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  1. Cheap humor? Yes. Based on obvious stereotypes? Yes. Funny? What can I say? Borat got a chuckle out of me. And so did Bruno. [21 Feb 2003, p.B47]
  2. We've seen this show before, in fresher settings, with stronger comic structure --from, in fact, the same creators: Merchant and American "Office" writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.
  3. Not that I think The CW has any grasp of the mental mojo that made its WB network predecessor such a pop-culture kick. Really? This twaddle? Every single week?
  4. Recycled theory with some fresh perspective--but it still smells recycled.
  5. Lots of cartoon violence mixed with--irony alert--not enough intelligence.
  6. If only the series works its way toward more effective show than tell, Las Vegas might find itself with a winning hand.
  7. Producers play this for laughs, though just slightly. (These are high school kids, after all.) Even so, the show's flat and almost stunningly uninformative.
  8. The Ex List--based on an Israeli hit ("Mythological Ex"), with whiffs of "How I Met Your Mother" and "My Name Is Earl" - is a flat-out great idea for a TV series. But Ruggiero (who's since left the show) needed a strong partner to reign in her worst impulses, like a running gag about shaved genitalia.
  9. It's bright! It's energetic! It has that sort of dialogue that zips, zaps and zings! It's even ironic! Yet, at its very core, Motherhood is completely vacant.
  10. The Unusuals is not a good show; it is a messy, uneven, silly, inconsequential show.
  11. Sure, The Cougar is idiotic--these shows always are. That's a large part of their appeal. But casting fouled up here.
  12. It is so numbingly derivative--effectively a dull mash-up of "House" and "Private Practice"--that you quickly forget it's also numbingly silly. But then, maybe that's the whole idea.
  13. Here's a fundamental truth: Family genealogies are fascinating--to the family in question.
  14. Defying Gravity is a glorious, glimmering glop of foolishness--a spitball magnet of the first order that elicits jeers when it wants tears and catcalls when striving for philosophical heft.
  15. This is a shame and a waste of three gorgeous actresses, a wonderful actor (Gross) and an idea that--with a little more wit, smarter writing and less soap--could have yielded a winner.
  16. Three Rivers is a masterful send-up of old medical TV show conventions, dating back to the '50s, with a parade of cliches so obviously and hilariously inane that you will laugh until your side aches.
  17. Even with endless talk about genitalia and the things people can do to them, The League is surprisingly dull and slack - without snap or payoff.
  18. Nice cast. Otherwise, charmless. Airless. Lifeless. (Blah, blah and blah.)
  19. The first episode is fairly execrable, but High Society settles down by the second, and we get a clearer--or at least less-boozy--view of Mortimer and her world.
  20. Bland, with no pop or energy, Scoundrels limps sadly along.
  21. King didn't actually write Haven but "developed" it for the small screen, which is a form of plausible deniability if things go wrong. With Haven--as somnolent as a summer afternoon--they most likely will.
  22. Nothing particularly interesting or revelatory. For this to work--at least for viewers--The Hoff needs to move past self-parody, or at least take himself seriously. He tries here, but the exercise still seems flimsy and hollow.
  23. Bob's Burgers might be meatier if it gave us some reason to watch these characters. The title isn't the only thing that feels generic.
  24. Pilkington's musings are sometimes amusing and always pointless, but the animation almost totally nullifies the first and intensifies the second.
  25. The pilot's accumulation of cute - oh, for the straightforward simplicity of bowling alley lawyer "Ed" - feels overbearing long before Kelley's courtroom summation turns societal sermon.
  26. With material this thin, the actors can only do a competent job of mimicry. Mimicry is about all you'll get.
  27. There's desperation here, and if Happy Endings would slow down long enough to let itself breathe, it might find a footing.
  28. A paint-by-the-numbers biopic with the dramatic vitality of a tree stump.
  29. Reboots can work ("Hawaii Five-0"), but they haven't got a prayer if they lavishly, ludicrously, embrace all the hooey and hokum of the original. Welcome to the new Angels.
  30. There's no "here" here.