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  1. The Latina female leads are--to put this in a way that's both politically correct and blandly inoffensive--vivacious.... That trademark Cherry wit, written in acid, is evident here. too.... But the biggest problem here is the sprawl--lots of stories, lots of characters, lots of colors--and not one them going anywhere in a hurry.
  2. Yes, offensive, but the second episode loses that element, which suggests Fox got the message. Not surprisingly, it's the better of the two.
  3. The fatal attraction story line is a long windup to a punchline you already know, and promos have revealed it as well. The mystery element is plopped down in the middle of that particular story like a lead MacGuffin.
  4. A competent, connect-the-dots procedural that never offers much of a case for why a remake was needed.
  5. A not-bad spinoff that feels older than "The Vampire Diaries" and even more convoluted.
  6. What's missing is passion, joy and (ultimately) interest.
  7. We already know too much and paradoxically too little about the JFK assassination. A TV movie needed to tell us something we don't know. No dice here.
  8. Glimmers of hope force their way through the fog of noir cliche.
  9. The first two episodes prove as tiresomely pleased-with-themselves as my run-on sentences. A half-hour is too much of not enough.
  10. Looking occupies some fuzzy ill-defined middle ground filled with uni-dimensional characters.
  11. About a Boy yearns to be good. Yet it relishes being bad. And Katims--guiding hand to "Parenthood" and "Friday Night Lights"--doesn't fess up to that dichotomy.
  12. Good-hearted and gentle, Fisher struggles on the "funny" front.
  13. What's wrong here are some of the same elements that have made the 2013-14 network comedy crop one of the weakest in memory--not enough laughs, not enough of a show that feels like it has something interesting to say (and wants to say it).
  14. Nice to look at, good performances, but ultimately a snooze.
  15. Maybe the Thursday pilot's portentous whispers in candle-lighted spaces will seem less pretentious and more profound as Dominion moves past initial exposition from a cast trying not to sound like they're from all over the planet.
  16. Headaches will be induced just in trying to unravel the plot mess Bon Temps finds itself in. At least this will be the last headache.
  17. Colorfully drawn. But all inside the lines.
  18. Some excellent special effects are in Monday night's episode, but nothing particularly shocking because it's become abundantly clear by now that The Dome can do any damn thing The Dome--or the writers--want.
  19. Consider Seed the cutoffs and flip-flops of the comedy dress code. Acceptable in summer. But just barely.
  20. This is an extremely tough balancing act or--back to the musical analogy--this is a show where the notes have to play exactly right. They don't here.
  21. Messy, discordant opener with potential.
  22. After this overheated effort to make Charlie interesting, or at least different, she's basically just another Carrie Mathison without the pills.
  23. There is at least one troubling aspect to "Wishes" - an abundance of product placements within the show itself, which begs the question: Does salvation come with a price tag?
  24. Cynical, randy, derivative and as wearily familiar as a cup of cheap joe, "Freddie" is also expertly cast, acted, written and directed.
  25. While "Men" may have the nutritional equivalent of stick gum, there's some genuine charm here along with a surprisingly seasoned and talented cast.
  26. "Teachers" isn't half-bad.
  27. If Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 film was the Barnum & Bailey Big Tent version of the story of Exodus, this is the snippy little art house version - smarter (perhaps), a lot more accurate (perhaps) and indisputably duller.
  28. There's a wonderful cast here... There's even an intriguing core idea... But the show also feels phony from beginning to end.
  29. To love "Smith" is to love an ice cube. There may be a cold beauty to the craftsmanship of this enterprise, but there's a pinched, frostbitten heart at the center of it as well.
  30. The good news is that "Brothers & Sisters" isn't even remotely a disaster. The bad news is that it isn't even remotely a success either.

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