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  1. Maybe it's not as great as "Lost," but then again, it could be awfully close.
  2. If you love a big, seriously politically incorrect, brilliantly funny show that delivers belly laughs of the "South Park" quantity, then this one's for you.
  3. Stephen Colbert made a rousing, late-night debut.... His jokes were hit and miss.... Colbert really hit his stride, though, during an interview with presidential candidate Jeb Bush.
  4. By episode three, things are roiling up and rolling around.
  5. The only chink in the series' armour is the miscasting of Polly Walker as the evil Atia. She overacts so much, that it'll make you ache for Sian Phillips' long-ago portrayal as Livia in "I Claudius." While Rome's not as great as that old series, it's still deserves a helluva Hail Caesar!
  6. Whether ABC's new series, FlashForward, will catch on is anyone's guess. I can tell you, though, that it has a compelling concept and a solid cast.
  7. So what is there to like about this show? The same thing there was to like about "The Sopranos" and "The Shield" - great writing, insanely good acting, deeply troubled and deeply layered characters and a plot that will keep you glued to your seat.
  8. Campbell, Kurkova and Rocha--all insanely competitive with each other--stage the shoot with the models’ input, and it’s flat-out fun to watch legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier in action.
  9. The charming, fun series of books has become a charming, fun TV series (seven episodes in all) on HBO, starring Grammy-winner Jill Scott as the books' No. 1 protagonist/heroine, Precious Ramotswe
  10. Designated Survivor does a decent job of mapping the confusion felt by Kirkman, his wife and various White House stock figures, but with “Madam Secretary” playing in the same faux political sandbox, the show feels a little too familiar.
  11. If you are a serious-minded man (or woman) who loves mob lore, you’ll be all over this like a really bad smell.
  12. The show has loads of energy and charm, which is a necessity for a series whose storylines are not only implausible but, at times, not even remotely believable.
  13. Gotham does a great job of balancing the worlds of modern, mature comic books and the police procedural.
  14. [Lange and Bates] are the only reason to watch.
  15. The series which starts out badly (idiotic masturbation jokes), builds quickly. And the co-stars are flat out terrific together.
  16. If you will miss Spartacus when it ends--and you like your history with a big dose of campy fun--this one’s for you, Shield Maiden.
  17. Vinyl will leave you dancing to the music, but may leave you wondering why you should care.
  18. With a snarky running dialogue from Tessa (Jane Levy), the laughs are as easy and as sophisticated as she is. Or as she thinks she is--and that's the key.
  19. It's crude, shocking and politically incorrect on a cosmic level. And that's just part of what makes Legit so damned funny.
  20. Huge, a new series about overweight teens at a weight-loss camp, starts tonight, and I couldn't be happier if I'd just discovered calorie-free potato chips.
  21. Despite the show's flaws--each of the first two episodes ends in an "ironic reveal" that is really just a ridiculous coincidence--its central character could be fascinating if played by, say, 1971 Brando. Duchovny gives off the heat of 2007 Brando.
  22. It’s a great tale and beautifully told with beautiful actors.
  23. Lots of action, lots of shoot-'em-ups and lots of big explosions that don't kill anybody. It's also lots of fun.
  24. Tracking the many ways in which reality converges with fiction is one of the principal pleasures of Entourage, which otherwise explores some pretty well-worn territory in its new season.
  25. If you love "Strike Back," you'll devour Hunted.
  26. I don't know why Tracey Ullman's State of the Union isn't funny. Maybe it's just that the whole thing comes across as too jaded, or maybe impersonating and skewering people also requires that the comic walk the fine line between funny and cruel. And honestly, cruel stops well short of knee-slapper.
  27. If "Walking Dead" weren't alive, up and taking a vacation to generate new blood, Steven Spielberg's Falling Skies would be the best current sci-fi series on TV.
  28. The dialogue is actually pretty darned good and kind of inside funny.
  29. Sci Fi has done once more what the networks seem very often to have forgotten how to do: make watching TV really, really fun again. ... It's fun in the way that "Ghostbusters" was fun - funny, silly, scary. [13 Jul 2001]
    • New York Post
  30. I know the whole thing sounds been-there-done-that dopey, but Wahlberg and Selleck are so charismatic that somehow, in their hand(cuffs), it all seems almost new. Yes, it's worth the watch.

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