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916 tv reviews
  1. It's all vaguely familiar and spirited enough to look like shiny summer fare. Just don't scratch the surface.
  2. Maybe just crazy enough to be engaging in the early going. It's the long run that looks questionable.
  3. You can see Halt reach for that something. You can't quite shake the sense that Halt doesn't know what that "something" is.
  4. It's cheeky parody/homage, exhibiting affection for comic books and other pulpy amusements, while maintaining such a zippy pace, there's no time to consider whether it hangs together. Or whether that matters. (Great voice cast, though.)
  5. Clear away the soap bubbles, and you'll find ... more soap bubbles. But you won't be bored.
  6. Get past the languor and absence of urgency of any kind and you quickly realize what Royal Pains is all about--TV's version of a nice easy beach read. The fifth season promises more of the same.
  7. As a team, they [Billy Crystal and Josh Gad] are better than the shows--both the real one and the fake one--they're in.
  8. This three-parter often lacks finesse and sophistication. The story is rushed or clumsily told, and the tone discordant....Watch for Atkins only. She's brilliant.
  9. "Potential," in fact, is the key word. It's definitely here, but "2" may also need all eight episodes to realize it.
  10. Powerful story. A shame Bessie rarely conveys the story's emotional wallop.
  11. CBS' sustained level of series craftsmanship is certainly admirable--their dramas all look sharp and function smoothly--but that doesn't go so far when even a sweeping period piece in a distinct locale with superior stars seems to roll off the same assembly line.
  12. Everything fans loved about the first season--which improved dramatically over its course, by the way--is here. Everyone is not. McIntyre is good, but he's not Whitfield, either.
  13. Where is this headed? Who knows? But it's heading there slowly. Nevertheless, the cast--Common, Meaney, Heyerdahl and Mount--is good, while the Old West still feels especially beautiful and perilous.
  14. Kaling's good (and always is), but the pilot is just not all that funny.
  15. A series that can still be occasionally talky and turgid.... Hardwick's the better and smoother actor, and certainly the more appealing one. But it's Jackson who gives this show bite and--to a considerable degree--life, too.
  16. Above-average newcomer with a great actor in the leading role and frosty grace notes throughout.
  17. There's a glimmer of hope here, and her name is Rebel Wilson. Now, the show needs to match her talents.
  18. In the end, don't much like Ray Donovan.... [But] Donovan ultimately succeeds on the little things--some very good performances by some very good actors and sharp dialogue by Biderman, who knows how to write Tough Guy talk with the best of them.
  19. If you love Zooey Deschanel, this one's for you. If not, a pass.
  20. Watch for any length of time and you may--as I did--have the eerie if not unpleasant feeling that you've been teleported to a decent network cop show from the 1970s.
  21. Like opening a time capsule. The boys remain the same. At least their snark has been updated for contemporary targets.
  22. Mostly this show belongs to Harmon, once a key member of the "Law & Order" ensemble. She's likable and intriguing. That salvages an otherwise average cop show.
  23. Not terrible--really--but not yet remotely the winner NBC so badly needs either.
  24. Arthur and Agatha flit through the pilot, barely registering. In fact, no one registers. They're all line drawings in service to some very nice special effects and a pilot that's already tangled up in way too many plot tangents.
  25. Rubicon unfolds at a languid pace, dispensing information at the rate a not-quite-broken kitchen faucet dispenses drops. You want it to speed up. You want some urgency. You want a few more thrills in this thriller. At least this average TV viewer does.
  26. Hot in Cleveland is a by-the-numbers sitcom with a couple of laughs, an inoffensive premise and four seasoned actresses who make the material much better than it is.
  27. Unfortunately, one show's a classic, the other a near knockoff. Nevertheless, Poehler's still got plenty of appeal here.
  28. Malibu Country is nothing great. But its studio-shot sitcom style sure suits Reba.
  29. The cast feels solid, and likable, jelling swiftly.... Then comes that final distasteful sex gag. Let's pray it's just pilot-itis.
  30. [Bakula and Pounder] should make the process of watching--or chore of watching, depending on your appetite for more of this formula--just a little more agreeable.

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