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1129 tv reviews
  1. A critic for this paper once declared "The Wire" "the greatest dramatic series ever produced for television" and as the fourth season gets under way Sunday night, there's no reason to quibble with that assessment.
  2. Four immensely enjoyable hours. Alas, I can't speak to what happens during the remaining 20.
  3. Veep is the single most improved series on television.
  4. Six million zombiephiles watched the finale of the first season and those 6 million will not want to miss Sunday's opener, which is excellent and appropriately disgusting.
  5. Remarkable film.... Based on a look at the first two episodes, this particularly well-produced film insists that even in death, Kalief Browder can still change a broken system--and must.
  6. As with his earlier shows, "Hopkins 24/7" (2000) and "Hopkins" (2008), Wrong has structured these stories masterfully. Nothing seems wasted, nothing is superfluous. As a result, the hugely important work these people do is honored in every shot.
  7. Lotsa fast banter and stylish direction will make some viewers dimly recall--as they are doubtlessly meant to--William Powell and Myrna Loy's late, great "Thin Man" movie series.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    The Housewives evolve. Yes, watch what happens, if only for the richer plot lines, smarter dialogue and more pressing matters of the day.
  8. It was last year, and remains so this year--one of TV's very best.
  9. What's here is pitch-perfect - the fear, loss, emotional devastation and, peculiar to this disease, silence.
  10. Sunday is a blast. Heads will roll, and roll well. The gore quotient is through the roof. And finally this guarantee--there is one, maybe even two, spots where you will yell out at the screen, "Oh, my God, that just didn't happen." Yes, the new season is that good.
  11. Fascinating and deeply troubling.
  12. Stitched into every word, every gesture, is an implicit recognition of that brutal Fargo credo: People can be cruel, stupid, mean and unintentionally funny, even the nice ones. Another winner.
  13. Best show of the season? Call me crazy, but it's a loopy-twisted-serpentine whodunit revolving around a whip-smart teenage girl...So let's recap. Engaging star, cool characterizations, witty scripts, meaty backstory. What's not to like? Only that networks always cancel deliciously offbeat gems like this. Let's hope UPN doesn't actually want to be a "real" network, after all. [22 Sept 2004, p.C01]
    • Newsday
  14. It's just as good as I remembered. Even better, if that's possible. [8 Apr 1991]
    • Newsday
  15. The fuss is justified. Sunday's return of the Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss-created series is a triumphant one, and should easily establish Sherlock among TV's finest series.
  16. L.D. is back, and - based on viewing the first three episodes - his genius remains intact. [7 Sep 2007]
    • Newsday
  17. "Doctor, Doctor" can be hysterically, outrageously funny. [13 Jun 1991]
    • Newsday
  18. Davies’ dialogue feels so organic to the characters it’s written for that it seems almost to bond to them, as naturally as if it was their skin or hair color. Actors in Davies’ production invariably rise to the level of the words placed before them. They certainly do here.
  19. If there were an Emmy for most great moments per hour, "The Wire" would deserve it. [17 Sep 2004]
    • Newsday
  20. What you will certainly see is how finely tuned both the marital observations and comic timing are.... This summer's must-see comedy smash.
  21. The show is sweet, gentle, sad around the edges. I really love it. [19 Sep 1991]
    • Newsday
  22. "Galactica" is so beautifully designed, shot, edited and acted that you can practically smell and taste its emotional validity.
  23. [Showrunner and creator Sam Esmail is] a Kafka in the director’s chair, who sees alienation where everyone else sees a Facebook “like.” It’s as compelling and timely a vision as there is in a primetime series at the moment, and darkness is the price of admission.
  24. "I'll Fly Away" is a drama of substance, a big subject, a show about real people with great acting, great writing and strong emotion. [7 Oct 1991]
    • Newsday
  25. The hype is justified. Nashville's terrific.
  26. Masters of Sex just gets better and better.
  27. This show doesn't feel even remotely played out.
  28. Solid start to what could--and maybe should--be a future CW franchise.
  29. TV's best (but do your homework before diving in).

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