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    The Housewives evolve. Yes, watch what happens, if only for the richer plot lines, smarter dialogue and more pressing matters of the day.
  1. It was last year, and remains so this year--one of TV's very best.
  2. What's here is pitch-perfect - the fear, loss, emotional devastation and, peculiar to this disease, silence.
  3. Sunday is a blast. Heads will roll, and roll well. The gore quotient is through the roof. And finally this guarantee--there is one, maybe even two, spots where you will yell out at the screen, "Oh, my God, that just didn't happen." Yes, the new season is that good.
  4. Fascinating and deeply troubling.
  5. Best show of the season? Call me crazy, but it's a loopy-twisted-serpentine whodunit revolving around a whip-smart teenage girl...So let's recap. Engaging star, cool characterizations, witty scripts, meaty backstory. What's not to like? Only that networks always cancel deliciously offbeat gems like this. Let's hope UPN doesn't actually want to be a "real" network, after all. [22 Sept 2004, p.C01]
    • Newsday
  6. It's just as good as I remembered. Even better, if that's possible. [8 Apr 1991]
    • Newsday
  7. The fuss is justified. Sunday's return of the Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss-created series is a triumphant one, and should easily establish Sherlock among TV's finest series.
  8. L.D. is back, and - based on viewing the first three episodes - his genius remains intact. [7 Sep 2007]
    • Newsday
  9. "Doctor, Doctor" can be hysterically, outrageously funny. [13 Jun 1991]
    • Newsday
  10. If there were an Emmy for most great moments per hour, "The Wire" would deserve it. [17 Sep 2004]
    • Newsday
  11. The show is sweet, gentle, sad around the edges. I really love it. [19 Sep 1991]
    • Newsday
  12. "Galactica" is so beautifully designed, shot, edited and acted that you can practically smell and taste its emotional validity.
  13. "I'll Fly Away" is a drama of substance, a big subject, a show about real people with great acting, great writing and strong emotion. [7 Oct 1991]
    • Newsday
  14. The hype is justified. Nashville's terrific.
  15. This show doesn't feel even remotely played out.
  16. Solid start to what could--and maybe should--be a future CW franchise.
  17. TV's best (but do your homework before diving in).
  18. With the mix of bizarre cases and believably goofy characters, I found already I never wanted the show to end. It's great stuff working on three levels at once. [17 Sep 1992]
    • Newsday
  19. Fabulous, a truly stunning grab-you-by-the-throat TV experience. [11 Feb 1993]
    • Newsday
  20. Another masterpiece of a thriller. [11 Feb 1993]
    • Newsday
  21. Even film school snobs like me can learn a thing or 10 from Moguls & Movie Stars. The breadth and depth of information rushing through each hour is astonishing.
  22. Funny, smart, entertaining, excellent acting and writing. What's not to like?
  23. Hip, clever and hilarious...A sparkling little character study, quirky comedy, relationship drama and all-around delight. [5 Oct 2000, p.B43]
    • Newsday
  24. A brilliantly written, funny triumph for Butler, who could become the new Roseanne. [30 Sep 1993]
    • Newsday
  25. One episode in, "Glee 2.0"--otherwise known as the fourth season--looks to be a winner.
  26. Anyone who enters this fantastic and beautifully realized play-scape--which remains ever so slightly ghoulish--will stick around. This is a winner.
  27. There's pleasure in every frame here--from terrific new cast additions (Molly Parker, David Glennon) to richer D.C. subplots. It all works, and it is all addictive.
  28. Party Down took awhile to jell, but it has hit its stride as one of TV's most finely observed comedies.
  29. It is so good, so unbelievable, I can't believe anything was that good on TV last year. And it's going to be even better this year, as it continues doing these shows about nothing. [16 Sep 1993]
    • Newsday

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