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801 tv reviews
  1. Sit back, don't think, and expect some good performances--especially by Jennifer Carpenter.
  2. In the end, don't much like Ray Donovan.... [But] Donovan ultimately succeeds on the little things--some very good performances by some very good actors and sharp dialogue by Biderman, who knows how to write Tough Guy talk with the best of them.
  3. It's cheeky parody/homage, exhibiting affection for comic books and other pulpy amusements, while maintaining such a zippy pace, there's no time to consider whether it hangs together. Or whether that matters. (Great voice cast, though.)
  4. Lucky 7 might offer more to like than authentic texture of place, race, personality and workplace emotions.
  5. There's a glimmer of hope here, and her name is Rebel Wilson. Now, the show needs to match her talents.
  6. There's too much going on to tell what might ultimately stick, other than the contents of the Mallow Marsh.
  7. Bonnie & Clyde really is just another biopic with superior production values, a few good performances and a pair of protagonists who deserve no sympathy, and receive none here.
  8. The cast feels solid, and likable, jelling swiftly.... Then comes that final distasteful sex gag. Let's pray it's just pilot-itis.
  9. This is a thoughtful, dutiful historic drama filled with all the requisite period details and British accents, too. But what's missing here, glaringly so, are passion and sweep .
  10. Falco is very good, always is, but her show has gotten tired.
  11. Amusing, dumb, silly--exactly what you'd expect.
  12. Respectable, incomplete survey (on TV) Thursday night, but future installments look better.
  13. Passable summer thriller with some decent (for TV) action sequences. The plot? You've been there, done that.
  14. You're the Worst exudes some charm (Cash is rich indeed) but can't keep from overstepping, either. It's saved by relationship detail and human vulnerability that "Married" utterly misses.
  15. [Bakula and Pounder] should make the process of watching--or chore of watching, depending on your appetite for more of this formula--just a little more agreeable.
  16. We haven't had a good dishy time-waster in awhile. Maybe this is it.
  17. This isn't "Friends," after all. At its hour length, "Related" asks us to take the Sorelli saga somewhat more seriously. Yet it provides sitcom incidents that can't stand the significance test.
  18. Quinn radiates enough sincerity to make us keep reading this uneven book, just to see how it shapes up.
  19. Some of Mamet's dialogue is certifiably awful and some certifiably brilliant, and the dichotomy is breathtaking.
  20. [The episodes are] smarter than you might expect but not quite as clever as they work at being. Like the family unit it portrays, this dark/lighthearted drama tries to have everything at once and struggles under the far-reaching effort.
  21. "Brotherhood" is sharply written... Nevertheless, a heavy air of predictability hangs over "Brotherhood," which has a tendency to confirm viewer expectations instead of challenging them.
  22. A reasonably competent soap.
  23. A harmless and mostly fun little sitcom.
  24. The wit can get a little heavyhanded sometimes - yes, it's another series with voiceover narration (can anybody say "Sex and the City"?) - but its heart, and head, are in the right place.
  25. "Lost Room" is a shaggy dog story that gets shaggier with every scene. It's a tale as tall as the Empire State Building that threatens to topple in the merest breeze but - miraculously - never does.
  26. A relentlessly grim and deeply depressing viewing experience.
  27. "Flight of the Conchords" isn't brilliant, but it isn't awful, either, just familiar, with two likable stars who seem to be channeling the deadpan dry wit of an old Beatles movie.
  28. If only the delicacy of these two character actors [Alfred Molina and Michael Keaton], were matched by that of The Company's central figures and the production's overall arc.
  29. Cane" is not a bad show, and it's sporadically a good one. Merely, great expectations have not been met.
  30. This Fox series is smartly written and acted, and it's even evocatively filmed in New York locations that lend it a gritty city flavor. But.... Less persuasively entwined is a heavy-handed romance whodunit.

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