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    • 71 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    It's not a bit hokey, as are many reality show competitions. Unlike "ANTM," the coaches don't judge. Instead, they leave that to industry experts who are authentic: smart, tough and unemotional.
  1. This is a gentle, good-hearted series and Scott was pretty much born to play Precious. But LDA can also be willfully, stubbornly languid.
  2. The pace has slowed, the ride less wild, the story refocused on Ray's "fixer" skills.... McShane and Holmes are welcome additions.
  3. Overly familiar story beats and cardboard character cutouts in Wednesday’s opener blunt the return of Jack Bauer 2.0. A hint of genuine promise, however, remains.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Engrossing at times and well worth watching, though the writing is often graceless and the direction haphazard.
  4. Brownstein and Armisen move so effortlessly between characters, then execute their riffs, tics, styles and voices with such skilled abandon that before long this doesn't seem like satire any longer but a fun house mirror reflection of intensely real people.
  5. Even vintage home movies from unexpected sources-- Oakland’s black community, a Kentucky small-town newspaper--conjure a relatable sense of life being lived, in a continuity that clearly flows through us today.
  6. The show they're in is amiable enough, but the premise is awfully thin and the pilot doesn't hint at much of anything beyond that.
  7. The Gotham opener probably makes the most compelling case of any newcomer this fall that at least one promise will be kept.
  8. Still smart, still good, still fun, Human Target remains one of TV's best comic books.
  9. People are dogs, too. We also have complicated emotional lives, further complicated by our professional ones. We also seek food. We also seek love. We obsess. Nan and Martin’s bond works--and consequently this terrific series works--because it abides by these simple, inalienable truths.
  10. Caprica feels torn between soulfully mature ruminations and adolescent "accessibility" for gamers wondering where the space action went. Let's hope the pilot's spellbinding second hour points the way toward greatness.
  11. Filmed in New Orleans, Coven wants to soak up some atmosphere, bowdlerize some local history and otherwise creep out viewers. At least on these three points, this season should easily score.
  12. The Comeback" is strictly for Comeback connoisseurs--those who deeply missed this sad/funny mockumentary on the idiocy of show business.
  13. Raunchy and at times genuinely funny, Apartment 23 is jam-packed with promise--and inconsistencies.
  14. In the beginning, I thought it was well done, marvelously quirky and creepy, beautifully photographed, extraordinarily moody and well acted. But I can't imagine a reason to watch another episode. [27 Oct 1996]
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  15. Vikings quickly settles into a fairly routine sword-and-sandal epic narrative that revolves around a sociopath overlord and the subjects who dare to challenge his authority. But it gets better.
  16. Quirky, uneven oddball that will appeal to a few. Best to wait for all episodes to stream and go ahead and binge.
  17. Vinyl is a compelling idea in search of a compelling story. There simply isn’t much of one, in fact, and--abhorring the ever-present vacuum--a lot of other elements rush in to fill the void. Scenes are padded, lots of flashbacks are even more flaccid, while actors devour the helpless scenery.
  18. "Suburgatory" falls flat--a flatness that will be accentuated by the smart suburban comedies that bookend it.
  19. Finding Carter isn't some teen show. It's a stellar drama.
  20. "Big Love" does more this year than you might expect, and more richly, more provocatively, more dramatically and amusingly, too.
  21. Extremely raunchy, and often quite funny.
  22. Sit back, don't think, and expect some good performances--especially by Jennifer Carpenter.
  23. Easily one of fall's better new comedies, but don't expect to be blown away yet. The pilot offers just a taste of what's to come, which is plenty good enough.
  24. Huge looks and feels like a show that knows what it's talking about.
  25. Giving us hope are Kapinos' brisk writing and Duchovny's agile performance, conveying smarts, savvy, self-indulgence and sad stupidity in equal amounts.
  26. For such a vast and important story, Torchwood: Miracle Day feels strangely confined and artificial. Here's hoping for more by Episode 4.
  27. Entourage--at least in original episodes--has been off the air for one solid year, but when that title song from Jane's Addiction kicks in, it's like an old friend calling--only this time, the friend seems worthier, and his stories more interesting.
  28. This John Logan creation promises an intriguing summer pastime, for an eight-week run anyway.

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