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  1. Something's amiss here. The new "CSI" is a little stilted, a little obvious. [23 Sep 2002]
    • Newsday
  2. Wilmore’s approach was pointed (as pointed as a sharp stick) and often funny. Most of all, he brought a perspective to late-night TV--as the basis for entire nightly comedy show--that's been missing from late-night TV for just about as long as late-night TV has been around.
  3. This series boasts some reasonably high production values, certainly for Comedy Central, with lots of energy, and a sense that it knows where it's going and how to get there. But the tone is so relentlessly mean-spirited, the guys so unlikable, their predicament so pathetic that Big Time deflates before your very eyes.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    For this series to wear well, the forces of evil have to locate some clear motivation. Revolutionary ideology, world domination, pure greed - almost anything would be better than the explanation offered by next week's chief villain, who clings to her missile launcher and declares, "This is what I am." [12 Jan 1997, p.03]
    • Newsday
  4. The Divine One's "Bette" is still good enough to win a Marvy for the best TV comedy of the year. [11 Oct 2000, p.B35]
    • Newsday
  5. Leverage's pilot is particularly entertaining. The cast is fine, direction is expert, writing above average, and Hutton's Ford is almost convincing. But the payoff feels laden with cheese of another sort.
  6. Can be charming one moment, insufferable the next. [16 July 2004, p.C01]
    • Newsday
  7. Super set-up seems to punch every teen ticket there is, with plenty to admit adults, too. Future execution will be key--in more ways than nine.
  8. As a viewing experience, Greenleaf is absorbing, hardly pulse-quickening.
  9. In blunt and at times salty language, Bush gets to say exactly what 9/11 meant to him; it's visceral but only occasionally revelatory. We all know this story very well. Maybe too well.
  10. Yes, there have been some valid questions about TV's recent embrace of the serial. (Too many? Will people stay tuned?) "Kidnapped" feels so fresh that viewers won't even care.
  11. The first two episodes promise a contemplative sixth as opposed to a shock-and-awe one.
  12. Fans will love every minute--especially Roman's fate.
  13. Trade press has labeled this "'Easy Rider' Meets 'The Sopranos,'" which seems apt. Show comes from Kurt Sutter, longtime co-executive producer of "The Shield" (and married to Sagal) so that should give you a sense of tone and texture - violent, taut, well written.
  14. Violent and dull.
  15. Fans will love Tuesday night's supersized launch. I'm just limp and weary from it all.
  16. Baskets builds into a character-study treasure, much like FX precursor “Louie.”
  17. A loving portrait of a lady--but who probably would be just as happy not to have this or any portrait at all.
  18. It's still the Meredere (or Deremere) show, and Cristina's right. It's just ... so ... over.
  19. The pilot is ingenious but at moments maybe a little too smart for its own good.
  20. "Flight of the Conchords" isn't brilliant, but it isn't awful, either, just familiar, with two likable stars who seem to be channeling the deadpan dry wit of an old Beatles movie.
  21. The show ambles along without getting viewers to particularly care about Alex or Pete. Without that requisite electricity, they're hollow, or just sad.
  22. Amusing, odd, fascinating, indulgent and not quite as funny as you might expect, or hope.
  23. There's substance in Jill with hubby Andy and with her doctor best friend (comic KK Glick, a Huntington native), all proving levelheaded and likable. That helps leaven the snooty stereotypes of our initial path into Jill's world.
  24. The judging process seems arbitrary - a couple of artists are penalized for being too abstract; someone who is even more abstract (let's just say this one likes cats) goes to the next round. Otherwise, a winner.
  25. The Young Pope is a fascinating mess with a puckish sense of humor and an outsized goal--to know the mind of God.
  26. A gorgeous production, though the story sometimes keeps it on the tarmac.
  27. Good, cleanly told newcomer that can be a bit pokey.
  28. The story feels recycled, but Idris Elba’s Luther certainly doesn’t. He continues to fully inhabit this groundbreaking--and star-making--role.
  29. The opening episode sometimes feels like a "Mad TV" sketch that's going on too long, and that doesn't bode well for the long haul. But that's not to say there's not plenty to laugh at - and even admire - in Wednesday's deadpan debut. [20 Jul 2003]
    • Newsday

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