate attachment they feel for their city gives the film heart.
  27. A campy, low-budget Romero homage that's badly in need of editing.
  28. Annoying.
  29. The film is clearly an unfinished work and one that feels like a ragged assemblage of parts from at least two entirely different movies all with the same cast.
    • New York Post
  30. That Eulogy has any laughs is largely a testament to the understated Romano -- he and Deschanel are the only ones in the cast who aren't straining to be funny.

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