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  1. Though Saget is amiable and likable here, the ratio of good quips to groaners is still only about one-to-four.
  2. Coin of the realm - pun intended - for TV games is familiarity, but that hardly confers an urgency to watch this one.
  3. Some brief memorable performances, particularly Cusack as a tippling housewife. Otherwise, an inexplicable misfire.
  4. Skins is a bit clunky and even dated at times. Nor does it feel all that grounded in the real world, where it badly wants to be.
  5. This show lurches along, all its sitcom puzzle pieces laid out without being assembled into even a Hollywood picture of life.
  6. Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora are two solid guys who know how to make good TV and Lombardozzi and Alonzo are superior actors. But there are only flashes of promise here.
  7. Body of Proof feels like a show that has nearly been nibbled to death by network ducks. You can almost see the TV executive Post-it notes on the screen.
  8. Despite Salomon's efforts at visually stylish filmmaking, Justice for Natalee Holloway never puts any real meat on the bones of the much-hyped saga.
  9. Linney is a fine actress, but her material here doesn't match her talents.
  10. My heart tells me that any show that revolves around an honest-to-goodness native of Commack deserves an A+. My head tells me this one deserves a C.
  11. Over these 52 minutes, she hits 50 states, so of necessity the pace is brisk and to the point. You don't really get to know anybody, but a sea of faces from the Mideast to the Far East tell her of their hopes and dreams in short, sharp sound bites.
  12. Nothing is left unspoken in dialogue as blandly obvious as "I am the only other person who knows" and "She had a lot of secrets."
  13. I did catch enough of "Hart of Dixie" to tell it's formula absurdity for the "princess" demographic of magical thinkers who now imagine being lifesaving doctors as well as rescued royals.
  14. "Suburgatory" falls flat--a flatness that will be accentuated by the smart suburban comedies that bookend it.
  15. BFF is not bad--classify this as another Young Urban New York-based sitcom--but it's not great, either, or certainly not smart enough, or different enough, or flat-out funny enough to deserve anything other than the bleak future that now appears preordained.
  16. The New Normal needs to take a deep breath, get off the soapbox and get funny fast. The right elements--talented cast and showrunner--are already in place.
  17. There's an almost overwhelming been-there-seen-that feel to the pilot, which doesn't really offer any suggestion of "well, you haven't seen this."
  18. Surface fashion styling can't cloak the underlying framework of yet another CBS procedural.
  19. We've been down this road before and all the signposts of Underemployed look the same.
  20. Asylum has some good special effects, just not much of a story to hang them on.
  21. The narratives here lack subtlety, historic context or--strangely enough--even drama.
  22. Banshee is baloney, but viewed as pure camp, there are some good action sequences and amusing moments.
  23. Greetings From Tucson tries the high-wire act of both avoiding and exploiting Mexican-American stereotypes, and falls flat on its back in the desert sand next to the tire swing and the El Camino. [20 Sept 2002]
  24. This Bible probably won't offend anyone, but it's hard to imagine it will inspire anyone, either.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Alias suffers from a split personality. It's half John LeCarre, half comic book. In the field, Sydney, who looks about as formidable as your average Vogue cover girl, becomes a spike-heeled super-spy who shoots and karate-kicks her way through a horde of terrorist storm troopers as if they were targets in a video game. She's preposterous, and so is half the show. But viewers who just want to see bad guys die may not mind.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The problem I have with the show, aside from the death business, is that the Fishers are not a likable family. It doesn't have a James Gandolfini character. [3 June 2001, p.D39]
  25. It's the anti-talk show, the talk show that isn't a talk show, the talk show from another planet--that would be Staten Island--talk show. And yet, in a weirdly unexpected way, it almost works--and potentially could work.
  26. Lehman is good, most everything's OK, but nothing is especially fresh or compelling.
  27. TV fave Daly is more personally accessible than Janssen and Harrison Ford. And his show is beautifully produced. But we've seen it all before. CBS must figure this old-style genre-single- lead hero, chase drama, closed-end action-is primed for a comeback, though it's hard to imagine younger viewers sitting still for this Diagnosis Pursuit. [6 Oct 2000, p.B51]
  28. It's not as good as "Star Trek: The Next Generation." The premiere strikes me as a "Star Trek: The De-generation." It doesn't seem to go beyond where no "Star Trek" has gone before, or even where the other one had been creatively. [7 Jan 1993]