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6,436 movie reviews
  1. In an attempt to understand this phenomenon, Ziv interviews leaders of terrorist groups like Hamas, failed hit men now in jail and relatives of those who died carrying out these attacks. The effect is frightening.
  2. Soderbergh -- helms a much tighter and arguably cooler film -- even if the only thing audiences are likely to remember about this Ocean's Eleven is that, while they were watching it, they enjoyed it tremendously
  3. A devastating indictment of unbridled greed and materalism, made all the more relevant by the Enron and WorldCom scandals.
  4. Raja, which is basically a dark comedy about how this odd couple manipulate each other, is extremely well acted, though the direction by Jacques Doillon is on the leisurely side.
  5. A true fan's nirvana.
  6. Somewhat leisurely paced, by American standards, especially in the beginning, but it's well worth sticking around for the payoff.
  7. Rip Torn gives his best performance in years.
  8. Don't expect guffaw-inducing comedy, but rather deadpan humor in the style of Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati.
  9. Many indie films about adolescents these days - like Gus Van Sant's "Elephants" - are willfully amoral. Mean Creek isn't - and it's the first indie since "Thirteen" that parents should make required viewing for teens.
  10. It's powerful stuff, and probably a more effective approach than a series of talking heads decrying bullying, which is estimated to affect 18 million American children.
  11. You're either going to love this film and run out to see everything Majewski has directed, or you're going to be bored silly. I'm hoping for the former.
  12. Mongol really isn't worth leaving your yurt for.
  13. This is all as pure and sunny as lemonade.
  14. Masterful, atypically political - and flawlessly acted.
  15. The story isn't exactly new, but Bollain, an actress in her own right, keeps Take My Eyes from sinking into clichés.
  16. Give Boyce and Boyle credit for daring to be strange, but this enchilada is so overstuffed, it's falling apart.
  17. Chan at his high-kicking best. Some sequences are simply amazing.
  18. Boasts several fine performances and some elegant, eerie black-and- white photography.
  19. East Is East is "The Full Monty" of 2000, a fresh, funny and poignant film filled with sparkling performances.
  20. As we learn in director Jonathan Berman's fun documentary Commune, the ranch was financed by people such as musician Frank Zappa and actor James Coburn.
  21. Omar eventually becomes a sun-scorched neo-noir — and the fade-out is an unforgettable jolter.
  22. Park's direction is flawless and Jung Jung-hoon's cinematography is stunning.
  23. A Woman in Berlin, which is based on an anonymously written memoir of the same name, serves also as a testimony to women who put men in their place.
  24. Spanning two decades in a little under two hours, Higher Ground is a well-acted if slow-moving drama that will reward adventurous audiences with fine performances and a thoughtful approach.
  25. The acting is superb, especially the always alluring Charlotte Gainsbourg as a mysterious Englishwoman taking the ship to America. Agnes Godard's lensing is painterly, and Crialese's direction is seamless.
  26. A great big snowy pleasure with an emotionally gripping core, brilliant Broadway-style songs and a crafty plot.
  27. The film takes awhile to get going -- the depiction of homophobic 1950s suburbia has a familiar feel. The movie hits its stride only when eyewitnesses to the events at the Stonewall tell their stories.
  28. An exciting and extremely well acted film. Even a nearly unrecognizable Blake Lively impresses in the key role of Jem's sister and Doug's sometime girlfriend.
  29. In mashing together story elements from Terrence Malick’s “Badlands” with the look of Malick’s “Days of Heaven,” Lowery put 90 percent of his energy into the atmosphere and 10 percent into the script.
  30. Holland has said that she wanted her harrowing and rewarding epic to run long so it would make viewers feel that they're in the sewers as well. In this, she succeeds.

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