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  1. TV's pre-eminent people-watching pleasure.
  2. Bigger, brassier and even more thrilling, Homeland has boosted the stakes.
  3. Burns and Ward pile on so much detail, alongside so much stunning footage, that by watching this whole spread--to borrow that famous and also well-rubbed line -- will be like arriving "where we started and know the place for the first time." Magnificent. Of course.
  4. Target is pure, utter, ridiculous, over-the-top-into-the-ravine entertainment.
  5. Watching the first couple of episodes once again I am marveling at how good the show really is. [16 Jan 2000]
    • Newsday
  6. A re-energized and immensely entertaining start to the third season.
  7. One of TV's best shows, comedy or drama, because this series often succeeds as both.
  8. A beauty that will mostly make you laugh and, of course, cry.
  9. This one is stylish, smartly produced and has a very appealing cast.
  10. Man, is this a good show...Boomtown is so good, it single-handedly restores your faith in broadcast networks. They can compete with the "freedom" of premium cable. All it takes is creative smarts. And NBC's Boomtown has plenty of those. [27 Sept 2002, p.B02]
    • Newsday
  11. You can't go wrong with Smith ("That '70s Show") or Lenehan, pros with impeccable comic timing, which leaves relative newcomers Bornheimer and Hayes. Thumbs-up here, too. Worst Week may be the best new comedy on network TV this season.
  12. You too may begin to see what this newcomer appears to be: a raucous, smart, gentle, imaginative and consistently funny comedy that scores early and often.
  13. From this, you will gain a keen understanding of what lies beneath those endless rows of markers at any military cemetery. This is an honest and often magnificent tribute to the 1st Marine Division.
  14. Like "Mad Men," Wife has an obsessive attention to detail; it's a hurricane of detail, in the visual touches, legal patter and the actors' unspoken flourishes. Nothing seems extraneous or out of place. Also like "Men," this show cares as much about silence as words, or that which isn't said (also a form of eloquence).
  15. Lean, laconic, precise and as carefully word-crafted as any series on TV, there's pretty much nothing here to suggest that the third season won't be as good as the second--or better.
  16. Unlike "Daddy Dearest," it's a warm, compassionate, story about a human problem the baby boomer generation sooner or later will be dealing with: what to do with geriatric TV set as they get on in years. It's not a big busy ensemble sitcom like "Cheers," more a one-man show for Grammer. But it's cozy, involving, socially relevant and marvelously amusing. [16 Sept 1993, p.93]
    • Newsday
  17. A luminous and fully alive portrait by a first-rate actress.
  18. Excellent actors playing excellent actors--and largely succeeding.
  19. Episodes is flawless and hilarious. What a pity it lasts only seven episodes.
  20. The show also feels more nuanced. If season 4 was like a giant exhaled breath, then season 5 is an inhaled one. The story beats are more deliberate. There's also a sharpened sense of building anticipation--or impending doom.
  21. Smart, taut, engaging and propulsive. The fifth looks terrific.
  22. The first three episodes totally nail it.
  23. Byrne is brilliant and--for the most part--so is this fine and absorbing show.
  24. A densely packed, well-paced gothic horror soap with surprisingly funny twists placed at the worst.
  25. The Detour is ruthlessly adult stuff--surely too frank and out-there for some viewers--but it’s intrinsically honest, convulsively hilarious and oddly endearing.
  26. Justified remains as good as ever--and as tautly written, acted and directed, and deeply, completely pleasurable as the fifth season, and the one before that and... all of the other seasons, too, now that I think of it.
  27. The show is well-conceived, well-written and very funny. [16 Sep 1991]
    • Newsday
  28. The first two episodes promise a contemplative sixth as opposed to a shock-and-awe one.
  29. Another brilliant, powerful, moving season of one of TV’s best.
  30. Girls' moment is almost up, but this lovely, gossamer line ["I want to write stories that make people feel less alone than I did, to laugh about the things that are painful in life.”] reminds us why that moment was so special.

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