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1121 tv reviews
  1. Another brilliant, powerful, moving season of one of TV’s best.
  2. Girls' moment is almost up, but this lovely, gossamer line ["I want to write stories that make people feel less alone than I did, to laugh about the things that are painful in life.”] reminds us why that moment was so special.
  3. Hilarious, as always, and unexpectedly, maybe an instructional guide to the current political landscape.
  4. Not a single minute seems superfluous. This is all-engrossing, and all-informative.
  5. The producers ("Alias" alums Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec) have created a Dickensian (with a nod to L. Frank Baum) universe, draped in shadows, pastels and mystery, while aurally wrapped in chestnuts from the Sweet, Five Man Electrical Band and the Ramones. This new series has enormous promise.
  6. Interesting, engaging, worthwhile.
  7. They [directors John Dorsey and Andrew Stephan] know how much to say, and show, to viscerally deliver the sights, sounds and even smells, without scaring us away.
  8. Brownstein and Armisen move so effortlessly between characters, then execute their riffs, tics, styles and voices with such skilled abandon that before long this doesn't seem like satire any longer but a fun house mirror reflection of intensely real people.
  9. Louie very much remains Louie in the best sense.
  10. A beauty finally returns, and the beauty very much remains.
  11. About as good a Community restart as anyone could have possible hoped for.
  12. This show--still TV's best--remains utterly true to itself.
  13. "Men," of course, remains the King of the Emmys, while Empire nailed the equally prestigious Golden Globe for best drama last winter. But Sunday begins to build the case for Empire, and build it convincingly.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    This was the best comedy on TV last season.
  14. It's a great show, the best new series of the year. It's so - dare I say it? - original. It catches you off guard. Basically, it's everything I'm always looking for in drama. It's beautifully written, authentic, without the plastic Los Angeles look. The acting is marvelous. It's funny in a darkly comedic way, involving as a soap opera, and quirky. I never quite know what's going to happen, even though the subject matter is by no means unprecedented for television. [10 Jan 1999, p.D35]
    • Newsday
  15. It's hilarious, and sad, and ironic, and rich.
  16. Dark and thrilling, The Affair returns with a huge wallop--and glorious French star Irène Jacob is in the house.
  17. Its tender moments register without feeling forced while the comedy comes in the form of a constant IV drip.
  18. Still TV's best--dive in while the water's warm.
  19. Wallops don't get more walloping than the one that arrives at the end of the premiere of FX's adult cop show The Shield. Won't tell you what it is, and don't you dare read other reviews in case they blab it. This is one of those punch-in-the-stomach moments of TV you'll want to remember being stunned by. Although The Shield looks pretty dang good to that point - or pretty %@$#! good, as its characters would swear - the show suddenly becomes flat-out brilliant. [12 Mar 2002, p.B27]
    • Newsday
  20. Judge has a keen eye for the absurdities of human behavior and speech, but he's not the kind of guy to waste that on subtle inside jokes or wordplay. He's not someone to waste it on farce, either: Silicon Valley also happens to be sly and smart.
  21. An addictive show, with great cast, excellent writing.
  22. The fourth season was great. The fifth at least needs to match it, and the evidence so far establishes that it will.
  23. Watch this, and you'll be tuning in next week.
  24. Monday night's return of Dallas is a joy and everything fans could ask for--the past, present and future all skillfully bound up in a high-gloss melodrama full of deceit, greed, Velveeta and (surprisingly enough) even love.
  25. One of the flat-out funniest half-hours of television in the English-speaking world.
  26. The most fantastic program I've seen in my 18 years as a TV critic. [21 Jan 1988]
    • Newsday
  27. The Shield (this season and every season) is an intoxicating head-gamer of a show that grabs you by the throat.
  28. Best series of the year so far. Easily.
  29. Everything is pushed right to the edge, and that it doesn't topple over in a flaming heap is tribute to a pair of brilliant performances--though Damon's is first among equals--and an absorbing production that is morbidly fascinating from start to finish.

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