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  1. There's plenty of heart here--and some very sharp writing and acting, too.
  2. The problem with Jackie is that split personality--drama or comedy. What's funny here is funny, like last season's final seconds. There aren't enough moments that remind you when to laugh.
  3. The show can be messy and confusing--a headlong rush to who-knows- where-or-why at times. But those clones keep it grounded.
  4. Good, cleanly told newcomer that can be a bit pokey.
  5. Often profane and occasionally offensive, Louie won't be to every viewer's taste, but it's a more interesting show than many with a definitive point of view.
  6. Intelligent adaptation absent the dark humor, satire--or horror--of the original.
  7. The formula's a little too familiar, the pilot a tad dull. But Michalka's a big talent and for that reason, Hellcats has potential.
  8. Solid opener, compelling premise, good cast and one major hole.
  9. The Girl is getting older, but there's still pleasure to be had on the final lap.
  10. All dark shadows and gloom, there's a comic-book vigor to the series, and the narrative contortion of a soap.
  11. Bloody pirate battles? Check. Graphic sex scenes? Check. Shoreside conniving/intrigue? Intense.
  12. The starter hour picks up steam whenever loose-cannon Amick bops around--although Ormond does a nice job of grounding its shenanigans in a semblance of reality.
  13. Turgid dialogue obscures intriguing ideas, amid uneven echoes of civil rights and supremacist crusades.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    If you can see the forest through the trees, it's good, wearable fashion that's the real "fashion star" on this show, and it gives viewers an unusual glimpse into the world of retail despite all the superfluous hoopla.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Sure, it’s understandable that CMT wants to make the mini series interesting to non-music fans, but a little more music is what would take Sun Records from good to great.
  14. So, what about the human intrigue of partner interaction, coordination and strategizing? That gets a bit of short shrift in favor of more blood (leaking hydraulic fluid) and guts (flying sparks and parts).
  15. Good performances, good period details, good payoff. But Restless would've worked better as a two-hour film.
  16. As indictments go, Going Clear is relentless and effective. But fair and balanced? That's another question--or maybe that's an issue.
  17. As episodes unfold, the relationships resonate, and the characters run deeper.
  18. Can Rescue Me wrap all this up in the short time left? I hope so, but this episode feels like so much temporizing.
  19. The Lottery, with otherwise sage setup and promising performances, merits its own shot at something great.
  20. So far no amnesia bouts or cougar attacks. And no Kim! [9 Jan 2005]
    • Newsday
  21. "Just Shoot Me" is Moliere compared to "Suddenly Susan" and producer Brillstein-Grey's other hit, "The Naked Truth." The writing is sharper, the targets in the worlds of fashion, journalism and TV news are hit more frequently, and it is funnier. [10 Mar 1997]
    • Newsday
  22. There's warmth and wit there, along with not a little magic.
  23. A breath of cold, bracing and - bless it - fresh air. Eisner's fable is dark, almost impenetrably so, though skillfully rendered. Best of all, nothing here has ever been performed on reality TV, the best I can tell.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    In the world of reality shows, this well-produced series is better than most. Betwixt and between all the emotional upheavals and drama, Coffey, only slightly witchy, dishes out sound advice.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The material is high in laugh content, but sometimes the handy wonders of animation tempt the makers of "Dr. Katz" to illustrate jokes unnecessarily. [28 May 1995]
    • Newsday
  24. The best thing about "Free Ride" is the lack of pressure to be about something. Trusting its talented cast to embody their own truths, it ambles and weaves, leaving space for the characters, even folks briefly bumped into, to nail a specific attitude or situation.
  25. Lacks the hard, uncomfortable edges of [FX's also premiering] "Starved," but it's clear this show wants and intends to do a little damage, too. [4 Aug 2005]
    • Newsday
  26. The show moves more like a ready-for-prime-time comedy than a kiddie toon. Think "The Simpsons" with soul.

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