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  1. Wears out its welcome fast because of its artistic pretensions and self-absorbed characters. You'd be better off renting "Manhattan" instead.
  2. What makes Final Fantasy a final failure is a predictable, nonsensical plot, laughably lame dialogue and a surfeit of cloying environmentalist piety.
    • New York Post
  3. The script doesn't offer anything especially new, but Burman infuses the film with innovative lensing and capable acting.
  4. Misshapen, malodorous and firing its grubby tentacles across the room in a feeding frenzy, The Thing reminded me of a roomful of journalists immediately after someone announces Open Bar. The movie's victims disappear like cocktail peanuts and without a whole lot more significance.
  5. Harmless if not exactly inspired, and rarely hilarious.
  6. The Sentinel is so bland that it wants only to be as good as TV. Not as good as good TV, like "24." It merely aspires to be the Regis Philbin of D.C. thrillers. It isn't trying to dazzle you with style, complexity or intelligence.
  7. Basically "csi: East Texas,'' the debut feature of Ami Canaan Mann is long on style and short on coherent storytelling, not unlike numerous efforts by her director dad, Michael, who serves as a producer here.
  8. To put it as positively as possible, there's never a dull moment in this flick - and that's not something you can take for granted at this time of the year. At the same time, though, there's rarely a believable moment in the script.
  9. Has a secret weapon in Winger, whose part is small but crucial. Looking a bit older and with redder hair than previously, she brings an earthiness to a movie that could use a lot more of that quality.
  10. The movie is saved by its well-trained four-legged stars and the likable Liam Aiken ("Road to Perdition"), who plays 12-year-old loner Owen Baker.
  11. The Grudge offers a bit more exposition than did "Ju-On," but the plot is still wispy.
  12. At best, the film serves up mild chuckles, with occasional cute jokes.
  13. Campy and clichéd.
  14. Suddenly topical because of parallels to the kidnapping and death of Daniel Pearl.
  15. Modestly entertaining.
  16. There are no women or straight men left in Taipei. At least that's the impression left by Formula 17, in which every single person (except for one child) is a gay cutie.
  17. Superficial and hokey yet still oddly endearing.
  18. More watchable for secular audiences than the handful of earlier films released under the Fox Faith label, this one actually has a sense of humor, a politically progressive point of view and a solid cast including the ever-reliable James Garner.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Tells us just about everything we might want to know about her - except why she did what she did. That important information will have to wait for another film.
  19. Freeman is Freeman, all homespun dignity. Surely it's time for him to play a saucy interior decorator or a crazed dictator.
  20. Offers a few laughs - and little sexual heat.
  21. Unfortunately, as in Bay’s “Pearl Harbor,’’ much of the sometimes draggy 2 1/4 hours is given to clichéd inspirational drama.
  22. The Good Night is at heart a mediocre Sundance variation on the Dudley Moore-Bo Derek alleged classic "10."
  23. Winning performances by Roger Rees and Mary McDonnell, as well as colorful Virginia locations, lift Crazy Like a Fox slightly above the TV-caliber script by its director.
  24. The film is well-constructed, as one would expect from Gondry, but it offers little reason for anyone outside the family circle to care about dear old Tante Suzette.
  25. You do have to give Starbuck credit for engineering perhaps the largest group hug ever put on film.
  26. While the film has impressive 18th-century trappings and vivid battle scenes, the plotting and acting are rudimentary.
  27. The biggest load of New Agey hogwash to grace the big screen since Spacey's "Pay it Forward."
  28. The first half-hour of Jeepers Creepers is so frightening that it's almost a relief when the movie subsequently collapses into silliness.
  29. An unsatisfying drama that premiered at Sundance '07 and was supposedly delayed because of the Virginia Tech shootings.

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