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  1. Beautiful, immersive and joyless, Tale can be tough to watch, but “rewarding” trumps “tough.”
  2. This indisputably is Amazon Prime's “Orange Is the New Black.” That--believe me--is praise enough.
  3. Besides the scenery, what's best here are the characters, and their lives--or unlives--of quiet desperation.
  4. Holzman's writing is brilliant. [25 Aug 1994]
    • Newsday
  5. Tragedy is hard, comedy harder, while mixing both together seamlessly is just about impossible week after week. That Louie usually succeeds is a minor miracle. That it doesn't always is inevitable. Thursday's opener, "Potluck," has a funny twist but ends up in a strange, bitter place--even by Louie standards.
  6. The show also feels more nuanced. If season 4 was like a giant exhaled breath, then season 5 is an inhaled one. The story beats are more deliberate. There's also a sharpened sense of building anticipation--or impending doom.
  7. As you would expect, very (very) funny.
  8. Great start to the much-anticipated second season.
  9. The complex impact of the crime--and of its investigation, news coverage and town reaction--is the real story here, laid out in the decidedly ordinary faces and raw silent spaces that British drama delivers so well.
  10. Stunning, beautiful, hypnotic, engrossing, spectacular... That oughta do it here as well, except Frozen Planet unexpectedly adds another word: Unprecedented.
  11. As always, magnificent with a moving subtext.
  12. Sunday and the next three episodes are superb while the rhythms and beats of the story are very nearly hypnotic. Nothing here feels wasteful or cheap.
  13. Based on the first three episodes, this looks like another finely crafted season. Also intense, uncompromising and demanding.
  14. Character--as the old saying goes--is a long-standing habit, and their habits remain very much intact. The same could be could be said of Justified.
  15. The series never quite convincingly establishes what could have been a powerful undercurrent-- whether Naz and by association the rest of New York’s Muslim community had been tried and convicted based on their Muslim faith alone. That’s OK. Everything else--and everyone else--cclicks just about perfectly.
  16. The TV breakout Glover fans have been waiting for, also unlike anything else on TV.
  17. Human beings live on the corner, and "The Corner" makes us care about them. [16 Apr 2000, p.D15]
    • Newsday
  18. Still funny and still not for everyone. Louie remains very much a taste that you either acquire--or don't.
  19. Best series of the year so far. Easily.
  20. It’s easy enough for new viewers to join this Emmy-nominated gem, as its third season reshuffles everyone’s deck at least once.
  21. Smart, engaging second season (so far). The ensemble cast gets better and better.
  22. TV's best (but do your homework before diving in).
  23. A must-watch: The most important TV program of the year.
  24. Another brilliant, powerful, moving season of one of TV’s best.
  25. If you loved last season, there's nothing so far to indicate you won't like the second just as much.
  26. Lean, laconic, precise and as carefully word-crafted as any series on TV, there's pretty much nothing here to suggest that the third season won't be as good as the second--or better.
  27. Good, crackling start that--as the old saying goes--changes everything and may even point to the end.
  28. This show--still TV's best--remains utterly true to itself.
  29. Man, is this a good show...Boomtown is so good, it single-handedly restores your faith in broadcast networks. They can compete with the "freedom" of premium cable. All it takes is creative smarts. And NBC's Boomtown has plenty of those. [27 Sept 2002, p.B02]
    • Newsday
  30. Better, richer, more compelling than season one.

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